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What are your favorites? (Please restrict this to favorites, not least favorites; it will be much less contentious that way.)

I particularly like those with Felicia playing violin (very surprising, I'm sure, given my username) - Episode Four and the Fourth of July one (Hmm...the violin and the number 4 seem suspiciously connected...). Other favorites include the steampunk episode (I hope there's some reason for Steampunk Codex to appear in The Guild at some point...a music video with all in steampunk costume, perhaps?) and the crocheting episode (I like to crochet, and the iguanaswanguin became a running joke).


  • The steampunk one was fun just for the chance to see the inner workings of Clockwork Couture, but my favorite so far would probably be the ice sculpture and watching Felicia learn to operate a forklift. 
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    SteamPunk and maybe the huge excavator one.    Tough to decide as they are all pretty great.   Love the Fave Fives.
  • The Blacksmithing and the dancing! Many lulz were had. 
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  • I loved the sushi making video because its funny to watch Felicia cooking! :P The Fave Fives are amazing, I usually always end up using one of them
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    Excavator or blacksmithing! The ice-sculpt is also pretty cool.
  • The first one, Blacksmithing, is still my favorite, although I also like the Streets of Rage, and cooking with Robin episodes too!
  • Episode 2! Absolutely loved Felicia's comment on how there's not a magical checklist by which you measure yourself to decide if you're a true gamer. (Right on, lady!) Also, she and Ryon playing Streets of Rage was SO funny. "Why would you want a gross street apple?" ^_^
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  • Anything with Tom Lenk is pure win.  
  • I think my favorite was the one with Colin Ferguson, they're so cute. :) It's funny to watch her do stuff she is not so good at. It encourages me to try new things!
  • Holy crap! How could I forget crocheting with Colin Ferguson! So funny and adorable! Shame on me! >.<
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  • For me definitely the Blacksmithing, Excavator and Ice Sculpting.
  • They're all my favourite.  ...wait, which was the one where she started swearing a lot in the question of note segment? That was adorable.
  • I really like the cooking segments with Robin Thorsen, I hope there are more of those to come!
  • Wow tough to choose but my top picks would be the three where Felicia and her brother were playing old console games
  • @Anmbia That was the Chainsaw one, on how to deal with f**ktards on youtube!
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  • Loved the Neo-Victorian shoot.  WHERE did a man-servant named "Gravy" come from?! hahhahha
    "Yeah, I stole your sweet roll. What are you gonna do about it?"
    "Sweet Mother, sweet Mother-"
  • Oh man, how do you choose?? The "how to deal with f**ktards on youtube" was pretty classic, but I'm just a sucker for horses, corsets, and savory-sauce named man-servants, so I'm gonna have to go Neo-Victorian.
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  • mine is the ice sculpting one. i love her answer to the question of note. best answer ever.
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  • @Tacamam Oh right!  That's also the one where she gets really excited about the baby animals.  Okay, that one's my favourite, but they're all still my favourites.
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    Probably would have to add to the majority here and say ice sculpting
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