Cocktales #1: First Strike!

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It's happening. I shall host a G+ Hangout alongside other manly men as we discuss articles, news stories, or just general bits of culture. Through the eyes of a Man. Don't faint quite yet ladies, you have a role in this too. Despite the fact I will be hosting a male-only hangout, I want female input on questions and show segments. Segments you say? Do tell. Ok. I will.

Aside from storing telling and sharing our points of view, we will nominate a man and woman every episode that we think is just clever, witty, or just plain Cock-tastic. <This should be a thing>

Men: If you are interested, give me your availability on Thursday-Saturday so I may decide the best time.

Women: Give us ideas of what to talk about, who to nominate, or, just call us bastards

This might be fun. Hell, if it keeps up, I may even suggest a female edition. The Hen House??? We'll figure it out.
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