Why a Vlog About LARPing is So Important

Hello, fellow geeks!

I am one of the vloggers who entered the current vlogging contest--and yes, of course I appreciate your votes--but I actually wanted to bring up an important topic of discussion: Why it is so important that one of the new vlogs on G&S is about LARPers.

1. LARP deserves a better reputation
LARPing has been heavily frowned upon by the general geek community for a long time. Poor representations in movies, tv shows, and games has turned us into overly obsessive, socially awkward psychopaths with a predisposition for murder. Sheesh. 

Let's be a stronger, less judgmental group of geeks. Let's support each other in the things that we love.
2. LARPing has not been well represented on G&S yet
While there is content about gamers and people who role play, I have yet to see anything that really spotlights LARPing--which is a shame!  We are a growing community that is worldwide...and we're visually intriguing. Perfect for something like a vlog! Also, with the LARP community growing as it is, this is a perfect gateway for LARPers to explore other geeky things, too.
3. LARPing promotes self-discovery and empathy
In a LARP you discover yourself while learning to see the world from different perspectives.  I know many people who have improved their lives through LARPing, developing and challenging themselves to be more outgoing and confident in social situations.  It's the perfect way to "play-test" yourself. You may also find that through LARPing, you will make many long-lasting friendships.  You will go through a lot with these people--even though it's just a game--and my LARPing community is my family.
4. LARP incorporates many geeky hobbies
From cosplay to role play to writing to rule creation, LARP includes hobbies many geeks already have!  There is not one type of LARPer, and many people play for different reasons.  You may love creating costumes and realize that LARPing is the perfect way to show it off! Or maybe you've always loved theater and improvisation, and you get really into portraying new characters? Or maybe you've been an amazing D&D GM for years and would like to try your hand at running plot in a new setting? There is something for you at a LARP!
5. Women are often respected leaders in our community
Out of all the hobbies I've had and all the geeky things I've participated in, LARPing has had one of the best female communities.  We play a huge role in our games and a lot of times we are the leading members.  This is a really cool thing about LARPing, and something I don't think we get credit for often. Through its open-minded mentality, you'll also find that LARPing can be a great family-building experience. Children are often encouraged to participate--which can be one of the coolest ways for them to bond with their parents (How many of you can say that you found and defeated a dragon alongside your mom?).
6. LARP is exactly what you want it to be
It is a creative endeavor. It is a social activity.  It is interactive storytelling. It's a place to sell or show off your craft.  LARPing is as vague and as specific as the players make it, meaning it is continuously evolving.  No matter who you are, you can find a reason to try a LARP out--and depending on where you go and who you go with, it will always be a completely unique experience.

I'm sure I could continue gushing about LARPing and all its great qualities, but I want to hear from other geeks what YOU think! Is LARPing an important topic? Should one of the chosen vlogs be on this topic? And if not, why?  I'm especially interested in meeting other applicants who submitted vlogs on LARPing!!! =D

Check out my vlog submission here: http://www.geekandsundry.com/vlogger/kristin-brumley

A LARP Vlog hosted by LARP characters: http://www.youtube.com/user/OrlySunja


  • An impassioned plea, @KristenBrumley, with some excellent points for consideration.  I saw your video earlier, and voted for it mainly because I enjoyed seeing you jump back and forth between four or five characters during the vlog.  I haven't come across any other entries on LARPing yet, but then I'm sure I've only seen a fraction so far.  It does sound like a natural fit for Geek & Sundry, as a topic of interest with a small but highly enthusiastic niche of participants.  

    I LARPed for just one weekend, some twenty years ago, although I'm not sure that term was commonly used at the time.  It was sort of fun, but the scale of the event was a bit grand for me as a newcomer.  I do recall staying in character and sticking to my accent and mannerisms all weekend.  

    My personal interest is most strongly centered around new vlogs with a theme of creating artwork or crafts, but you make a really solid case for LARPers, and I hope we get to see you, or someone like you, added to the new roster.
  • @Farlander

    That is a very appreciated compliment, thank you! I'd be interested to learn which game you tried out? Goodness...20 years ago? Unlikely it's still around, but I do know that some systems like Nero have been going on since the 80s. That said, I think they've changed a lot since that time.  At the very least they are considered a little less "extreme."

    Creating artwork or crafts, huh? =D  Is this something you do? I am also really interested in this sort of thing...painting,  propmaking and costuming, mostly (I crafted the owl headdress in my video, for example)--but I'd love to hear more about things you might have done?

    Anyway, if you DO come across any other LARPing entries, let me know! I'm certainly on the lookout.
    A LARP Vlog hosted by LARP characters: http://www.youtube.com/user/OrlySunja
  • I'd like to see a LARP vlog on the channel as well.  I came across this one today...

    ...I suspect a spot is reserved in the final 10 for a LARP vlog in any event.
  • Squee!!! German LARP! =D Thank you so much for sharing. This is actually very interesting to me, as I'll be traveling this summer to one of the large German LARPs for the first time.

    And I do hope you're right.  I feel like one of the spots really should be reserved for it.
    A LARP Vlog hosted by LARP characters: http://www.youtube.com/user/OrlySunja
  • No problem.  It's not even mine!
    I think the vlogs that have the best chance of making it through are the focused vlogs.  If you look at what's up on the channel at the moment they all have a specific topic they discuss.  I'm going to say LARP, anime, science, video games, movies and/or TV, and maybe music all will be represented in the final 10.
    Castle Specific Travel should also be in the final 10, but that's just my opinion.
  • I like your submission, Joseph. I agree...Castles are way cool, and "lightning-ded" should be a word. Also, I don't recommend you become a singer. XD 
    A LARP Vlog hosted by LARP characters: http://www.youtube.com/user/OrlySunja
  • I would LOVE a vlog about LARPing! I live in Montreal and there's a fairly prominent LARP community here that I've always wanted to join. 

    I like what you said about women being important parts of the community. My vlog is about women in geek culture more generally, so it's definitely a subject that's dear to my heart: http://geekandsundry.com/vlogger/alyssa-favreau
  • @weeesssa, You sound like a very intelligent woman with some great things to say! =D I'm glad that you touched on webcomics, because it's a medium that also seems to have a heavy women-presence. Or at least, that's what I've read. You really need to check out The Dreamer by Lora Innes. It's got a female lead and is written and drawn by an amazing woman author.
    A LARP Vlog hosted by LARP characters: http://www.youtube.com/user/OrlySunja
  • Haha, I'd actually already read part of it years ago! Thanks for reconnecting me!
  • edited June 2013 PM

    Also--you really should look into attending a LARP event one weekend. =) Grab a friend, put together a costume, and dive in! I'd love to hear about your experience.

    EDIT: And you're welcome for the suggestion! Haha.
    A LARP Vlog hosted by LARP characters: http://www.youtube.com/user/OrlySunja
  • @kristinbrumley I'm hopefully going to try this summer. Also, forgot to mention that I love your video!
  • @weeesssa Awesome! And thank you very much. ^_^
    A LARP Vlog hosted by LARP characters: http://www.youtube.com/user/OrlySunja
  • So far I've still only seen one other LARP vlog submission! I'm kind of surprised...lots of submissions about gaming and books, but I think Toji and I are the only ones heading up the LARPing niche. Anyone else have any better luck?
    A LARP Vlog hosted by LARP characters: http://www.youtube.com/user/OrlySunja
  • I've only seen you and the German gentleman in the excellent coat so far, as LARP vloggers.  You know, there's something rather surreal in the phrase "LARP vloggers" that makes me feel like I'm reading some alien dialogue in an old Kieth Laumer novel.  :}

    In answer to your question, @KristinBrumley, I am an artist, primarily an oil painter, although in recent years I have been collaborating on a large assortment of hand-sewn stuffed animals.  My paintings are mostly what might be called magical realism, and usually done on very small panels.  I haven't done much in terms of costumes, aside from assembling garb for a trip to the renaissance faire a few times.  Face-painting is something I'm just starting to dabble in, and I've enjoyed watching Katie Satow's vlog for the chance to see some of the techniques she uses.  

    The one live action event I went to was Nero, and I couldn't honestly tell you much more about it than that.  I went with two friends from my regular roleplaying games and we tried it out for the weekend.  The guild house we stayed with was friendly, but the experience overall felt like stepping into the fifth act of the play with no previous knowledge of the plot.  It was too well established, and running at full steam, for a new player to easily acclimate.  Plus I'm an introvert, so the big crowds and more boisterous players enhanced my natural tendency to withdraw.  

    I had slightly more engaging experiences with the Society for Creative Anachronism, which often operated in smaller groups, but never got involved very much.  

    So what is your LARP community like?  
  • It is an absolute CRIME that http://www.geekandsundry.com/vlogger/dennis-toji-wienert only has 20-something votes so far.  Seriously.
  • @Farlander

    My LARPing community has been very supportive and accepting of me. I honestly showed up to my first event all by myself, and I was immediately welcomed and integrated into the game. The thing that struck me the most when I started LARPing was how so many of the people were so generous and willing to bring a "newbie" like me with them on their adventurers. And like the case when you feed a stray puppy, I kept coming back. Haha.  The friends I have made at LARPs have become family--I travel hours just to see them on weekends, quite honestly.

    Unfortunately, a lot of things are changing at the moment in the community.  Our LARPing system is going through changes and we are all in the look out for something new...which has really scattered everyone to very different places.  It's kind of sad, although it's also a point where we have an awesome opportunity to try something new! (Did you know there are quite a few LARP options to choose from nowadays? Which is awesome!!!)


    Agreed! I've been trying to vote for his everyday...I'm drooling over his coat. Seriously.
    A LARP Vlog hosted by LARP characters: http://www.youtube.com/user/OrlySunja
  • It's soooo furry.  I'm not even into LARP but I NEEED that coat!!!
  • Hehehe...
    A LARP Vlog hosted by LARP characters: http://www.youtube.com/user/OrlySunja
  • Hey! So I think LARP is quite a important topic. Did you guys know that there schools in Norway that are teaching with LARP?
    Here in bavaria we even have a big organisation "Waldritter e.V" (Woodknights) for kid-therapy.
    Mind, it's not only for adults.
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