So, when does The Guild the Movie come out?

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I know I can't be the only one wanting this. I miss my webisode fixes. The only thing that will help me with my withdrawal is either more The Guild webisodes ORRRR a full feature length movie on my local big screens. :) Help this junkie out?


  • I'm in... I will definitely watch a full-length movie...

  • How long is 1 season? How long is the movie? Would it just snap back to Codex's webcam every 10 minutes? Or just continue the story sans webcam? Would it be told in real time or segmented?
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    The Guild definitely suits the short, snappy format of a webisode, I'm not sure it would suit the format of a feature-length movie. That certainly doesn't mean I wouldn't go to see it. Like you, Gus Gallows, I also need my Guild fix. Until that day, all we can do is pray that Felicia Day has an epiphany and decides to return to working on The Guild.
  • How about this for the general plotline of the movie:
    A flashback of how The Knights of Good came to being

    We got some personal background on each of the guild's members, mainly on the first season. But we didn't quite get a story of how the guild was formed... iven as they obviously didn't know each other before the guild was formed, I think it could be interesting to see how they met in the game and how their first reactions to each other were and how they developped - lots of room for other sorts of meetings, other people, in there too.
    Could start from each member's first logon to even before that.

    Just a thought.
  • @jdackle Have a read of the Guild comics - quite a lot of each character's backstory is covered there, including on how they met in the game and formed the Knights of Good.

    There's a 3-issue run for Codex, and one-shots for Vork, Zaboo, Tink, Clara, Bladezz and Fawkes, plus a few bonus short comics which were specials for various events. All neatly available in two trade paperbacks! (except for Fawkes, which was published afterwards)
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