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One tip I have is PLAN AHEAD.
I am starting a costume that is probably going to cost me a few bucks, but I'm planning to wear it at the 2014 San Diego Comic Con. So I got a little time to work things out, save , rob, cheat, steal, etc...


  • Planning is a must! Meaning sketches and procedures, material lists, research, research, research! and don't be afraid to explore and test new methods.

    A tip I'd always like to give is be honest and choose something within or around your skill range. I was a little too ambitious with my first ever cosplay and it looked so terrible. IMO, it's better to have a simple yet effective cosplay rather than a poorly assembled intricate cosplay. If you do decide for something complicated, try to simplify it enough to make it easier to create, but not so much that it becomes unrecognizable and vague.
  • It seems like scaling for the event helps with that. If you are going LARPING, you need a costume that you can be active in. A convention, on the other hand, needs something you can sit down or walk around in.

    Granted these are all guesses. I am still trying to talk my wife into trying Cosplay with me at least once.

  • Oh man, I miss having the "plan ahead" mentality. When you get more involved in the cosplay community, you'll realize that most costumes are made between a month to about a week before the convention starts. 

    Cosplay basically goes:
    1. Choose character
    2. Get references
    3. Order wigs/ online materials.
    4. Buy fabric/costumes
    5. Procrastinate
    6. Panic a week before the convention starts
    7. Curse at your sewing machine, cry (a lot), don't sleep
    8. Costume is finished hours before convention starts
    @Procouscous No pressure in being overly ambitious, its all about the learning process! But yes, I'd agree to choose something a little more around your skill range. You'll learn new skills once you start getting more into cosplaying, and luckily, there are tons of tutorials out there! 

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  • So so guilty of #5.

    #5 is such a killer because 6,7,8 usually always ensues. I don't curse at the sewing machine, but rather at myself for overestimating the time I have to finish. If you can snip 5, the list may look like:

    6: finish ahead of time allowing you to add more to your costume if needed, or find any errors and fix 'em.

    7: Thank your sewing machine (and yourself) for being so awesome

    8: Wait impatiently for the convention, and enjoy a more stress free life from the time of completion to convention, or help a friend who is in need of help for their cosplay.
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    The paper cosplay detail is pretty spot on. 
  • @CristinaViseu ommggg can this be our next cosplay project? SDCC???
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