Forum Bugs Thread - Post yer forum bugs here!

Hi everyone,

Since our forums are still brand-new, there are bound to be bugs that you run across when making posts, viewing profiles, editing your info, etc. When you find something that isn't quite right, please post it in this thread and let us know so we can get to fixing them!

Thanks and have fun :)

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  • Just found one myself--on my "about me," my birthday displays off by a day. So even though the inputted text is "October 8, 1986," it displays as "October 7,1986." Weeeeird! :D
    I'm the Community Manager and Director of Marketing for Geek & Sundry! I run the forums, chat, Twitter, Facebook, G+, Tumblr, I forgetting any?!

    If you want to get to know me personally, Twitter is your best bet...just follow @beverlynoelle! :)
  • MatMat Member
    edited July 2012 PM
    I saw the "register with facebook, twitter or g+" on the top but couldn't find where. :(
    Is this a bug or my stupidity?

    edit: replaced login with register
  • J8EHJ8EH Member
    Bug! The number of replies shown beside each topic title is off by one, though it may be displaying post count, not reply count.
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  • liorlior Member
    "Edit My Details" forces you to submit "Rel. Status".
    The error itself appears at the top and isn't noticeable while submitting using the "Save" button at the bottom.
  • GossiGossi Member
    'Community' link at very top points to wrong address.

    'Community' link at very bottom of page doesn't link to forum.
  • The sign in button opens an jquery pop-up dialog and the register link in the top right doesn't work, but the "create one" link at the button does. - Tasty pop-culture in conceptual fashion
  • I've also got the DOB bug. shows my birthday as being Sept 30 when I put in Oct 1
  • Aside from the birthdays being a day off (easily remedied, just added an extra day), the relationship status field seems to be marked as required, whereas the rest are optional.
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  • J8EHJ8EH Member
    I didn't/don't have the birthday problem. And Beverly, yours appears to me as Oct 8, unless you changed it, or are working on the bug
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  • It's not technically a bug, but I noticed that I had to pick a gender while signing up.
    ...and there was no "other" option.

  • J8EHJ8EH Member
    Not really a bug, just a link that I don't think should be. At the bottom of all Threads, to the left of the Post Reply button is a link to go 'Back to Discussions'. The link takes you to a list of ALL threads in the entire forum.
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  • EstefaniaEstefania Member
    edited July 2012 PM
    I selected 'Single' as my relationship status twice, but it still shows up as Widowed. 


    Edit: Nevermind! It must have just taken a bit to update properly. I know there's a lot of traffic right now >.<
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  • dagrdagazdagrdagaz Member
    edited July 2012 PM
    Apparently, saving My Details without entering any birthdate is not possible :-\

    Oh, at the Sign Up page, u have to check u agree with the Terms of Service.
    I could not find the ToS.
  • Also (and this may just be me being daft), I can't quite figure out the function of the "write comment" button. It grays out the reply box editing bar, and just doubles what I'm already replying with. Is it meant to be a preview button of sorts?
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  • same problem w/ DOB

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  • Oh man, you have forums now? I get to break them, don't I Bev? I'M GOOD AT IT TOO.

    Initial confirmation of account does not change your avatar at the top of the page from a blank to what it lists in the profile.
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  • TriencoTrienco Member, Moderator
    Either the birthday off by one bug is fixed, or it strikes only very selectively (at least mine is showing up correctly).

    Less a bug and more me wondering: real name is required? Considering a certain law in discussion it might be interesting to see how well this works out in keeping out the trolls. On the other hand, without any identity check, you can just enter whatever you like.

    So, just in case it was done on purpose I'll play along and considering all the potential employers that might google me in the future, I'll be on my best behavior ,-)
  • Different DOB bug - keeps resetting to today (July 10, 2012).

    Not really a bug, but required to select gender but there's not "other" option. Also wondering why relationship status is a required field.
  • torontogaltorontogal Member, Moderator
    When I click on my own user-name it says that my number of visits is 0.  But I've logged off, navigated away, returned, etc.  So I figured that the visit count would increment?  Actually, maybe it's good that the visit count doesn't increment - because I bet that after a mere week, my genuine visit count will rank in the 100's!  Curse my over-enthusiasm! :)
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