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Hello, Geek & Sundrians! 

I have a much longer history of lurking than of starting threads, much less video blogs, so this might be awkward! Let's all pretend I know what I'm doing.

Okay, fine, I'll start over. 


My name is Amy, and either I've suffered a head injury and am having a fantastic coma dream, or I'm one of the new vloggers for Geek & Sundry. Either way, I'll be posting videos every 2nd Wednesday, in which I'll be talking about the wonderful world of comics. Because that is a HUGE topic, and in order to keep it interesting, I am definitely looking forward to help from you guys (theoretical viewers of this post!) in the form of your suggestions, questions and other feedback.

Favorite LCS: House of Secrets! I have to say that; I work there. But it was my favorite when I just shopped there, too.

Marvel/DC/Other?: I grew up with Marvel (& manga), discovered Vertigo in college, and came around to the virtues of DC and everything else when I started working at the store.

My comic book addiction can probably be traced back to/blamed on: the '90s X-Men cartoon, with a side of Sailor Moon.

What about you all?

ETA: I forgot! Me on twitter: @enthusiamy


  • Welcome to the G&S Family Amy!  :)
  • Thank you, Goddess of Production and Web Video!
    (It's okay to use your full title, right?)
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    Amy, I really have to drop by House of Secrets someday. I'll be sure to whisper, "How do you guys stay in business?"

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    Working at a comic book store sounds like an amazing job! I've been reading manga since I was in my early teens and I've been meaning to branch off more into comics! You should do a vlog recommending some series for comic beginners~! :D
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  • Nika: Seriously, it was so great! Like I was supposed to answer, "Oh, well of course we're actually a front for bootleggers, all the bookshelves are full of hooch."
    Sachie: Squee! Definitely. What's some of your favorite manga? 

    Both of you: holy cow, your vlogs are so great! I can't wait to watch more.
  • Hi Amy.

    Loved the first Vlog. Seeing Strangers in Paradise and Young Avengers behind you tells me everything i need to know that im going to love your vlogs.

    Ive been a comic fan since...well my first comic was Super Friends #5 in 1977 when i was 4 years old and ive been reading them ever since.

    I hope you do a Vlog on what comics and graphic novels to recommend to people that dont read comics. I have certain ones myself (Like Strangers in Paradise or All Star Superman) but would love to hear what you would suggest?

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    Welcome aboard @amydallen!

    Confession: the only comic book I've ever read is the The Sandman: Preludes and Nocturnes, so I reckon this could be as good a time as any to see what all the fuss is about. ;)

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  • Hey Rusty, at least the only one you have read is also one of the best ones ever.

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    Welcome to the forums, @amydallen. In case this is a coma dream, I hope you are out a little longer. :-P

    If you have been lurking around here, come over to the de-lurking thread, post a bad cover band joke and earn a (theoretical) cookie.
    If you see any spam, @-mention me in the thread and I will come in to kill it with my hammer. The hammer is not my... you know.

    I try to attack ideas and not people. If I fail, let me know. You may be wrong but I still love you. ;-)

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    Yay introductions! Its always so much fun trying to avoid rambling on about yourself for thousands of words.

    I was heavily into comics throughout the 90's. Sticking solely to Marvel and basically buying anything with an X in the title. Eventually I branched out into the various Marvel essential collections and realized that I enjoyed the stability of the Lee, Kirby and Claremont days to the modern era.

    I stopping buying new comics when I finally got fed up of the continual paradigm shifting, world changing events that seemed to occur on an annual basis. So I guess that means I blame secret wars for my exit from the comic world.

    I still buy the occasion classic collection and have made several forays into manga. Especially the works of Rumiko Takahashi. Although I suspect I'm not really in the target demographic for her.

    Now that I am living abroad I don't have easy access to a comic store (at least in English) so any attempt to re- enter the field would likely be through the medium of digital comics. Something that I suspect is probably not that popular with someone who works in a comic book store. Having seen several small book shops closed by the emergence of kindle. Is the digital comic the enemy or merely a tool to entice new readers?

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    Nice to have you aboard as a volgger! 

    I've been reading manga since my mid to late teens - some of my favs being Fruit's Basket, Chobits etc. - and have seen been getting more heavily into comics. I'm becoming a MASSIVE Marvel nerd and I've a friend of mine to blame for that in part.

    I'd had an interest in Marvel since the late 90s (I guess? Roughly?) but have only really recently gotten to reading the comic side of things. What really drew me to the comic side of things was the relationship between Wiccan & Hulkling in the Young Avengers. As a gay guy I absolutely adore that relationship! So I read the first few issues of the original run of the Young Avengers and then read 'Avengers : The Children's Crusade' cover to cover. Following that I got talking to a friend of mine who's also a massive Marvel geek and he has since been *lending me* his collection to help get me up to speed on the 20XX happenings in the Marvel Universe.

    In terms of where I'm up to at the minute, I've just reached the 'Seige' story arch. Really looking forward to reading through it! I hate Norman Osborn with a burning passion right now....

    I've since branched out into buying what I've already read myself - starting with 'Avengers : Disassembled' and working from there - and have been branching out into the likes of the new run of the Young Avengers, some of the 20XX X-Men stuff, the new Hawkeye and the new Captain Marvel stuff.

    Character wise I .... actually have too many favorites to go into in any depth right now! *laughs*

    Anyway! Nice having you aboard. :)

    - Dismuke
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  • Great introduction, @AmyDallen.  I love your topic flowchart with the pages all taped together.  What's on there?  I feel like I'm glimpsing some variant of the map from Time Bandits, where if I could pause the screen at the perfect moment and turn my head just right, I could learn all the secrets of the cosmos.  :)

    I loved comic books as a little kid, but only intermittent access to them, so my collection was pretty random.  As a grown-up, I've picked up a few things like Watchmen, League of Extraordinary Gentleman, and the Dark Knight.  I gravitate toward thick book compendiums, sort of like binge watching old TV series on Netflix.  I like being able to get the whole story at once, or at least burn through it as fast as I want to go.  

    What I especially enjoy are some of the really old comics, from when printing cartoons in the newspapers was still a new and beautiful art form.  It agonizes me that the daily paper comic pages, and even the Sunday comics, have slowly eroded and shrunk from their glory days.  Little Nemo had a full page to itself on Sundays, a century ago.  Every so often, I get art books and collections of strips from that era, like Flash Gordon or Buck Rogers, or Little Nemo.  

    That Little Lulu/Scarlet Letter comic looked awesome.  Thanks for vlogging!  
  • Oh, here's a question:

    Artwork vs. Writing ~ which one is more important to you as a consumer of comics?  Obviously, great art and story are the best of both worlds, when they all come together.  But would you buy a graphic novel if the story was amazing and the artwork didn't particularly click for you?  Or the reverse, a beautifully illustrated book with dialogue that makes you groan and a weak plotline?  
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    Okay, here goes:

    Drachenfells: You have amazing taste, clearly, so I don't know if I'll have anything new for you, but depending on the audience, Y: the Last Man and Fun Home are two can't-fail-choices (because if you hate them, I don't understand why we're friends anyway*). Anyway, definitely putting that topic on the to-do list, thanks!

    *(That is a joke. Some of my best friends don't like the things I love!)

    Rusty: What Drachenfells said. You know how good that one was? Imagine if it could get EVEN BETTER. It does! And thank you for watching! It really would make me sad if you had to be initiated into certain secrets to enjoy my videos, so keep me accountable on that, please :).

    Daniel_Wallace: Thank you! Bookmarking that thread now.

    Alanalmeria: Um, dude, why are we comic book twins? My entire stack used to consist of X-books and Takahashi. Maison Ikkoku is maybe the greatest thing of all time.

    And re: digital comics, that's a topic I should definitely get around to on the vlog! Short answer: do not fear them! They are our friends! In fact, there are several different ways to consume comics digitally AND support your Local Comic Store at the same time! I love the future.

    Dismuke_Kun: Thank you for the welcome! Re: Hulkling/Wiccan--can I get a HELL YEAH? Please tell me you're also checking out "Geeking Out," by the way (), because it is THE CUTEST.

    Farlander: Ah! Another good question! I think my answer leans toward the writing side; good art gets me to give things a chance, but if the story isn't there in a book I'll lose interest, even if I'm not sure why. There are all kinds of exceptions, though!


    You guys, the YouTube comments are really, really good! I don't know what to do! So I'm going to try to be on this forum as much as possible, where it's (hopefully) less annoying if I try to respond to everything.
  • ElendXElendX Member
    Hello Amy and everyone in the Forums,
    As a fellow lurker I understand the feeling. If I had to say how I got into comics, it would have to be the 90's cartoons, spider-man being the best thing ever. Then somehow, not sure how, I got into anime and manga. Thing is I didn't actually read western comics until recently, the reason I started reading was because I wanted to see more from Buffy the Vampire Slayer stories, Whedon is amazing in his storytelling.

    Then as soon as I started I slowly got into more and more comic books. A comic that I have grown so attached to, even though it is less than 15 issues, is the new X-Men Legacy. Legion is simply amazing, and I love the edgy feel of the art, it brings a whole new craziness around the whole series. Have you read it? If not I so recommend it
  • You are completely adorable. Just had to say it.

    Now, I'm probably going to lose geek points for this but if I think this way then I know there are others who do too (so, really, I'm doing this for the people). I'm not into super hero comics, for the most part. And that's a big reason why I was so adverse to reading comics for so long (although I was completely obsessed with manga) but luckily, albeit later in life, I found some suited for my interests.

    Which finally leads me to my suggestion: a vlog on antiheros.

    Side note: Farlander, Terry Gilliam is amazing! Let's steal Amy's flowchart and travel through comics!
  • I agree with ^ - has to be said, you are adorable! *laughs*

    And yes - definite HELLS YEAH for Wiccan/Hulkling. Although ALL OF THE FEELS for the latest haps in Gillen's run of the Young Avengers. Just .... all of dem feels. 

    And also yes, I did give Geeking Out a look. I wasn't even aware crackships were a thing til then O.o
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    @Desidarius, if that flow chart is capable of portaling us into any comic, I will totally steal it with you and we can go on a crime spree through multiple graphic worlds. We'll have to avoid picking up any pure, concentrated evil, of course, and it may be awkward when Amy notices her chart has been "borrowed" and comes to retrieve it. :)
  • Amy

    Im a big fan of Y: the Last Man but ive never read Fun Home.

    Just looked it up and it looks like just the sort of thing i would like. Thanks for the recommendation.

  • Your enthusiasm is infectious.  Anyone who projects that is a person I will happily watch every Wednesday.  And I am not even really much of a comic guy.  Just like happy people :)
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