This weekend: VLOGGER HANGOUTS! Info and Rosters inside!

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This weekend, our Vloggers are hosting TWO hangouts (Saturday/Sunday, the 5th and 6th of October) and you're invited! Links will go up (here, on twitter, facebook, google+, AND Tumblr) when the hangouts start at 1PM PST, but for now, here's who you can expect for each day: 

Saturday October 5th 1 PM PT
--2 Broke Geeks
--Scott Tumilty
--Teri Litorco
--Akeem Lawanson
--Holland Farkas
--Katie Satow
--Kiri Callaghan
--Dael Kingsmill

Sunday October 6th 1 PM PT
--Cristina Viseu
--Songs of Adventure
--Geeking Out
--Mitch Hutts
--Paul Mason
--Amy Dallen

Hope to see you there! 


  • Fiendish_ImpFiendish_Imp Member, Moderator
    Unfortunately I will be working during both, but will catch up with them afterwards. :(
    Viva la Retrolution!
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  • Jamc888Jamc888 Member, Moderator
    They will be at 6am Australian time...but I will see if I can force myself to be up that early on a Sunday. Maybe. It might happen!
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  • Curses, bad timing for me this weekend. Hope everything goes swimmingly!
    "Go forth and screw up" - motto of the New Vlogger Army

    Previous finalist in the vlog search - see my science vlog on my YouTube channel:
  • Thanks for the Info.
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