Guild S4 Discussion Thread - Redemption, Pseudo-Romance, and Unsanitary Kitchens

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Hey again, guys - so as you'll have seen elsewhere, I'm putting some threads together we can discuss The Guild on a season by season basis. The saga unwinds with the Season 4 Discussion Thread.

For those who have never seen The Guild, please be forewarned that this thread will contain spoilers!

The easy solution to avoid being spoiled is to simply head over to the Geek and Sundry channel at the following link and watch Season 4 in all its hearty, satisfying, fulfillingness! :)

So let's dip our toes into the warm waters of communal discussion...
  • What are some of your favorite aspects of Season 4?
  • Are there certain episodes that you really enjoyed?
  • Ever get a spray-tan that made you look like the devil?
  • Certain moments that you found funny or poignant, or insightful?
  • Certain themes that you found thought-provoking?
  • Certain quotes that had you falling out of your seat?
  • Other things you'd like to talk about?
  • Jump in and let's discuss!
I'll eventually do a brain-dump of my own S4 thoughts :)


  • I'll start with this season because it's my favorite! I know everyone prefers season 5 but...!
    What I love about this season is obviously the Codex\Fawkes relationship. 
    I love that it's the first time we see Codex actually going forward with a relationship and actually sleeping with a guy she doesn't even want..
    I love how she shamelessly do everything in her power to get him to date her even though he's not interested and she's not really interested either. 
    I like that he actually likes her but he's scared of it.. I just love the dynamic of their relationship.
    I mean if she's going to actually have a boyfriend it might as well be him. I grew to love Zaboo but he's all kinds of wrong for her, stunt guy was a douche and Fawkes is kinda different, still messed up and all but it's not like she's perfect. They're cute. :D 

    Favorite episode of the whole show must be "Awkward Birthday" with this perfect scene: 
    You're breaking up the fake relationship with the pretend me? This is indeed a meta meta moment.
    It was barely fun while it didn't last. 

  • So many things I love in this season, the guild hall competition, Bladez in a hair net, the Cheezybeards advert, Preggamers, Vork and Mrs Zaboo, the wedding, actually seeing "The Game", meeting a GM.

    Who could watch this season and not have "THE PICTURE" mentioned, I love it.

    So how many peeps related to Bladez and Tink duelling during the wedding? How many times have you done this while waiting for everyone else to sort themselves out for a boss run or raid?

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