On The Table s06e04: Golems, Waterdeep and Mice & Mystics!

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Welcome back to a new episode of On The Table, your table top games news source! This time around we'll be kicking things off with the mighty warriors of Golem Arcana. This certainly looks like Shadow of the Colossus on the tabletop! We also delve into the beautiful miniatures from Tercio Creativo, these have to be seen to be believed.
On top of that we have board games from Fantasy Flight in Letters from Whitechapel, card games like Sopio and if you're a lover of role-playing, you can't miss out on Splintered Light Miniatures' hero range.
Oh and did I mention we give you more info on the epic DreadBall!
This Episodes Prize:
This time we're giving away an awesome prize from our friends at Plaid Hat Games. If you loved the Redwall book series as a kid and play Mouseguard nowadays as your role-play of choice (if you haven't heard of both then check them out!) then Mice & Mystics is the game for you.
You have a chance to win the core game where you play as magically transformed heroes trying to stop an evil doer from taking over your world.

I'm REALLY impressed by the integration of mobile technology into tabletop gaming ... and most aspects of gaming, really! What was this episode's highlight for you? 


  • My son would really love to get Mice And Mystics, if we don't win, I'll probably pick it up anyway.
    He loved the Mouseguard and Templar comics.
  • Mice and Mystics does look good. Does that ipad wand thing have an android app?
  • Great episode!  Keep up the great work!
  • I really like the speed of the current episode and 10 minutes is a good length.  
  • Sure would save Santa time and effort if Mice & Mystics came early! Thanks for another well-played segment.
  • I always love watching this.  There are always new and interesting games to put onto my radar. Keep up the good work!

    Oh, yeah, and I'd love a copy of Mice & Mystics. Our group loves co-op games... :)
  • Brand new to this site. Looking for a new co-op, huge Pandemic and Castles Over Camelot fan. A guy in our gaming group just mentioned that he plays Mice & Mystics with his kids. Looking forward to playing it with my kids soon.
  • Mice & Mystics is a great looking game! Would love to give it a go with my son! Great episode. Keep up the good work!
  • Just getting the original Lords of Waterdeep so seeing it being well supported with a great new expansion is really good.
    Love the show format, keep up the great work.
  • I just 'discovered' Geek and Sundry a few weeks ago....And at first i only watched Tabletop because i love all kinds of games (board/card/computer/etc..).
    But now i also watch On the table! your 10 mins shows are really great!
    Nice to watch when i don't have a lot of time, you see all the highlights and the brand new games, topnotch!
    I am not really a fan of 'mixing' any kind of family or board game with electronics... that's a no-go for me, but maybe an oppertunity for other people to get their first steps in a new game explained.

    I recently played an co-op game, and i have to say, i like those kind of games the most. Everybody wins or loses at the same time. So the Mice & Mystics game would be an great addition to my collection.
    I really hope that if i win, my son and daughter can join me on the epic quests the game has.

    Anyway keep up the good work!
  • I just discovered "On The Table". I really appreciate the fast pace introductions to new games and accessories. I am always looking for new things but rarely have the time to do in depth research. Thanks for helping me out!
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