So how did you find the Expo in Toronto Kiri?

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  • I really enjoyed it for the most part! The layout was a bit bewildering, I must confess. Getting from the north building to the south was a wee taxing--especially if you were in a hurry!

    Meeting Sachie and Paul was fantastic, they were both really welcoming and it was kinda like meeting long lost family... that I only knew  by internet stalking months prior...


    But in all seriousness I really enjoyed the experience and I'd never been to Toronto so that was amazing. I got to dine in the 360 restaurant atop the CN Tower and it was sunsetty and gorgeous. Looked my fear of falling directly in the face as I stood on the glass floor and looked down.

    I'd definitely go back. Toronto was very kind to me and I'm looking forward to getting to know it better in the future. 
  • I hear you about the layout, even knowing the the center fairly well.  The go up and across the bridge and down a different escalator thing is pretty stupid. 

    That's awesome about the tower, you chose a great place to eat and that floor has claimed more adults than I care to mention.  So kudos for facing that fear.

    Next year I need to go more than just Thursday, would have been great to meet you guys.  I did get to meet Davin, Andy and Sarah from Space Janitors which was the highlight for me (that and meeting 2 of the creators of cards against humanity).  I definitely love games for horrible people.

    Glad the city treated you well, and really enjoying the vlog. 
  • Thank you so much! I hope I get to meet you at a future con!
  • I've said this before, but it was wonderful meeting you at FanExpo! I hope you can come visit again soon. If I hear about any good gluten-free cafes/restaurants I'll let you know :)
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    Can someone named @Krispykreme really recommend anything glutten free? ;)
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