Guests you'd like to see on Table Top

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I'd love to see Chris Kluwe as a guest on Table Top. He's a legit gamer, plus he's local now that he plays for the Oakland Raiders.


  • Richard Garfield
  • Garfield would be a huge score.
  • Conan O'Brien and/or Andy Richter. Eddie McClintock. Nathan Fillion (any of the Firefly cast really). Zachary Levi.
  • Aisha Tyler.
  • Hank and John Green, Neil Gaiman, Andy Collins and Gwendolyn Kestrel and Christopher Paolini are the ones I reckon would be great.
  • I would like to see Dr. Horrible episode. :) Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris and Felicia Day.
  • UnderdrummerUnderdrummer Member
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    Kari Byron (We saw Grant. Why not, Jamie and Adam as well!)
  • John de Lancie
  • lyrensynlyrensyn Member
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    Ashley and/or Anthony Burch (also would like to concur with the any of the Firefly cast suggestions as well =) )
  • I would like to see Tom Vasel, I know hes made some snide comments towards Will and his show on Dice Tower, but I think Will is a bigger man and show Tom how to rise above.
  • James Turner or Graham Stark From LoadingReadyRun would be cool to watch play.

  • Joss Whedon , Nathan Fillian, Neil Patrick Harris
  • Thinking about it, I'd like to see Patrick Stewart play Ace Detective.
  • KenleyBrowneKenleyBrowne Member
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    Yes please get Patrick Stewart on Tabletop!!
  • Perhaps ungettable but Stephen King, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler,  Daniel Suarez, Vin Diesel, Sam Kean, Justin Cronin, Fillion for sure (or anyone from Firefly), Kevin Rose, Mila Kunis, Olivia Munn, Jay Baruchel.. I can think of many more. 
  • Vin Diesel, well known gamer.  Mike Rowe, I'd watch just for his facial expressions. Sam Rockwell, one of the most underrated funny actors.  of course the firefly crew, and the mythbusters crew.
  • If he's able to make an appearance, I'd dearly love to see Terry Pratchett playing Ankh Morpork.

    Mark Shephard, or a recent Doctor Who alumnus would be awesome as well.

  • How long of a list can this be?
    Just to put a few new names on here: Alexa Doig, Carrie Underwood, Gary Gygax (I know, but I bet he'd be great at Zombie Dice.), Kevin Smith, the guy who plays "Jay" (sorry), Simon Pegg, John Cho, Rob Kazinski, and Me.
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  • Has anyone said Drew Carey yet?  He's a huge Monopoly fan... but get this... he will only play with the book rules, not with any house rules (ie, money on Free Parking, not auctioning off properties) because it makes the game a bit more strategic.  I think he would be a good candidate for an economic strategy game such as Lords of Vegas or Power Grid.

    I also happen to know that Emmy Rossum is a big board gamer, and her favorite game is (was?) Settlers of Catan.

    I personally could do without Tom Vasel... yeah I know he's a stalwart in the internet's table top gaming community, but I don't like all the negative stuff he says and does (such as doing a list of overrated games IN A LIVE PANEL AT HIS GAMING CONVENTION????).  I'd much rather see someone positive, like Rodney Smith from Watch It Played, or the guy from Crits Happen, or Richard(?) from Rahdo Runs Through.
  • Myself ; )
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