How Did You First Discover 'The Guild'?



  • For me, it was a friend.  He and his xbox were homeless, living at his brother's apartment, in very tight quarters, with the room mates complaining.  So, I let him move in for a while. He introduced me to it near the end of the first season.  I've been hooked ever since.
  • pure chance to thank
  • For me, it all started with Wil Wheaton. I was on YouTube watching Star Trek TNG interview videos (the perfect Saturday night), and that led to TNG panel videos from different cons, and then I saw a video for TableTop. I started burning through those, and I think it was the Munchkin episode where Sandeep Parikh mentions being in The Guild with Felicia. I didn't check it out right away, though. When I did a search for it, I also discovered Co-Optitude, which I proceeded to binge-watch until I ran out of snacks (like a whole thing of hummus and chips. I ate way too much, but it was worth it. So good. The show, I mean. But the snacks, too.)

    So after I watched a whole bunch of TableTop and Co-Optitude, I fired up The Guild. I've currently watched seasons 1-5, and it is just amazing. I think I'll start season 6 before bed tonight, actually.

    Basically I'm gonna watch the whole thing at once. I've told myself that I'll just watch a little, but that's a bunch of malarkey. It's too good.
  • Heh agreed. I watched it all in a week when discovering the guild a year ago. Kind of makes me a little sad about not having been there since the beginning and feeling that anticipation to wait for new content though.

    Personly I discovered it through the music videos.. theres only so many times you can see that thumbnail of Felicia getting spanked with a sword untill finally giving in and clicking on it to see what that is about.

  • One day I sat in front of my PC and watched a gaming stream. In the background I heard a song that I thought was funny and I really liked. This song was "Do you wanna date my avatar". After watching it on YouTube again I found The Guild and watched it within two days. Extra short answer ^^
  • Sitting in a restaurant in San Diego while out there on a trip to Phoenix.  Was bored waiting for food and found The Guild on youTube and watched it from start to end of seasons available and then watched the rest on another tv app.  Hulu?  Maybe
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  • A couple of friends of mine were discussing something that had made them laugh on a show called "The Guild."  I listened for a bit and then asked about it.  Nerds that they are, they whipped out a laptop and showed me the first couple of episodes.  I was hooked immediately.  Thank goodness!  Haha.
  • I was on xbox live, when the episodes first started coming out, looking for free stuff, cuz who doesn't like free stuff. It didn't matter if it was shows, or movies, or games. I just wanted to get the most out of the live service. I started watching the first few episodes and realized how much I was able to relate to these characters. Super anti social with a huge addiction to an MMORPG and a small group of friends that seem to be an escape from the real world. I couldn't stop watching and by the end of the first season I had become a die hard fan. Now I continue to collect all of the guild merchandise I can.
  • I'm massively late to the party. I'm still only halfway through season four. I hate all these awful awful people, so naturally I have ordered the full DVD set off Amazon so that I can hate them in a higher resolution than 360p and be able to make other people mad at them without needing an internet connection!
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