How Did You First Discover 'The Guild'?



  • I seem to recall Felicia talking about The Guild at DragonCon.  I had thought it was prior to the X-Box deal (Nov 2008), but she wasn't an official guest until 2009.

    I had seen Alicia Witt present a short (Belinda's Swan Song) in 2007, and my brain probably confused the details of two separate events. After all, 'Alicia' sounds like 'Felicia' and both are redheads.  And Alicia's short was about an actress who had become disillusioned with her career and life.  [BTW, Alicia Witt played Alia in the David Lynch version of Dune.  Most famous line: "And how can this be? For he is the Kwisatz Haderach!"  At the time that stood out as one of the more creepier moments in film.]

    O.K., maybe that's a serious fail on the memory department.  I took an 18-hour course on improving your memory, but I forgot how it works.

    Anyway, Felicia talking about her struggles and goals with her career and the new, nontraditional medium kind of triggered my own creative self wanting out of its shell - not that my chosen career sucks, but you end up making trade-offs with just about anything you do.  Plus she's originally from Huntsville, so she's kind of like the home team.  I watched the first season after that.

    Finally watched season 1-5 this year thanks to G&S.  To be fair, I hadn't watched Firefly until this year too.  What the hell have I been doing all this time?
  • Surprisingly, my folks! My parents and sister are really into WoW (it skipped a generation thou) and they kept raving about the  Guild and thought i'd like it because its a bit tounge-n-cheek about MMO games. They were right :)

  • I started stumbling more and more into GnS after I got brought over by a Starcraft caster one the first show, and eventually watched The Guild and got hooked surprisingly fast. I'm not really into MMOs (in fact, I despise them) but I did find it hilarious watching the gaming aspects, and the RPG bits (because that bit of MMOs I love). 
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  • I saw Felicia in House and I always check Wikipedia for the guest actors and then I saw a mention of the Guild. And I checked it out, and have been hooked ever since.
  • A friend of mine mentioned it to me, it was after season 4 but before 5 started. I was hooked as soon as Codex said the line in the first episode, "Hey guys, You think we play this game to much?" At one time I was so addicted to WOW that I played for 16 hours at a time, (I have a job that allows me to play it while at work). I feel a strong connection to The Guild because I relate to it so well and there is so much of it that I lived. Just last month, I flew out to California see some friends of mine that I had spent the last 5 years playing WOW with but never actually met in real life, and we all went to Comic-con and met the cast of The Guild. Full circle'd.
  • Summer of 2011, I watched Dr. Horrible on Netflix. It was awesome, funny, entertaining, and bittersweet. At the credits, one of the recommendations Netflix gave me was to watch The Guild. I believe then I decided to look it up on good 'ol Wikipedia and I saw it was about a group of MMORPG players. So I decided to pass it up. Why? Because I had a huge bias against MMORPGers.

    Why did I have this bias? Well I guess it was because I was pretty damn ignorant. Also I believed too much of what people said about how these people don't have lives and live in their parent's basement forever. I have to find all of that to be complete and utter nonsense.

    Fast forward to this Summer, 2012, and after watching some movies on Netflix, once again, The Guild is recommended to me. I start watching Season 1....and I fell in love. It's just one of those shows where you love the characters so much, no matter what they're doing I want to keep watching. I have to this conclusion on it: this show was Community before there was Community in 2009.

    This summer is very similar to how I fell in love with Scott Pilgrim summer of 2010. I have bought the comics in their collected one shot form, will probably buy the DVDs soon and would be so down if they released Knights of Good tees from season 5. 
    Season 6 will be epic, along with other awesome shows Felicia creates, writes, directs, produces, stars in, etc.
  • Was watching Firefly on Netflix and it recommended the Guild to me after the last episode.  So glad I gave it a shot.  Watched all 5 seasons in a night.  
  • I had a similar Netflix experience like, well, it seems like a lot of people! I just finished watching The League (a show about a bunch of guys and the Fantasy Football League, which pretty much changed my life...but I digress), and I noticed a show in my top 10 The Guild. I had no idea what it was going to be about so I just clicked on it and several hours later (I think 3 seasons) I was converted! And it was well worth it! :) 
  • well oddly, I only discovered The Guild on Aug 11th, 2012, BBC America doesn't show up in my cable's tv guide, so at night I click on it to see if Dr Who is on, so I don't remember why I left it on but The Nerdist came on, the show about nerd girls, so I thought this sounds interesting, and then I see Felicia and think "hey, that's Holly from Eureka" so I keep watching and they  talk about the Guild on youtube, so I checked it out, OMG, I have spent the last 3 weeks trying to catch up on 5 years worth of Felicia Day , I must have watched "Do You Wanna Date My Avatar" one hundred times, I just yesterday bought The Darkhorse prequel comic books. I am hooked, I am in love with Felicia Day and the show The Guild, I know it was Aug 11th, because when I rewatch the Nerdist that's what the premier date was
  • I first learned of Felicia Day through Eureka and when that show ended, I watched an episode of The Nerdest where she mentioned the show. I've only watched season 1 so far, but it's been fun so far. I look forward to seeing Felicia doing more television or movies in the future!
  • @NewGuildFan1 Welcome! (I'm a fairly new fan myself - I only began watching it in spring this year.) Keep going - it gets much better. I think it really hit its stride about season 3, and 4 and 5 are each better than the last.
  • I just spent the last three days watching Seasons 1-5. When's 6 coming out? I wish I could be an extra and, of course, meet Felicia, she's the best!
  • They've just wrapped principal shooting on Season 6, like two days ago. Now they'll go into post production. There was talk of September being the release date, but I suspect it'd be more likely the /end/ of September rather than the beginning.
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  • End of September? I can't wait that long! 

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  • i 1st found the guild because i use to read Buffy the vampire slayer fanfic. one of them had vi in a major ish role. and i stopped watching Buffy midway through season 6 so i didn't know who vi was or what she looked like. so looked up the character. and found Felicia. been a fan ever since.
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  • I wish I had a cooler story other than "Stumbled upon it somehow, but don't remember", though when I watched it there was only a few episodes of season 1 released (At which point I was like "Hey, wasn't she one of the potentials in Buffy?" - IMDB confirmed that she was.), and it was before I watched Dr. Horrible.

    I watched what was out, but then forgot about it until Dr. Horrible was released, after Dr. Horrible I went back and caught up, and made sure to subscribe to Felicia on Youtube and Twitter so I couldn't fall behind ever again.
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  • I had heard of "The Guild" when it first came out, but I didn't get into it because I was busy being a Vork myself (officer then guildleader of a pretty large WoW guild).  I was pretty hardcore, ranging in the 10-14 hours a day on a work day and you can bet every passing minute on weekends.  (I could write a book about my epic shenanagins...I was actually more like a Vork/Bladezz hybrid....but that's a story for another thread!)

    I stepped down from raid leading and guild leading (wisely) and slowly weened off of WoW, reclaiming rl in the process.  Haven't logged in since Feburary.  I rediscovered good old Firefly on Netflix, and after enjoying that, Dr Horrible and The Guild came up in recommendations.  Again I passed...figured I didn't need to watch it, I had lived it. 

    Bringing us to now, being off of work recovering from an injury, I got GW2 to pass some time.  I rolled Asura and was quickly introduced to the character Zojja, who had me laughing so hard I was snorting my coffee out of my nose.  In map chat, it was brought up that Felicia Day was the voice actress for Zojja.  I figured I should probabaly be embarassed not knowing who this was, so I looked her up on IMDB. 

    From there I finally decided to give "The Guild" a spin.  Its amazing because...I know at least one of each and every one of those characters from my old WoW guild (Especially Zaboo...OMG, right down to the overbearing mother too).  I was an instant so I looked up more of Felicia's work and found "The Flog" and from there G&S.
  • Win! Felicia is still introducing more people to the Guild after all this time, just by continuing to be so awesome and attempting to inflict herself upon every corner of the geekdom!
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  • I think for a while I was getting The Guild mixed up with a TV show that I wasn't interested in. Since I have been going hard on the G&S channel and the Nerdist Channel constantly seeing Felicia and couple of the other cast members being constantly credited for The Guild, I finally started checking it out yesterday morning....... and finished all 5 seasons about an hour ago.
  • For me, It was netflix, I had seen the guild on there and read it's description. Thought, hey I played WoW, I'll queue this up for later. and then once I watched the first season I was hooked!
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