Sachie's Questions from Hangout #2

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I was originally waiting to see if an official thread for the questions posed at the end of Sachie's second hangout appeared. But it doesn't seem as though that will happen, so I may as well start my own, for any G&S members who wish to avoid the buffet of humanity that always seems to gather in the comments section of a YouTube video or simply want more than 500 characters to reply.

The Question's:

If a cosplayer: What are your reasons for cosplaying?


If not a cosplayer: Would you ever consider cosplaying and for what reasons?


I'm not a cosplayer personally and whilst in idle moments I have considered it, the reality I would never actually do so. Interestingly enough for similar reasons you state many people choose to cosplay, shyness.

Rather than using the idea of dressing up to gain confidence to speak to people. I suspect I would find it to be a source of anxiety by creating a situation in which people would be encouraged to speak to me. 

Are there any G&S members who have used cosplay as a means of gaining self confidence or are you all big scaredy cats like me? 


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  • I think steampunk is the part of the cosplay world that has the most potential to actually draw me in.  I collect things, sometimes on impulse, sometimes as gifts, that seem to fit that description.  The safety goggles I use as eye protection in the workshop are a pair I picked out that look sort of retro-futuristic, for instance.  

    I'm not so much shy as deeply introverted, so although I love the idea of costumes and the creative challenge of designing and constructing them, I am not particularly attracted to going out in costume and interacting with people.  I probably get my fix of costume-craft with two young boys who love trying to make armor out of cardboard, and dressing up as pirates or whatnot.  

    Like @Alanalmeria, I might actually be slightly alarmed to be drawing attention because of a cool costume, if it provoked people to come up and talk to me.  That would frazzle my nerves after a short amount of exposure, I suspect, so the idea of roaming around a con all day in costume loses some of its appeal to me personally when I think about that.  The individual encounters are fun, but crowds and constant interaction/conversation will exhaust me quickly.  
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    I love the idea of going in cosplay, but I haven't got any further then the concept stage. My thinking is that if I was going to do it, it will have to be done properly. For me I'm quite shy, but once I get speaking to someone I'm ok. So in that sense breaking down that initial barrier would be a huge welcome. I just don't know where to start or what is ralistic to make for a first timer...suggestions welcome!
  • @Sab - the easiest thing to start with, especially if you're not good at sewing, is an "assembled" costume - i.e. find existing pieces that when put together will work for the character you have in mind. This is probably easiest for characters that tend to wear "normal" clothes but with some variation (e.g. Captain Hammer from Dr. Horrible) - easily identifiable at a con, but you don't have to do any sewing or adjustments.

    One of my earlier costumes was Indiana Jones done this way - I bought appropriate pants & shirt, and molded a felt hat so it was more Panama shaped, and used an existing leather jacket. Add a satchel, plastic toy revolver, and you're pretty much done. A whip is a bonus item - I was lucky that I could get an old non-functioning real leather whip for free, but you could easily make a toy non-functioning one out of leather-like vinyl material.

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  • @ALANALMERIA : I'm definitely shy myself. If you add to this my lack of abilities with manual work and the fact that I tend to be a cruel critic of what I do, I'd find it impossible to cosplay.
    Still, Sachie seems to be a very friendly and enthusiastic person. It looks like it would be a nice experience, being at a convention with many people like her.
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    @Molokov Thanks for the advice. I think I've been too many Adam Savage (of Mythbusters fame) videos with all his costumes he's created over the years. The engineer in me really geeks out over stuff like that :)
  • I do not cosplay.  I think for me it is an issue of the time and effort I would need to put in to make assemble a costume.  Although I always thought that if I did go Captain Hammer would be a good one.  I think awkwardness in social situations also plays a role for me as I am an instructor at a university and a doctoral student I can interact well in the academic setting, but other settings cause me a fair amount of anxiety.  @Alanalmeria I am with you.
  • While I would not deny you the tranquility of restraint, @Marchare, I cannot look at your username without thinking wistfully of what a wonderful costume the March Hare would make.  ;-}

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  • Hey guys! Sorry for dropping in a bit late, forgot to make a topic for this weeks video :D 

    But yes! I know lots of people like the idea of cosplaying, and are a bit unsure about trying it out themselves. There are lots of different reasons - personal image, jobs, lack of funds, no time, anxiety inducing... I've spent many a day thinking about it. My parents aren't geeks at all - in fact, they were completely unaware of anime/geek culture before I got into it. To them, it was all childs play. So the fact that I wanted to dress up like anime characters at comiccons was a really weird idea to them. But it really did help me to become a more outgoing person! 

    I think it really depends on the type of cosplay that you decide to wear though. Some can be more attention-grabbing, or anxiety inducing, than normal. I've done simple, easy to wear cosplays such as Scout from TF2, which was lots of fun! I've also worn quite skimpy cosplays and received a lot of unexpected attention for it, which did cause me to have quite a bit of anxiety. But I think if you wear a cosplay that you've put a lot of time/effort into, for a character that you love, then cosplaying can be quite a fun experience. :D 

    @Wilian It's lots of fun! Hopefully I'll be able to bring you guys along with me for my next con adventure! :D 

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  • @Farlander I have been called a lot of things in my life, but wistful is not one of them.  Perhaps that is part of the appeal of Cosplaying?  To be someone different? 
  • Oh, I only meant that you evoked a touch of wistfulness in me, @Marchare, I would never accuse anyone else of being wistful without a considerable body of evidence that they were, in fact, full of wist.  
  • I would love to do a cozplay sometime and go to a convention in costume. The closest I've come so far is dressing as The Crow for Halloween on time.
    I totes want to make either the light dragonscale armour or Nightgale armour (or both) from Skyrim sometime.
  • Armor sounds really fun to try as a costume construction. I got excited when Satchie held up that bit of armor and flipped it around in her first vlog. What did the Nightgale armor look like in Skyrim, @Stealthdovah? I don't remember if I ever saw it or crafted it. I just saw the animated movie Epic, and am thinking of ways to build the leafmen armor, which I thought was really cool.
  • I've thought about cosplaying before, especially at times when I was active in the german Manga / Anime Community "Animexx". But I never really got into it.
    Now, after watching Sachie's Vlogs, I started thinking about cosplaying again. But there is just no Character that comes to my mind, that I would really love to portray. And I don't think that I am scared by all the work I have to put in it, because I am already doing german LARP (which is pretty demanding about the standard of a costume).
    But ever since I thought a little more about it, I think that I will make a Steampunk Costume for a Con. Maybe the GamesCom 2014 in Köln.

    Armor is, btw, a really big thematic in LARP. A friend of mine started smithing, another one is knitting chain mail, again another one is doing leatherwork. A lot of people are working with special kind of foams. You can find a lot of people, who are doing really good stuff, on deviantArt. If anyone is interesting.

    @Farlander .P No offense meant.
  • No offense taken, @Theadra.  Thanks for doing the typing.  :}

  • Nightingale armour isn't commonly available in Skyrim, @Farlander as it's a special armour you get at a certain stage of the Thieves Guild main quest line. (oh, look, and no passive-aggressive links needed). Sometimes it's nice to actually have a conversation with people and give them an outlet for their knowledge rather than just being a sad loner looking stuff up on the 'net all the time instead of interacting with other humans. IMHO, NOI.

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    I haven't been in Skyrim in a while, although I did recently download the Dragonborn expansion to start having fun in a Morrowindy environment.  I did collect the Nightingale armor with my first character, who was a super-stealthy Khajit, but I'm playing an arrogant high elf archmage now, and I mostly let my dremora lord bodyguards take the heat for me as I stride around blowing stuff up.  

    That armor looks like an impressive project to take on, @StealthDovah, lots of fitted pieces.  A friend of mine used to make giant puppets out of layered cardboard, sculpted into really clever features.  I was thinking of doing a less ambitious version of that technique to make some small suits of armor for two boys who will almost certainly thrash it to pieces as they enjoy it.  :}
  • @StealthDovah I'm very sorry if you, or somedody else thought my post was rude. It wasn't meant like that at all. Because I do like to interact with people. If I wouldn't I don't think I would be here, and posting stuff on the internet.
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