Any fans of European comics here?

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I was wondering if anyone here is a fan of any European comic? And if yes, what are you reading/have you read?

I personally grew up with Asterix, Lucky Luke, Gaston and Spirou. And the European line of Disney comics which are produced in Italy.
Besides that, I've recently enjoyed "Velerian & Veronique" (Valerian & Laureline in English), a SF series as well as "Orbital", another SF series.

How about you?


  • I've read some Diabolik, Asterix and Tintin, also here on Argentina the comics had a very strong influence from europe, mostly from Italy, in the form of The Venice Group with examples like Misterix, which eventually went to form the basis of most of the "Argentine golden comic era" of the 1940 to 1960, where some of the most recogniced argentine comics born, like El Eternauta and Mort Cinder 
  • Like a lot of people here i Denmark I grew up on those you mention (Tintin, Asterix, Lucky Luke, Spirou and Gaston). I also read a Danish Comic called "Valhalla" about the adventures of the Norse Gods, but I don't know if that has been translated. I haven't really followed up on newer European comics.
    The best Disney comics was by an American, Carl Barks, but apparently he was a lot more popular in Europe than in the U.S.
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    Norwegian here :-D
    Grew up with Asterix, Lucky Luke and a bit of Gaston. I never read Tintin, but it was sent on the TV, and I really liked it. Valhalla is hilarious and a lot more accurate than Thor :P

    I remember liking Thorgal, it was used as a biseries the Phantom publications from Egmont (Team Fantomen).The Phantom, although an American comic, has a larg readerbase in Scandinavia and Europe. Team Fantomen consists mostly of Europeans.

    Blacksad is one of the prettiest and best comic books I've read.

    I read a lot of comic strips, mostly Norwegian (Nemi, Pondus, Eon, Kollektivet, M, Reveland etc), and then I look at Rocky, and I'll read it if I'm bored enough (there's too much text) :P

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  • Thank you all. Anyone else? This is very interesting to me.
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    I loved Asterix and Tintin as a kid also Beano every now and again. I wish I still had my copies but have been lost due to moving around a lot.
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  • I just remebered: "Le sursis"  by Gibrat. Can't find it in English. Might be called "The Delay". It's about Julien, who returns home and goes into hiding during the German occupation of France during World War 2.

    Anything by Jason is cool. He's a Norwegian cartoonist, but works from France atm.

    More about the comic strips:
    Nemi can be found in English here:
    If you can handle the crazy and disturbing, Danish , earlier known as WulffMorgenthaler is something to check out. Proabably NSFW, contains blood, nudity, evil!pandas.
    I believe in dragons, good men and other fantasy creatures
  • Read a fair bit of Asterix and Tintin as a kid, but don't remember much of it now. And of course, I watched The Smurfs (but haven't really read the comics)
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    Never really had much access to Euro comics...

    I loved Asterix and Obelix as a kid and I read a fair amount of Moebius and Milo Manara stuff in the early 90s though.

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  • I'm from Germany (living in Ireland nowadays) and of course I grew up with European comics. As a child I enjoyed Asterix (my parents started collecting those), Lucky Luke, Gaston, Tintin, and the Smurfs. Later on I read many, many strange Belgian comics. They were all pretty amazing but sadly I don't remember the names of most of them (I remember Thorgal though, those were great).

    At the moment I'm enjoying the Wormworld Saga by German artist Daniel Lieske. It's a digital graphic novel, check it out:
  • Wow, so Asterix seems to be the most widely known. And in general, it's the older stuff. (Not that I know a lot of new European comics - only so much time and money in the month ...).
  • No one has mentioned Yoko Tsuno by Roger Leloup yet? I loved that series (probably the first comic I ever bought with my own money)

    Also read Tintin (even wrote a school paper about it), Asterix, Gaston, Spirou (still do that occasionally), Blake and Mortimer... Our library had such a huge supply of stuff :)
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  • @Kouri Yes, of course, Yoko. I remember the one where they journeyed to high-tech civilization under the Earht? (Is that correct?)
  • @MrGrokNRoll Kind of. In the first volume (I think), Yoko and her friends discover the alien race from Vinea (?) living under the earth. Yoko becomes friends with one of them (Khany, I think) and every two to three albums, they meet again for all kinds of adventures. I simply love those aliens with their blue skin!
    I sometimes tweet: V_Arakawa (in several languages)

    Author Thread: Kouri

    I also have a blog: Arakawa Fiction
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    me, me... 
    comics that featured prominently in my formative years are Asterix, Suske en Wiske (or Bob et Bobette if you read them in french instead of dutch.. it's a belgian comic), Tintin, Gaston Lagaffe (or Guust Flater, again, in dutch), Lucky Luke, the italian Disney comics (in fact half the disney lore and "characters" was developed in Italy).. and then the italian comics.. Tex Willer, Dylan Dog (filmified with Rupert Everett in the lead role first, and then with Brandon Routh..both movies were rubbish).. Nathan Never, Magico Vento, Lazarus Ledd, Martin Mystere, Diabolik... the works of Guido Crepax, Hugo Pratt, Milo Manara, Moebius (who was rrrreally influential on the visual effects in a wide array of seminal movies..also, Blueberry!!).. 

    but I am also partial to the works of Robin Wood.. who I guess has a lot to do with european comics despite being south-american: titles such as Dago, Nippur of Lagash, Jackaroe.. great stuff!.. 
  • @melting_pot Would you like to be on the comic hangout the coming weekend?
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    I'm getting my main 'puter back tomorrow (in theory).. I'll have to reinstall a crap-ton of software and such, but yeah, I should be able to join you, if you'll have me.
    mind you, I'm not quite sure what I could contribute to the debate other than my personal tastes.. 
    anyway, I'm gmt+1 (Italy).. but I should be free most of the weekend.
  • @melting_pot Sounds good. And it'll be nice to have another European on the hangout.
  • correction, apparently the new HD I bought was flawed, which means the fixing of my 'puter may actually take longer than anticipated, leaving my participation very much in limbo until further notice.
  • Bonjour everyone,

    I have grown up reading a lot of European comics. Mostly Asterix and Tintin. As I grew up I discovered some better ones and more adult themed. They come from the Soleil Editions, the ones I loved were 'Lanfeust' and 'Marlysa'. I still read those today as they deal with sword and sorcery and a bit of sci fi. I am currently reading 'Thorgal' which is about a viking who is actually a human being from space. He comes from a civilization that lived in space, his parents crashed on earth and he was discovered as a baby by a clan of vikings. As he grows up, marries, has children he faces all sorts of dangers and adventures. The comic book is very interesting as it deals with Norse mythology, other civilizations of antiquity and sci fi. I highly recommend it. 
  • I read quite a few european comics actually.. I grew up with them since my 14 year older brother and 10 year older sister had quite some comics already before I was born.

    Lots of Suske en Wiske albums.. over a hundred for sure. Though I'd say it died along with Willy Vandersteen, the original writer. These stories used to be fun and carefree.. it was more comical while later on they try too hard to be modern.. the characters are fighting too much amongst themselves instead of happily going on adventures.
    But in its glory days it was a beautifull comic that included time travel to the past which made it partially a history lesson at times.. but there also was science fiction involved and many other strange things.. it was part of the charm.

    Asterix and Obelix of course as well.. great albums with a good sense of humor. My favorite one is where they join the roman army with a band of misfits.. theres an egyptian guy who keeps talking in egyptian symbols and thinks he's on vacation, a brit, a goth, a belgian and a greek are there too.. gambling, asking for better food and pretty much having a good time, driving the instructors to madness.

    We also had some smurfs comics, which actually are quite grim compared to the happy cartoons. Brainy gets beaten up all the time whenever hes holding a lecture, often knocked out with a club even.
    In one there's even an all out war between the smurfs where they are clubbing each other, throwing tomatoes and even trying to strangle each other.

    Also TinTin.. wonderfull stories with great characters. Though personly I feel it only really got going once captain Haddock was added as a steady character and friend to TinTin. The comic about Haddock's ancestor fighting pirates was my favorite one.

    I also read a few of the "Rode Ridder" comics. (red knight) We didnt have any at home though, but I've read them elsewhere.. a cousin collected them. Great stories set in the medieval world that includes the legend of king arthur. Anyone who loves the medieval period and its fantasy will love how these comics are drawn.

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