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So, temporarily the former Fave Five sound a little like an Italian sitcom (hopefully not too many where going Dio Mio). Still catchier than a simple Top Three.

After some cooperative sibling rivalry and sisterly affection (bleepedy bleep bleep), I was left with a big question. Why do guys find it endearing/likeable when a girl cusses her heart out? Why is an angry Felicia so cute and funny to watch? How dangerous is it to meet her anger with laughter? Does the game has more than three bosses? Why aren't there more Felicia Plays videos all over YT?

Bottom line: one of my favorite episodes so far and I can't help thinking about finding a game that really drives her crazy. Maybe some of that righteous fury can be directed at the game...


  • Instead of "Trio Mio", she should've gone with "Felicia Trey".

    (I signed up for the forums just to make this suggestion.)
  • I don't think that it's funny to see any girl get mad at a videogames, but those who are shy and gentle such as Felicia. Indeed a great episode, at least it seemed that she and her brother both enjoyed the game and played with fun. Don't know why there aren't so many videos of her playing, we should suggest her to make a separate show from the Flog where she post videos of her while gaming and commenting? Many people do that on youtube these days, saying jokes while playing a game registered.
    Personally, i think the "Trio Mio" is funny. I'm italian and i quite like hearing talking my language with english accent, i wanted to suggest for a Flog episode to try and learn it, should be funny.
  • Ciao @seppy - and I'm out. lol. No I know a little Italian - Mi chiamo Ayelet, Io abito a Tel Aviv. I just did a semester in Italy so I'm excited for this online Italian encounter, sorry. 

    @blue - lol, hope you'll stick around! 

    btw as a non-gamer I would not watch Felicia play video games outside of the flog and I also think she wants to do more productive stuff than just have her game and us watch, right? The flog is different because those are old games and it's with her and it's short. oh another exception is when she plays with herself as Tallis because well..she can't say she's playing with herself. :D :D 

    Wow this message is getting too long, anyway...Girl that curse, I guess it's really because you don't expect her to get so mad. lol. 
    What I loved about this episode is what the freedom of the internet allows them to experiment on - cutting in the middle of the game to the little puppy with the cupcake. 

    I have more to say but I''ll spare you b/c this is getting too long for an 8 minute episode. 
  • "Favorite Three" translations:

    Italian: preferito tre

    préférée trois

    favorito de tres

    Portuguese:  três favorito

    German:  Liebling drei

    uppáhalds þriggja

    is fearr leat trí

    ventus tres

    ulubiony trzech

    Basque:  gogokoenak hiru

    paboritong tatlong

    Not a lot of alliteration there.  Perhaps "Terrific Trio" or "Treasured Trio" works.

    "Trio Mio" could be translated to "my three" or "three me".  Then again, Mio reminds me of MiO, that drink mix that comes in the tiny little bottles.  Three of those bottles would combine into 576 oz of liquid packed with 4,320 mg of caffeine (if it's MiO Energy).  In comparison, same as 40 cups of coffee.  Drink that, and besides the obvious bladder issues, you'd be bouncing off the walls.  Hey, that might explain all the rage associated with the video game.  Or it's a auto-subliminal message that Felicia is drinking too much coffee to keep her awake in order to finish up the script for The Guild Season 6.  [See, this is how conspiracy theories are created!]
  • @Ayelet - No problem, glad that someone consider Italy and likes it. If you want a chat you know where to find me, we'll eventually meet each other again here in the community.
    @Rocket_Farmer - Technically in italian it's "I tre preferiti" xD
  • This episode of the Flog could be subtitled "Angry Video Game Day"... she should totally do a crossover with the AVGN! It needs to happen, but at James' channel! That would be even more awesome! He could teach her how to swear even better!
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    @Ayelet No reason to hold back on here. Write as much as you like and whoever doesn't care to read it all can just skip it. That's the beauty of written communication. It's very efficient and easy to be selective.

    I'm afraid you're right about gaming videos. How much gaming can a person squeeze into her days, when she is juggling that many shows and jobs. Even if spontaneous vlog style videos should be much easier to do, they still take time (filming yourself playing a game is simple, editing out the boring 90% of it can be tedious... even if you're Felicia Day and it's more like 20%).

    Not to mention the amusing nerd rage that would be going on after every video. While it's hard to take those people seriously, they still make me wonder if I really want to call myself a gamer anymore.

    So, to counter all those absurd "What has FD done for gaming", why not collect a few things?

    -Every celebrity publicly embracing gaming makes it less of a "stigma" (and I very much believe that it's because of people like her you can openly talk about it without everybody giving you weird looks... sometimes)

    -Dragon Age DLC... let's not forget that Mark of the Assassin was actually one of the better DLC contents

    -Voice acting... she has actually worked on quite a few games by now

    -Showing female gamers that it's okay to come out of the closet

    -Bringing a lot of attention to smaller games (with ~2000000 followers she is every server's nightmare)

    -Stuff we don't know.. I'd be willing to bet she has supported plenty of game related kickstarters

    While making that list I suddenly wonder: why is it important that you have done anything "for gaming"? What is your average gamer doing "for gaming" other than buying games? Why are they expecting more than that from her? When did gaming stop being fun and turn into a dead serious competition of "achievers"? Can we blame the advent of "pro gaming"? Did I completely go on a random tangent and derail my own thread? Should I better stop now?
  • @trienco - thanks. 
    I'm with you on everything you've said - I don't understand why anyone even need to ask what has she done for gaming? Why does she need to do anything? Like any gamer sitting at home. gaming has done anything to gaming. 
    Even if it ends with her gaming she has done as much as any other gamer for gaming, but she hasn't..she's has done so much more.
    Anyway, reading youtube comments upsets me, I hate that she's getting so much hate. I do love that she doesn't seem to be influenced by it, but I bet she is...because well, no one wants to upload a video and than have to sit and delete nasty comments or get negative and mean comments even after she wrote something about to her fans to stop fighting back.
    This is so exhausting. 

    Anyway, youtube commentators I mean..I get why they want to disable many people abuse this privilege...too bad, I kinda like having that option.  
  • @Trienco The 4chan rage was especially prominent this time around. I'm glad we have somewhere to go other than the youtube comments now.


  • I must admit, I just have to laugh at them. They really are pathetic.
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    @Ayelet I hope that after the first wave of troll hate she found the right mindset to handle it. In the end, it doesn't matter how good you are. Some will always find irrational reasons to hate what you do. After having a quick look at the current state of comments, this mindset would seem to be along the lines of "if this kind of people get that upset over it, I must have done something right". Though to be fair, they did poke the hornets nest in the video (which is why I got the feeling they don't care about it anymore).

    @Ayachi We better pray they never decide to disable comments for their videos. Some of the trolls might actually bother to create an account just to post here instead.
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    I foresaw/feared the whole mess in the YouTube comments when I watched this episode for the first time. I can fully understand that Felicia is/was mad about the whole first "4chan incident". She mentioned it at some points since it happened (I remember a video from a panel at VidCon I think where she did, for example), so I think it really got to her. Plus: I was in the same place some times in the past (on a smaller scale, for sure) and it really sucks. BUT it surely wasn't a very smart move to lash back like this in public. I can understand the urge to do so, but this whole thing was foreseeable and these fights are impossible to win in the end.
    If you see any spam, @-mention me in the thread and I will come in to kill it with my hammer. The hammer is not my... you know.

    I try to attack ideas and not people. If I fail, let me know. You may be wrong but I still love you. ;-)

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  • Never understood those guys that comment on youtube, that are so stupid only because they are behind a screen and technically can't be touched, thinking that they are cool or better. Such nonsense i'll never understand. Even with my videos the first time i uploaded them came some people that started saying stupid things without sense, just do offend or else.
    @Trienco - A gamer doesn't have to give something in the world of games, our role is only playing and having fun. The fact that new kids and youngsters these days find games like something to be proud of, like if being a pr0 will make you a business man when grown up, is only because now days it's important to be the best, and what better way than showing to be great at a game? I'm a gamer, but i see games (especially role play games i collect) like forms of art, masterpieces that i can analyze and enjoy in all it's beauty. I think you shouldn't stop your questions, i love reading and say my opinion if anyone cares.
    For the gaming part, i think Felicia even if she does many things in life, has some time to play in her private and enjoy games, and have people that can help her to mount the video afterwords. For the rage of nerds i'd likely ignore them, because they are only little peeps that don't use their brain and do stupid stuff to fill time. Gaming is something for having fun and playing a game with someone important (like a brother for Felicia), and show how much joy you have in it can be interesting and funny, that is what i meant when i said that it's not a bad idea that she could make a show about her gaming with her brother o anyone else and showing how happy and how much fun she has.
  • @Seppy I agree. I also think that gaming can be very theraputic, especially playing with loved ones. Siblings are some of the best people to console in and I could tell that her brother seemed very supportive of her through that rough time awhile back. I'm sure it felt good to release all that tension from all the internet drama doing something fun with her brother. I know when me and my husband play games it is like that, the frustration of the day or week or whatever just melts away. I think they got caught up in that spirit rather than doing a blatant attack on 4chan.

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    Hey gang - so there are some great and thought-provoking replies up above - many kudos to my fellow board members.  That said, I'm sure there may be a couple of folks who saw the latest Flog, or who read this thread, and don't quite know the context behind this whole 4Chan situation.  Here's a quick recap, as I think it'll help people understand why Felicia and Ryon were tossing out a few jokes in their latest video...
    • It started out with the Gamer Girl Country Boy video - if you dig through the comments, you'll see an influx of harshly negative attack comments that all tend to share a similar theme.  The G&S staff later determined that this wave of negative commentary came from a couple of specific game sites.
    • What may have triggered this attack squad?  Well, around the same time, apparently the same set of sites were fresh off of a campaign to attack Anita Sarkeesian.  She was trying to raise money to discuss sexism in gaming.  You can read about just how far the attack against her went - but be forewarned that it's not necessarily a pleasant read.
    • Jumping back to Felicia - on her Twitter, she had also showed support for Anita.  That may have put her into the cross-hairs.  But ultimately, she posted the 'Gamer Girl' video at a time where these sites were seemingly already looking for attack targets - because for them, the term 'gamer girl' is apparently derogatory, and thus Felicia's vid became the next in line for organized negativity.
    • Felicia herself didn't originally know where all the vicious hate was coming from - and as she described on her blog, she was indeed quite hurt by it.  That said, it's cool how inspiring results can come out of bad situations - and I was personally quite touched to see that a staggering 400 replies were left for her, showing words of well-written appreciation and support.  I posted my own thoughts in there as well if you're interested in my take on things.
    • After this, things calmed down a bit.  Until there was yet another controversy where a Destructoid editor questioned Felicia's relevancy.  Things once again got ugly.  The guy apologized, and to her credit, Felicia graciously accepted.  But in the background, members of the same sites supported the guy's original sentiments and renewed their attacks, via more negative commentary on Twitter.
    • Flash-forward to the current week - as seen in the Flog, Felicia and Ryon toss a few softball insults at one of the original attack sites.
    • But for those who didn't know the original context, hopefully the above points provide some background.  The Day siblings didn't just decide to rip on a site for no reason - there's a history behind things.  I'd say that Felicia and Ryon's jokes were pretty tame and funny, given the harshness of what was directed towards Felicia, originally.  But that's just my point of view.

    On a personal note, I'm glad that Felicia has put herself in a mind-space where she's not as bothered by these attacks.  I think of it this way - if you're walking down the street, whistling a happy tune and someone runs up beside you and unexpectedly punches you in the head, it hurts a whole bunch - because you didn't have any opportunity to ready yourself for the punch.  Your guard isn't up, and it does a lot of damage.

    But if you're instead standing face to face within someone that you know is hostile, and you know that something you say might cause them to throw a punch at you - well, this time around your guard is up, you know what's coming, and the punch doesn't hurt as much.  I think that's what we saw this week.

    Or at least that's what I assume - keep in mind, my knowledge of boxing is limited to having watched the Rocky movies :)

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    @torontogal: Very nice sum up. FYI: Being punched in the head by surprise, is actually the most common way to get knocked out. So the Rocky movies taught you well, grasshopper. ;)
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    @Daniel_Wallace - I'm quite proud that I recognized your reference to the old-school Kung Fu television series :)

    And many thanks for actually reading through my ginormous recap! - the one thing I should have included for the sake of the historical record, were some tweets that Wil Wheaton sent out during the Destructoid portion of the controversy.  Avert your eyes, kiddies, because Wil doesn't hold back with the profanity...
    Tweets from Wil Wheaton:

    "I have fucking had it with idiot asshole men being shitbags to @feliciaday because they're threatened by her creativity and success.
    “Listen, dicks, when you contribute 1/100 of what Felicia Day has
    contributed to gaming culture and independent production, you can talk.
    Until then, shut the fuck up and go back to your sad little lives,
    jerking off alone every night. Okay? Great. Thanks.”
  • Never liked to much bad words, but Wil is so charming when he fucks off people xD
    I should thank you @Torontogal for informing me about the whole situation, filling those information i didn't know about the cause, even for the tweet (since i don't use twitter to follow Wil e Felicia).
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    @torontogal Another highlight for me was Adam Baldwin taking the time to tell Ryan what he thought of him.

    BTW: Flying over Mr. Perez' Tweets to find this one completely cured me from feeling sorry for him for being attacked, but made me feel really sorry for him for other reasons. :D
    If you see any spam, @-mention me in the thread and I will come in to kill it with my hammer. The hammer is not my... you know.

    I try to attack ideas and not people. If I fail, let me know. You may be wrong but I still love you. ;-)

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  • At best Ryan Perez is irresponsible and unprofessional.  At worst he's a despicable human being.  I think the truth lies somewhere in between.

    But Mr. Perez wasn't the only one posting comments.  There's a certain segment of the population that gets enjoyment by tearing down other people.  There are also cowards who just like to pile on, I guess in attempt to gain acceptance from their peers.  It's pretty pathetic.

    You can debate Felicia's contribution to gaming all you want.  I think Perez was dead wrong on that account.  She's not a code monkey or a graphic designer (at least not that I know of), but to suggest she's just a "booth babe" is down right ignorant of the facts.  And as far as marketing and new media production goes she's advancing the bar for a lot of people.  Sure there are folks who are more accomplished, but to suggest she's done nothing?  Get real.
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