Is The Flog ever coming back?

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I see that it's on hiatus, but I haven't been able to find any information on whether this show will come back eventually. Is it done for good? (Please say no!) 


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    Hey @megmo - welcome to the forums!  The tricky thing with The Flog is that filming 50+ activity segments, and then Fave-Fives, Trio-Mios, Questions-of-Note etc proved to be a huge amount of work for Felicia, above and beyond everything she already has to do for the channel.  It reached a point where the giant workload was actually starting to affect her health (she was filming episodes whilst fighting pneumonia, etc).

    Due to that, The Flog didn't return as a weekly show during Year 2 of Geek and Sundry.  Whilst it was a hilarious, amazing, often-inspiring show, I don't think any of us want it to have an effect on Felicia's well-being :)

    The bright-side is that Felicia said there may be a limited run of The Flog later in the fall (6 episodes).  Don't know for sure if that will happen, but it's something she touched upon a recent PodCast.  You can read Felicia's answers to other Year 2 queries in her Q/A thread.  Hope it helps!
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    I thought it was subtly suggested that future Flogs may also be done as sporadic, bonus episodes.
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  • @torontogal Aha, thank you! I completely missed that Q/A thread.
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    @megmo - happy to help! :)

    @Oakspoor - yep, I think that was Felicia's original line of thinking - that she could do sporadic episodes that would be tied into when she goes to certain conventions or events, etc.  I recall us discussing that point over in the G&S Season 2 thread.  I think though, that with the Vlogger channel, she may have decided that those sporadic Flog opportunities might be better served as Guest Vlog opportunities.  e.g, the 'Felicia and Ryon go to E3' Vlogger segment.

    As for the Flog itself, if Felicia has indeed got a chance to film a limited 6 episode run, part of me thinks it will be used as a break point between Co-Optitude stretches.  i.e., Felicia has said that the first 12 episode run of Co-Optitude will air, then there'll be a several-week hiatus, and then there'll be another 8 episodes. 

    She didn't say what would air during that several-week Co-Optitude hiatus... but that might be where we see a short run of Flog episodes.  Don't know for sure, but we'll see!
  • Just discovered this web channel and I love the Flog, Hope there is a way for more shows in the future! More importantly I hope Felicia is healthy!
     If she does do more shows, my question of note would be: "Out of all the skills sets you have tried,which was your favourite? (I'm Canadian) and have you continued doing it?. 
      In general this channel is great and I'm looking forward to checking out all the other shows!
  • @amandalts Welcome to Geek & Sundry! We're going to have a lot of fun with the coming season, so I hope you stick around for new shows too! ;) 
  • I really loved the Flog - it was one of the first things online that I saw and thought THIS IS ME!  She went to so many things that I myself wanted to try but was either too shy or scared.  I wouldn't want anything affecting Felicia's health because she is an awesome person - I would be happy with one flog a year, if possible!
  • alanalmeriaalanalmeria Member, Moderator
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    Hi @lilvixie and welcome to the forums :-D

    In case you missed it. Felicia recently announced that The Flog would be coming back for a short 6-8 episode run later on in the year, and she even dropped by the forums to source some possible ideas for content :-)

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