What music are you into right now??



  • Yeah! Check 'em out, for sure. And if you've ever listened to the Nerdist podcast, their opening theme is one of their songs - it's called Jetpack Blues (VERY good). @Fiendish_Imp, I can only imagine how awesome they are in concert. I saw them on Fallon a few weeks back, and it looks like a concert with them would be quite the experience :)

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  • @geekheavy anamanaguchi is the shiznits. I missed them when they came to SF boo :<

    I'm into all types of music but I'm listening to Bonobo right now. Specifically this song.. On repeat.. FOREVER  :D
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    I've got a few bands that I like for doing something different. Here are two - these songs are clean but some of their others aren't always SFW.

    I like Bellowhead, who are a large 11 piece band with a brass section that make new arrangements of folk tunes. Here's one talking about what they will do after their love is sent off on a prison ship to Australia

    I also enjoy Van Canto, who perform "acapella metal" - no guitars, just a bunch of vocalists with effect pedals, making guitar noises with their mouths! Admittedly they do also have a drummer, as they decided that anyone trying to beatbox along would end up on the floor exhausted.

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  • @farlander - can you give me some more info on the Brazilian stuff?  That sounds awesome!  I'd really like to listen to it.

    As for me, I've been re-listening to "Separation Sunday" by The Hold Steady.  Great album, its one of those ones that you have to sit down and hear all in one sitting.  Good use of 45 minutes though, totally worth it.
  • On any given day, I've probably listened to a song by The Protomen. For those who don't know who they are, the Protomen are a rock opera inspired by the Mega Man games. The style of song depends on what's going on in the story, so sometimes you get 80s rock, some newer chip tunes hard rock, western acoustic stuff, and even swing. It's a great variety and the story is neat. 
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  • I personally LOVE movie soundtracks, especially the Lord of the Rings, the Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes (or anything by Hans Zimmer -- the man is a genius), and the Pirates of the Caribbean -- which actually, for the second and third movies, was Hans Zimmer too. I'm not biased or anything…

    I'm also going to be totally honest and admit that often I just listen to a lot of the popular music that cycles through the radio. Some songs are really quality and others are pretty lame, but right now Ed Sheeran is really popular, and let me tell you…he's far better than the Bieber-y kind of image he's starting to get! I also really like Adele, Owl City, Michael Bublé, and A Fine Frenzy.

    Oh, and of course there are YouTube musicians…so many! I'll at least mention The Piano Guys, because they're absolutely amazing. :D
  • At the moment I'm listening to a lot of Guster and Ben Folds Five because I'm seeing them live this weekend (wooo!).

    In general, some of my favorites are Motion City Soundtrack, Andrew McMahon (and all his various bands), Foo Fighters, and Jenny Owen Youngs. I get in moods depending on the week and listen to the same album on repeat for ages a lot, but its often one of those artists.
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  • Ahh, what a tough question. I am always listening something different everyday, but I guess whats in my rotation the most nowadays are:

    Baths (Electronic/Ambient/Pop)
    Chance the Rapper (Rap/Hip Hop)
    CHON (Progessive Rock)
    I The Mighty (Rock)
    Disclosure  (Dance/House)
    Rudimental (Drum and Bass)

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    I'm pretty eclectic, and you all have named some great bands that I dig when I'm in the mood, like The Clash and They Might Be Giants.

    I realize it's the era of hard music, and I dig that, but my heart lies with more melodic, trancey, or anthemic stuff.

    Old school, I dig Cocteau Twins, Sugarcubes, Sigur Ros, and any of the great Eurobeat bands - Violent Femmes, Psychedelic Furs, etc. Recently, been listening to Canadian acts like Braids and Grimes. But I'm all over the highway...Lyle Lovett, Deftones, Eminem, Portishead, and my all-time all-timers, The Police.  :^D  And any damn thing with Amanda Palmer!  ;^P

    And I can totally get behind Andrea's love of soundtracks. He gets some flack, but John Williams is my favorite artist of all times. He's not the all-time record-holder for Oscars in any category for no reason. Also love James Horner, Maurice Jarre, and, yes...Zimmer is a genius. :^)

    Also a shout out to the musical YouTubers, like my girl Lindesystomp!  8^D  She's adorably fun!

    But it's music, man...it's all good!! :^D
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  • @Akrasia I wouldn't say I'm a fan of Rudimental, but their song Waiting All Night really got to me. Along with it's music video. I love it!

    @Sidereal John Williams is probably one of my favourite composers. My favourite song of his being Luke's Theme. Game soundtracks can be really good too. Metal Gear Solid 3 and The Last of Us being my top two favourites. :)
  • @Yakteriyaki, I've collected a truly random assortment of Brazilian songs, choosing purely by melody or whatever appeals to me, since I rarely understand the titles, much less the lyrics, unless my girlfriend translates them. I do have fun finding tracks and downloading them to put into playlists for her. Some she recognizes, others she's never heard before, but she's liked them all, so far. :}

    I mentioned Luiz Bonfa before, and another lovely guitar piece is Roshinha de Valencia's Summertime, which is purely instrumental. Some of the other songs I enjoy:

    Quem Sabe Isso Quer Dizer Amor, by Bruna Caram.
    Lenda, by CeU (I'm leaving out all the proper accent marks here, sorry.)
    Cancao do Mar, by Dulce Pontes.
    Ultimo Olhar, by Marcio Faraco.
    Laranja, by Maria Gadu.
    Vou Voar, by Sabrina Malheiros.
    Zana, by Toquino. I found that one just by searching for my girlfriend's name, it's a cool melody.
    Nao Minto Pra Mim, by Zizi Possi.
    Ando Meio Desligado, by Os Mutantes. Kind of psychedelic.
    Que Beleza, by Tim Maia.

    It's interesting finding songs this way, where I have no real sense of popular music, cultural trends, sub-genres or progressions over the decades to influence my selections.
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    I saw Muse a couple of weeks ago at the Werchter festival grounds in Belgium and they were absolutely amazing. Here are some pics.





  • That stage is NUTS!

    I just got back (well, several days ago..) from a music festival. Hopefully going to have a vlog update on that in the next few days. LOTS OF AWESOME MUSIC. gah
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  • Great pictures! Thanks for sharing, that crowd was huge. Do you know how many people was at that concert?
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    Muse always puts on a great show. I've seen them four times, and each show gets bigger and crazier.
    Viva la Retrolution!

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    @akrasia 36000 people.
  • @mynameismoe The stage is amazing, it was a spectacular concert. Muse said that this tour is their ZooTV
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    Back to the 80's! :)

    Was browsing youtube and  saw this live performance of A View To A Kill at Coachella 2011 by Duran Duran It's amazing. I can't believe how good LeBon's voice still is, he was 52 when he sang this and he sounds exactly the same as he did in the 80's.

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