The Guild - Six years!

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It was six years ago today that The Guild first launched.  I've recently returned to help out the G&S team by keeping the The Guild Twitter, Facebook, website and Tumblr feeds going, and wanted to do something to celebrate.  Beyond the shout outs on FB & Twitter, here's a Guild super playlist on YouTube which starts with the original YouTube episode, then continues with the full season editions on Geek & Sundry.  So if you have nothing to do today and have SEVEN HOURS to kill, you can do a full on marathon.

Also, I went back and found Felicia's original post on her blog announcing the show.  It's amazing how with six year's distance, some things are totally different (Myspace layouts?!) and some things never change ("please subscribe!").  From the blog:

"Anyway, please watch! Pass it on to anyone you think will laugh, and that’s probably everyone. :) And if you like me even a little, please favorite the video and subscribe to our channel on YouTube. The next episode is even funnier!"

Happy Guild anniversary!

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  • feliciadayfeliciaday Administrator, Moderator
    Thanks Brian!!!  I can't believe you found my original post!  So long ago and feels so near :)

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