What music are you into right now??



  • Oskar Schuster is a recent find for me! Relaxing, dream-like piano riffs from a German indie artist. I recommend him fully.
  • I'll make a confession - I have always loved showtunes and children's/Disney music. The latter has actually increased since I got a niece and have been exposed to her world (she's almost 5). So, yeah. When I'm not working on another mix-tape/CD for my niece (which is my excuse for listening to Frozen or My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic), I am probably listening to Broadway or, if I'm feeling eclectic, Lindsey Stirling.

    I'm weird. That's okay, right? ;)

    I also make playlists for my RP characters, and they can contain anything at all, though most of my experience is showtunes, country or Contemporary Christian. I've been known to add some Evanescence as character themesongs as well. Or filk, as they make good fantasy music for a bard or a certain character with the Artistry: Musical Composition skill.
  • Stray from the Path, a little heavy for me at the minute as i've gotten much softer as i've grown up (a little) but it treats my love for hardcore aswell as feeling to me like a Rage Against the Machine revival. Any band thats songs actually have a message are a big favourite of mine.
  • I'm into "the war on drugs" right now. i really love their fibe and the connected sound of the latest album. can listen to it for days on end. besides that i really love to listen to hard rock, metal and indie stuff
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    By pure chance I happen to recently stumble across the videos for these two songs and have been rewatching these music videos alot.

    A cover the song Rude (originally done by Magic) performed by Lilly Brown (YouTube screen name 

    Face Your Fears by BriaAndChrissy

    Happy LGTB Pride month. I thought were sharing with others. I am sorry I am not aware of any gay male singers, other wise I would include a song from a gay male singer as well. As I said I just recently stumble across these, and thought it was fitting to try sharing them with others now.
  • I'm listening to quite a bit of J-Pop lately and also general Japanese music thanks to the two following podcasts:

    Japan Top 10
    Everything is in the title. They play the Japan Top 10 with a little bit of comments.

    It's in French (which I speak) but I still recommend it for non French speakers. A bit more commenting (which is nice) but it shouldn't be too much for people who don't think French and would be interested in the music

  • Right now Coldplay
  • I'm coming back from Pukkelpop 2016 where I catched up with bands I didn't know that well and I am now binging them all:

    - Chvrches (loved the performance)

    - The Subs (it was the birthday of the band and both tem and the audienc ewere on fire)

    - M83

    - Die Antwoord (I was dubious but regretted in the end to be too tired to go to the front)

    - LCD Soundsystem (actually it was my 5th time I saw them - Still love them)

  • My most recent musical discovery are Squid Lid, who I've seen described as an Electro-Industrial Circus Experiment, with themes of deep sea creatures and lab experiments gone wrong.  Their bio says they're Dark Electro Pop, but that doesn't capture their weirdness so well, I don't think.  A couple of my favourite tracks are The Winkle Picker and Shark Club but I've had all three of their albums on loop for the last few days.

    I also recently bought Darkher's debut album, Realms.  She makes sorta doom laden dark folk music I guess?  I dunno.  My favourite track is probably Foregone though I also really like Moths.  Her music's somewhat similar to Chelsea Wolfe's last album (Abyss, which is also very good - I love After The Fall).
  • Most recent music has been from the bands Skillet, Five Finger Death Punch, and Goldfish. Also, the Critical Role playlists on Spotify.
  • A bunch of older bands or artists from back in the day have new stuff and it's killing! 

    P.O.D. - Rock/Heavy
    Nonpoint - Rock/Heavy
    Hed P.E. - Rock/Rap
    Korn - Rock/Heavy
    Skillet - Rock
    JoJo - Pop/R&B
    Colbi - Alternative
    Shinedown - Alternative/Rock

    New Bands I have never heard of: 

    Twin Atlantic - Scottish band, Rock/Alternative
    Avatar - Swedish Heavy Metal/Rock) like a different system of a down but awesome

    Individual Songs: 

    Colbi - "Don't You Cry For Me" is what got me into him. Killer vocals and it's almost like southern gospel/R&B/Pop/alternative. 
    "Kill The Lights (with Nile Rodgers)- Audien Remix" is awesome kind of super happy and sexy electronic based
    "Dangerous Woman" - Ariana Grande - I don't care if you don't like her this song is sultry as fuck its AWESOME
    "Music" - JoJo - Pop old child artist who grew up and is MUCH BETTER
    "Close" - Joe Jonas ft. Tove Lo - LOVE IT

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  • I've been listening to a lot of death and black metal lately. The Black Dahlia Muder, Cattle Decapitation, Drudkh, Leviathan, etc.
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    Happy May The Fourth Be With You Day!

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