Doctor Who: Peter Capaldi is the 12th doctor

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Just read it: Peter Capaldi is the 12th Doctor. What do you think?


  • Here is a short interview with him.
  • Personally, I'm looking forward to see what a new actor will bring to the role. And I think the BBC proved that they have artistic integrity by not casting a 20-something.

    And having read lots of comments about his age, I would like to know?
    Who's more complaining about the age?
    • British or American fans? (For simplicity's sake, I leave out the rest of the world - which includes me.)
    • Male or female fans?
    • Older or younger fans?
    • Fans who started with the original run or fans who started with Nu Who?
    And thinking back on the change from Tennant to Smith ("He's too young!", they cried), a smile steals on my face. (And why is seemingly everybody forgetting Christopher Eccleston? He was a great Doctor.)
  • And what I hope for in the next season has nothing to do with the actor and everything with the writers. Can you please
    • don't use the sonic for anything and everything? I used to open doors, now it can be used as a weapon (at least a defensive on in a direct confrontation). They ran into the same problem during the original run, btw.
    • don't go timey-wimey every other episode? Time loops are fun, but if they're overused, I find some exhausting. In the first season of the current run, the time loop was the big reveal and solution. Now it's used to stick notes in shop windows.
    • have more stories which hinge more on the human element than on some techno or sciency thing? Compare the Empty Child/The Doctor Dances to The Power of Three for example.
    • give me back my season-long story arcs? The blockbuster approach from the last season just doesn't work for me.
  • interesting note. According to his IMDB he was a W.H.O. Doctor in World War Z.

    I really don't know him seeing he is pretty much a TV actor and I don't believe I've seen much of anything except the Torchwood arc he was in. But that was a while ago and he wasn't really a leading character. I guess we'll see how he plays out.
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    Thank you everyone who voted!!!!
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    Well, I took a stab at the whole "yet another white dude" thing on my tumblr. But I like Peter Capaldi. I think an older actor is a good thing. Though 11 is my second favorite Doctor ever after 4. (I'm 42. I grew up on Tom Baker era stories playing in full as continuous blocks on PBS during the late 70's. Sometimes I wonder if the young female fans today realize that the Doctor-as-hearthrob thing is a historically recent phenomenon and is in no way indispensable.)

    I'm actually of the opinion that the show is better when it's more episodic than serial. There can be a through-line, but when the show spends too much time on the seasonal arc it tends to bog down and the episodes begin to feel too similar. The 5th season was about as 'seasonal arc'-heavy as I want to get.

    I wouldn't mind a series of episodes where he's lost the use of the sonic. I wouldn't mind a series of episodes where he's lost the use of the TARDIS. More running, more thinking his way out of problems, rather than reaching into the wizard's bag of tricks.


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    Well, my first superficial reaction when watching the video and seeing him walk in was: "yep, he'll work". He seems to have the right "Doctorish air".

    Absolutely agree on dialing down the Sonic, though. Suddenly it generates EMPs, knocks weapons out of peoples hands, is a remote control, kind of a shield generator, a medical scanner, a trans-dimensional scanner, basically every fictional tech-device in one. New Doctor -> new Sonic, right?
  • I don't know much about him nor do I want to. I want to just let him be The Doctor and see what happens. My guess is we really won't get much chance to see that until next Spring, and I'm okay with that.

    Don't set yourself up with high expectations or be mad that he was cast. In the end, he's The Doctor and that's all that matters.
  • I've seen Capaldi in a bunch of things so it will be interesting to see what he brings to the role. I was expecting a relative unknown so it was a surprise that they picked someone who's been in a bunch of stuff.  But I always look forward to a new Doctor.

    I hope Clara gets to do more in this season.
  • I'll just be perpetually waiting for him to lean out of the Tardis door and say to someone, "Come the fuck in or fuck the fuck off".
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    All I could think when he was announced was this video, specifically  3:19, 8:18, and 9:15


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    Someone mashed up clips of him as Malcolm with a Who trailer!  It is glorious!!!!!

    ugh, I can figure out embeds.
  • @Jamienoguchi - I think you may have just ruined me for his real appearance in Doctor Who.
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    Ok. I'll be that guy

    @AgincourtDB I read that tumblr post you were talking about and I agree wholeheartedly. But seriously, let's talk about that elephant. Because we know that Peter is a great actor and that our timelord is in good hands, it also gives us somewhat of a passive demeanor towards our fears of change regarding a show which constantly deals with the subject. I love how you mentioned that; 

    "The Doctor would be the first person to say that he should be played by a wide range of people. He loves humans, all of them. Not just the white, male ones.

    - Because it shows the irony of human nature with respect to a man made universe that it itself at times exploits that very same weakness in our fleshy personalities. But of course there have been seriously involved debates and voices over how purposefully inculcating someone of minority or a different sex is just a showcase for progressive appeasement or a publicity stunt. But if you think about it the very same action can be viewed very differently depending on ones bias or personal stance.  
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  • @_Unmotivated Thanks for reading my tumblr post. :-) 

    I also only recently came across the episode of Sara Jane Adventures ('The Death Of The Doctor') where 11 explicitly says (to one of SJS's teen sidekicks) that he could come back as anything. If only that were actually true in practice as it is in-universe. :-)
  • He is Back!!!!! Guys check out the latest season's trailer featuring none other than the man himself. Mr. Capaldi looks great and shows why he really is the best DOCTOR!! i honestly cant wait for it to begin
  • The new series finally feels right for the 12th Doctor. It was hard to get into Capaldi during his first series.
  • That's because he finally seems comfortable in the role. The awkward stumbling was also in part due to Jenna Coleman being a bit of a stale actor on a few episodes.
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