Guild S3 Discussion Thread - Soul-Searching, Leadership, and Guild-on-Guild Violence

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Hey again, guys - so as you'll have seen elsewhere, I'm putting some threads together we can discuss The Guild on a season by season basis. The story rolls forward with the Season 3 Discussion Thread.

For those who have never seen The Guild, please be forewarned that this thread will contain spoilers!

The easy solution to avoid being spoiled is to simply head over to the Geek and Sundry channel at the following link and watch Season 3 in all its moist, mouth-watering delightfulness! :)

So yet again, let's make with the verbiage...
  • What are some of your favorite aspects of Season 3?
  • Are there certain episodes that you really enjoyed?
  • Have you ever worn a Kilt?
  • Certain moments that you found funny or poignant, or insightful?
  • Certain themes that you found thought-provoking?
  • Certain quotes that had you falling out of your seat?
  • Other things you'd like to talk about?
  • Jump in and let's discuss!
I'll come back and ramble about S3, soon enough :)


  • This is a great season with the interaction with the Axis of Anarchy and who can't love Mr Wiggly and omg Fawkes and in a kilt, swoon. The final episode with the showdown is just brilliant. Mind you as Codex wins the fight I can't help but think .... darn healers are way OP.

    I do want a t-shirt with "Sheer Idiocy is My Gaming Specialty" on it btw.


    When not gaming I knit so I don't kill people so beware of a gamer girl with pointy sticks!
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