Sumia Cosplay - Time Lapse!

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Hi guys!

Lots of you guys wanted to see how I actually made my cosplays. I made this time lapse of my Sumia cosplay that I wore to Anime Expo! It's not too detailed but it gives a quick idea as to how I make my cosplays, pattern, cut and gesso craft foam...etc. I'll hopefully be able to make a more detailed one in the future! :)

Click here for my video! (on my main channel, which is
If you have any questions about materials or techniques, let me know! :} 

I'll do another one for my Sniper cosplay, which I'll be wearing at San Diego Comic Con! :D 
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  • That was a very cool overview, @Sachie, and I got a sense of how much work goes into creating a full cosplay.  The logistics of transporting all of that during your epic journey to the convention must be pretty complicated, and opening your suitcase to find your armor got squished during the voyage ~ tragic.  I'm glad you were able to mend it.  

    Seeing a full step-by-step video of you creating a costume like this would be awesome.  :}
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