How Did You First Discover 'The Guild'?



  • I think The Guild found me..  O_q
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    LOL Now I really wish there was a 'Like" button on posts.
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  • Hi @torontogal,
    Like you, I stumbled across 'The Guild' and 'Dr Horrible' while doing searches for all things Wheaton on YouTube back when they were just starting to film Season 3. However, I only found out about G&S in early Dec 2012 while searching to see if there was a season 6 of The Guild after finishing watching seasons 1-5 on DVD.
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    I was lurking about on youtube, watching all kinds of stuff at random as happens way too often..
    I was probably watching "The Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising", Henry 8.0 or something else of that nature, when I bumped into The Guild entirely by accident, which I believe was already in season 5, I'm late to this particular party. 
    I liked it, saw all the previous seasons on a lazy Sunday, watched the couple of missing episodes of season 5 as they came out and then forgot all about it until I found out season 6 was coming out.
    Prior to that I had never heard of Felicia Day and was not then, nor am I now, a WoW player (or any other online multiplayer). I still recognized the tropes and themes thanks to other things I do so it struck me as fun and relatable. Also, it had Wil Wheaton in it whose status amidst the Geek culture had totally eluded me until then (in fact, if not for The Big Bang Theory I would never have recognized him at all despite having watched most of the episodes of TNG)... 
    By the time the sixt season started I had read up on Felicia Day but otherwise not seen anything with her in it.

    I'm going to lose any kind of geek cred now...
    digression on Joss Whedon: over the years I have bumped a few times into the work of Joss Whedon and, more than the work, the reputation that surrounds him.
    All considered I have watched Whedon's stuff with on one hand the bias of the hype that surrounds him (so, rather high expectations that weren't always met) and the fact that he's behind Buffy, which I didn't like all that much and of which the cult following rather mistifies me; on the other hand his solid reputation in the geek world that kind of made me want to be well disposed towards him.
    I must say I've only ever watched some of this work (haven't had the pleasure to watch the dr Horrible things yet).. and
     I liked Firefly a lot, but I got to it late (after watching Serenity) so didn't take part in the nerd-rage following it being dropped. in other words, yes, he's good but I wouldn't rate him quite as highly as everybody else seems to rate him.

    aaaanyway, by the time season 6 of The Guild came out I found this site, her Flog and other stuff done by her such as Eureka, and have decided I like her work and, AFAIK, her as a person. 
    Not having had a TV for some time I've become more involved in watching youtube stuff... which makes me appreciate the effort it takes to put out high quality stuff on this largely DIY website, and develop an appreciation for Felicia Day and Wil Wheaton.
  • As far as I remember I first discovered the Guild in a post on Wil's blog.
    I only started watching it recently though.
  • For me it was watching Doctor Horrible's Sing Along Blog commentary.
  • I first discovered the Guild with their song 'Do You Want My Avatar'. Haven't been disappointed in anything they did since. I just hope they continue with more episodes.
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  • I found out aobut it through xbox live. I didn't realy know what it was and it would be a couple of years before I watched it. I was realy getting into Eureeka when I saw that Felicia Day was joining the cast, this kindled interest both in her as an entertainer and the Guild. So I watched it and realy enjoyed it.
  • Even though I can attest to the fact that I don't look like Felicia Day at all (Psh, I wish I did!), I was filming a student film one day and mentioned WoW and someone on set said, "Oh you're a gamer? That's funny because you look like Felicia Day. Do you watch The Guild?" Annnnd the rest is history. I went right home and watched all the seasons they had posted so far and was hooked :)

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  • I discovered "The Guild" after searching on YouTube for the music video "Do you wanna date my avatar?".

    I was looking for it because my boyfriend downloaded that song (as well as numerous others) onto his "Rock Band" Xbox video game, and he wanted me to play the part of "the singer". So I figured I would watch the video (because I never heard the song before) to practice, and the rest was history... Felicia Day did an excellent job on "The Guild" and "Zaboo" was really cute. :)
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    Argh it sucks to be the newbie fan, I only found the show recently through Green Ronin of all people.

    I'm a big fan of there mutants and masterminds game and they advertised the Dragon Age episodes of Tabletop on their website, that led to watching all of them in a few days and vaguely recognizing a cute, nerdy redhead from my lapsed Buffy addiction.

    I then decided, well hey, who doesn't love gorgeous geeky redheads and elected to watch the guild, even although I had no MMO gaming experience. I also prefer my gaming to by social contact free.

    30 seconds later and I had lost my heart to the show forever. It was just so touching to see these people who could never be friends in "real life" come together and enrich each other in so may ways.

    Greatest show ever.


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  • I discovered this pretty late (a few weeks before season 6 started); thou i wished i discovered earlier. It was completely by accident, too.

    I was looking for videos on youtube for Guild Wars 2 and Felicia Day's video on unboxing GW2 was one of the video on the page and i was thinking "huh, unboxing but the game hasn't been released yet". So, I watched it. And during that time, I couldnt help but wonder were have i seen her before. So, out of curiosity i clicked on her channel to see if there anything there that can remind where i seen her before. And there few video with "Guild" in the title. I being the idiot that i am thought "oh, kool, a web-show on a game i play, GW/GW2". So, i went and watch season 1. Which by the way, after watching season 1, i still couldn't figure out where i seen her from until i looked her up in wiki....Vi from Buffy.

    So, i went from watching videos on a game to watching a show....related to gaming....ehh... close enough. I was more than happy to accidentally stumble onto this entertaining show that i can also relate to.
  • MaiiiMaiii Member
    A friend of mine recommended this show to me and I loved it right away. 
  • I'm a mean old grumpy man who runs a motorcycle shop.

    Last April I dropped dead from a massive heart attack.

    I spent the majority of the month in the ICU at UCLA recovering, (Kids, dont smoke)

    When I was recovering I was going through everything on Netflix and came across it.

    It brought back memories from my EQOA days, even had me dig out of storage my original D&D books, enough to grasp my roots.

    Seriously, I can't thank Felicia enough for that show, it really helped me recover and rediscover my old geek roots.

    I'm old and ornery ....or am I?
  • Well i was searching for Munchkin in google, then i came to the TableTop show, with Wil Wheaton -> and then scrolling down the playlists, i found The Guild. The last 2 Days i did nothing other than watching the Series. Loved them. Hope Something alike comes again. I myself make Music Videos, and tried some Small length movies and i know how hard it is to find the right people.
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    At a friend's house party. We were going to play Just Dance but he had The Guild on while we were waiting for people to arrive. Having never played WoW at the time, I was so confused but loved the interactions. I finally got lured into playing WoW about 3 months ago and suddenly everything makes sense! Going back to catch up on the series now.
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    I was aware the Guild existed but wasn't sure what it was and had never seen it. I got a chance to explain how I eventually discovered Geek & Sundry and the Guild in the Vlogger hangouts. Link below :D

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  • Well, I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to the guild. I just discovered it a couple of months ago. I found it because I was bored and I googled "best tv shows on netflix" and it came up. Since then, I've watched the entire series and I'm a die-hard geek and sundry fan!!
  • Stumbled on it through youtube, first only the video "do you wanna date my avatar" and only later realised there was a show to go with it.


    Started watching it at the start of this week, watched all six seasons now. Really kept me hooked. Kind of a shame I'm late to the party though, its all been wrapped up and finished quite a while already it seems.



  • I was recording a start track for a D&D podcast when I found the "roll a D6" vid on youtube. Underneath that was a link for "Game On" and "Do you wanna date my avatar". From there it was a short hop to watching the guild and I'm now nearing the end of a marathon watch. I shall be sad when it's over... :(

    Strange side effect... I've signed up for Wow again and am trying to find a noob friendly guild. I seem to be very easily influenced :S
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