Guild S1 Discussion Thread - Social Anxiety, Friendship, and Epic Boss Battles

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Hey gang! - so one thing we're currently missing is a set of threads to discuss The Guild on a season by season basis.  So I'm going to jump in and get the ball rolling with a Season 1 Discussion Thread.

For those who have never seen The Guild, please be forewarned that this thread will contain spoilers!

The easy solution to avoid being spoiled is to simply head over to the Geek and Sundry channel at the following link and watch Season 1 in all its rich, chewy goodness! :)

So let's start talking...
  • What are some of your favorite aspects of Season 1?
  • Are there certain episodes that you really enjoyed?
  • Certain moments that you found funny or poignant, or insightful?
  • Certain themes that you found thought-provoking?
  • Certain quotes that had you falling out of your seat?
  • Have you suffered the pain of cheese-gouging?
  • Other things you'd like to touch upon?
  • Jump in and let's discuss!
I'll drop by later and get the ball rolling with some of my own thoughts :)


  • One of my favourite quotes from series one is from the last episode,
    where Codex (while eating chocolate pudding, which is in itself
    wonderful) says ;it's so much easier to measure life in experience
    points. I found this very funny and oddly striking. As someone who
    constantly makes lists to get through anything (day to day, uni work,
    this week, this month ect) I do find myself trying to measure what I've
    achieved recently from these and other goal oriented things. Usually I
    don't follow these at all, but I always feel my life would go better if I
    had more control and structure. The answer, life in experience points!

    I also love the first seen where Codex's therapist breaks up with her. Genius!
  • I really love season one, it was the first web show that I ever watched and could tell right from the start there was something special about it, and was the gateway to so many great things and other web shows like legend of neil.

    Codexs conversation with her therapist where she say "I hear them its good enogh for the blinD" followed  y Tinks filthy rant and I was hooked.

    Plus Zaboo's doorstep'd
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    I could make a very long list of all the parts I love in season one; the dialogue, the character quirks, the 'boss' fight. It's brilliant and there's no denying that if you've ever played a MMORPG this hits all the right humor buttons. 

    But the highest praise has to go to, Sandeep for his portrayal of, Zaboo/Sujan. This could have gone wrong so easily. Some of the things he says are just down-right creepy, e.g. 'So, now that that courtship part is over, I figure I can put my wizard staff in to your mana pool now'. And that's before we even get our brains around the fact this random guy has hacked into... pretty much anything related to, Codex/Cyd. Floor plans? Really?!

    Zaboo's actions are pretty terrifying if you stop to think about them without the comedy context. But Sandeep's performance ensures that this doesn't happen. He manages to draw the audience in straight away and makes the audience like him and become sympathetic towards him (by showing just how insecure and socially inept Zaboo is) before we get the chance to think too hard about how weird & creepy his actions are. 

    Yes, Felicia's excellent script, and her performance as Cyd, helps him out enormously. But it's no small feat to get this character right. Together they nailed it, and that is a huge achievement.
  • I completely agree. It could have so easily crossed over into just painful to watch and Zaboo's character could have easily come out of it with everyone just thinking he was horrible and creepy when actually he comes out really well. Plus he can pull of a +5 sexterity helm.

    I also think they did well with bladezz really well, as he could have easily been just an annoying character, but again they managed to pull it off and make him more than just an irritating troll.
  • ditto, the creepiness of Zaboo is just wiped out by his sweetness and vulnerability and total social ineptness all of which are portrayed amazingly well by Sandeep. I loved the ending of Zaboo's words with the apostraphe d, just awesome and a trait I have seen over and over when gaming. The horror of finding someone you met online on your doorstep uninvited is shown perfectly by Felicia and when she goes back to the pc and announces "Guys I found Zaboo" and then the emotion in the "yay" is brilliant.

    There are too many quotes and moments, that I found hilarious, to list but I think Vork saying "I didn't budget for social actitivies this month" rates high but also that it is followed by Codex's "oh dear God no" and the the "sexterity helm" meant I was crying with laughter by this point.

    This series and the characters just all gel together so well and show how often people with no common ground meet in online gaming and stay friends, albeit uneasily sometimes, because of their one common interest in "the game". Also the bonds and attachments that can form within these groups; obsessional, supportive and sometimes loving.

    It seems like all the people I have ever played alongside were taken and boiled down to their essential components and then put on screen, amazing.



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