Guild S5 Discussion Thread - Character Insight, Personal Growth, and a Slow Creepy Van

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One more time - as you'll have seen elsewhere, I'm putting some threads together we can discuss The Guild on a season by season basis. The narrative unfolds with the Season 5 Discussion Thread.

For those who have never seen The Guild, please be forewarned that this thread will contain spoilers!

The easy solution to avoid being spoiled is to simply head over to the Geek and Sundry channel at the following link and watch Season 5 in all its warm, tender, terrificness! :)

So let's break out our thinking caps...
  • What are some of your favorite aspects of Season 5?
  • Are there certain episodes that you really enjoyed?
  • Ever hide a secret from your parents thinking they'll be all mad n' stuff, only to have them not care when they found out?
  • Are there certain moments that you found funny or poignant, or insightful?
  • Certain themes that you found thought-provoking?
  • Certain quotes that had you falling out of your seat?
  • Other things you'd like to talk about?
  • Jump in and let's discuss!
Soon enough I shall return and blather on incomprehensibly about S5 


  • My favorite part of season 5 was being able to take part in it.  I enjoyed seeing it from the other side as it were.
  • I like Tinkerballa's development in this season. I have to admit that it that it was a lot for one season but I really liked it. It was also good to see Tink as a big-head mascot version of herself (I thought she was cosplaying as Lilo from "Lilo and Stitch").
  • I am about to be booed off these forums..

    I was really disappointed with Season 5. There was a good story in there. If you can find it after you dig through all the cash that was thrown at it. Maybe I am wrong. Maybe the budget is exactly the same. I appreciated the Cameos, but there were too many. I felt like every episode was a showcase for who they could get on the show. It didn't have the feel that the first 4 seasons had that drew me in.

    I love the Guild. I love Felicia Day's writing style and contribution to the community. I just kinda feel like it missed the mark a little bit.

    Please don't kill me!
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    @cbirk - aw, well I hope that no-one boos you for sharing your opinion on Season 5.  It's always cool to hear other people's perspectives.  On my end, I really enjoyed S5 a great deal.  But but based on your points, I can see why the direction it took might have left you disappointed.  As cool as celebrity cameos are, there's always a slight danger of having the characters that we love get overshadowed by moments of 'ohmigosh it's frickin' Nathan Fillon!'  So whilst I wasn't personally bothered by the celebrity inclusion, I can see how it might be a point of contention.

    And because Season 5 went for a really ambitious scope by taking things to a gaming convention, I can understand why you may have felt it lost some of the intimacy and familiarity from the other seasons.

    So yeah - no need to feel bad for sharing your point of view.  As I noted above, I personally really enjoyed S5 - but it's always an interesting exercise to step into the shoes of a fellow fan, and try and look at things from their perspective :)

    There are some great thoughts from @Profano and @RoyalLance, up above.  I'm kind of curious as to what role @Profano played in the season, and what that experience was like?

    Anyhoo - being the person who kicked off these threads, didn't I promise to share my own thoughts?  And haven't I been kind of woefully neglectful in doing that?  If you answered 'yes' to both questions, then you win a prize!  Incidentally, your prize will be lost in the mail when I deliver it to you.  That may or may not be a cover-up for the fact that there is in fact no actual prize ;-)

    So for me, the thing that I really loved about S5, is how it showed all of our lovable Guildies reach a point where they conquered a character foible that we would have seen way back in Season 1.  It's always cool when you realize that the characters have been quietly evolving right in front of your eyes.  I already posted this over on YouTube, so I'll take the easy way out and simply lazily copy and paste...

    TorontoGal - YouTube Comment - part 1:

    In S5, I love how Felicia had each character achieve important character growth :)

    Zaboo curbs his enthusiastic obsessions (with the seat-savers, as well as with Codex).

    Tink opens up, and reveals more about herself.

    Bladezz learns that apologizing feels good :)

    Vork gets the girl?!

    Clara shows parenting skills (towards Zaboo).

    And Codex - she realizes the Guildies are true friends (game-or-no-game), she resists Fawkes, and she maybe lands her dream job!

    Love this show and love these characters!

    TorontoGal - YouTube Comment - part 2:

    To expand my point, back in Season One:

    Zaboo always turns up his enthusiasm way too high.

    Tink refuses to reveal any details about herself.

    Bladezz delights in being mean.

    Vork is a social recluse (and women won’t date him!)

    Clara shows very few signs of being a responsible parent :)

    Codex is shy, awkward, and rarely defends herself.

    They all start with these flaws – but then they meet up and form
    this little family. And they all take positive steps because of each
    other. I find that so charming!

  • @torontoGal I was just one of the many extras. It was still fun to be a part of it.
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