Amazing vs. Superior Spiderman (Possible Spoilers)

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Hey everyone. I'm new to the G&S forums and relatively new to comics. I started reading them this year when I found out my Uni had a library which stocked a few reasonably up-to-date series of comics, mostly superhero comics DC and Marvel. I started reading the earliest ones I could get my hands on, (for DC that meant the start of the new 52) and then caught up on a bunch of different series since the start of the year. I just recently caught up on Spiderman starting with Amazing Spiderman before Spider Island (I don't remember exactly where) and I've now gotten up to Superior Spiderman.

I was wondering what everyone's opinion of the Amazing -> Superior Spiderman transition and the new stories, maybe Amy you could talk about it in one of your shows??? I personally wasn't a fan of the transition but I'm still giving it a chance, the Green Goblin story looks interesting...


  • PS - Love your show, should have led with that...
  • Personally, I wasn't a big fan of the transition, it just felt cheesy and out of left field. It led to some interesting moments but I couldn't get into it and I haven't really read Superior. Maybe I'll check out the TPBs.
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    I have a complicate relationship with the transition to Superior, again don't get me wrong, the three issues are excelent, they are drawed by one of my favourites artist on resents spider-man comics Umberto Ramos, and the story reflects one of the most prominent hooks of spider-man in this "BIg time" saga, the ones that ends with Amazing, i'm talking about the duality of the villians.

    Big time starts giving an interest side of the evil characters, puting them in similar shoes of the arachnid super-hero and showing good motivations and development. It also give a good side of Parkers life and the people that interact with him. The best part? Spidy and Peter starts to get the acknowledgement they deserve after so long, as superhero and scientist.

    I started reading Amazing not to long ago in the mid days of Strazinsky with the "evolve or die" saga, and the character has always have a place in my heart and nostalgia. So when i read the issue 700# i got a little emotional, but that pass after you start reading the first of Superior Spiderman, it's really good i recommend it.
  • Petter Parker is alive... well [email protected]"#$.
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    Yeah Amazing Spiderman 1 is for sale for pre-order on my mail order, but I didn't order it. I think it was 64 pages. It comes out in April but I wouldn't get it shipped until may.
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