CLASH! Experience an Epic New Steampunk Fantasy Board Game

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CLASH! is an asymmetrical card and dice based board game, throwing two players into an epic battle to decide the fate of nations!
Feel free to check out the Kickstarter and share it with anyone who is into this type of thing.
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Meanwhile aboard the flying city of Greycrest
 As the blood drained from his face Olivers shock turned to rage, the twenty three year old tinkerer although young was one of the sole reasons Greycrest was even presently aloft. Had it not been for Oliver Stone, the steam engines that powered the golden soaring mechanical city would have run out of fuel, sending the inhabitants of the city plummeting to their demise. Valiantly searching out a magical artifact in the tombs beyond the wastes, Oliver prevailed against the odds and returned with the coveted perpetual motion sphere, a power supply that would indefinitely power the ship, thus saving the air nomads way of life.
 But he would not win the day upon the wings of past triumph alone. His rage began to subside as he tried to decipher the mess of tangled flesh and gore that lay before him in the Cathedral Du'Pont. ​
 The flesh was mangled too crudely to have been eviscerated by even the dullest of air nomad blades. The shrouded tangle of ideas and gears in his mind suddenly became crystal clear and the essence of time around Oliver came crashing to a halt. There were no wild beasts among the air nomads vicious enough to inflict such carnage, only cattle and livestock. Besides no mere cattle would commit such vile displays of bloodshed.
 No, this seemed to be a terrible message sent by some manner of demons, and it could only possibly mean one thing. The Dreadmouth would be upon Greycrest soon, for his withering elven heart was running out of time and there were few magical relics powerful enough to turn back the dial that was his cursed life force. The city of Greycrest was about to be turned into a chess match for the fate of every life aboard the flying mechanical city!


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