Pretty Bokeh Shapes!

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Hullo people of the forums!! This week I discuss making shaped bokeh and I wanted to share you my templates :D


Its fairly simple to use but here are some instructions and templates on how to make this! Note: this is mostly for (d)SLR users but don't worry I will have more tips and tricks for the rest of you wonderful people. I just wanted to start out with this because I showed people how to use it at vidcon bwahaha.

If you guys do decide to try this out, POST YOUR PICS/VIDEOS HERE :D

Blank Bokeh template (draw your own shape!)

Lightbulb Bokeh Template

Heart Bokeh Template

Lightning Bokeh Template

Star Bokeh Template

Instructions on how to use
1. Save the image on your 'puter!
2. Print the image at 100%. It looks big when you save it but at 100% it will fit most lenses
3. Loosely tape the template ontop of black construction paper and cut.
4. Untape the two pieces of paper and now you have a black bokeh cap!
5. Secure the bokeh cap onto your camera with a rubber band

1. Its best to use this bokeh cap with a low f-stop lens -- 1.7-2.8
2. There will be vignetting :< so crop!
3. This fits up to 62mm lenses.

Feel free to leave questions here and your photos/videos :D


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