How Did You First Discover 'The Guild'?



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    One day back in October 2011, I was browsing on Overclockers UK forums in the PC Games section, and decided to click on a quite non-specific thread entitled "Probably old but think it's epic" which simply contained a link to YouTube which I opened in the background.

    When the music started, at first I was a bit "wtf is this!?" and almost middle-clicked the tab to close it as I do if I click on an odd link! However, I decided to focus on the tab instead, and saw a gorgeous red-head in a lovely outfit, singing about gaming stuff...

    I watched the rest of the video, and then looked to see who this girl was, and what else I could see, and that's how I found The Guild. I sat down to watch the first episode, and over the course of the next 2 weeks spent my evenings watching all 5 seasons in batches of 4-5 episodes per night.

    I also started searching for other stuff with Felicia in, and my mini obsession/infatuation with her is growing more and more... luckily my girlfriend tolerates it, and doesn't appear to get too annoyed when I proudly tell her of something else I've discovered that Felicia has starred in!

    This has probably got to be my first "star obsession" since I was a young kid, I typically avoid as much of the "celebrity" stuff that's oh so popular today, but Felicia seems to be more down to earth with it, and she comes across as a really nice person :)
  • I stumbled upon The Guild through the Xbox Live media thing, and there was a section for web-shows and such. Best discovery in my life. I used to have the entire set downloaded onto my Xbox, then I went to PC gaming.
  • A gamer friend linked the youtube "do you want to date my avatar" video on his status and I loved it, the gamer references "tank and spank" had me lol'ing for a while as my guild leader constantly says it and I just cant help seeing that image of Vork spanking Codex every time. Of course after watching the video I wanted to see more and started at episode 1 and watched every single episode and then of course started watching the other series as well. Totally hoooked now. My DD is now hooked on The Guild as well although she isn't a real gamer but she did spend an afternoon at school playing a first person shooter against all the boys and totally wiped the floor with them mwhahahaha atta girl :D
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    In my free time i love to search the internet for new music, because there are a lot of talented artist that unfortunatly aren't famous but compose and play great stuff. That is when i came in contact with "Do you want to date my avatar?": good elettronic base and great voice from Felicia, including lyrics that for a gamer like me where simply hilarious. And so, i discovered that The Guild wasn't a band, but a youtube show, and i started watching it, and i really like it a much.
  • The guild was introduced to me by a friend who thought I might enjoy it, and she was very right!

    I already knew Felicia from Buffy. I've been a bit fan of the show since I was about 12/ 13 but I'm a pretty late comer to the Guild, though better late than never!
  • I don't have a cool backstory to mine either. haha I saw it on Netflix when there were 3 seasons out I think. I'm not a big Buffy fan, so maybe that excludes me from the cool club, but am a huge Firefly fan if we are on the subject of Joss Whedon. They were not in any way related to me discovering the Guild though. It was discovered from me being a gamer geek over anything else.

  • There it was on NETFLIX. The Guild. And the rest is history. I was sold from the first five minutes. I Geek out each and every time I visit this site and see all things geek and eccential to my interests.
  • I hadn't heard of Felicia or The Guild until I saw Sandeep's Legend of Neil series in 2010. I was looking at IMDb for LoN, and I discovered The Guild. For a while, I wasn't interested in seeing it because I have never played any fantasy MMO's besides Ultima Online, and that was many years ago, anyway. (Granted, I have played maybe one other MMO in my life, and that was for a few days.) But one day soon after I learned of the show, I decided to give it a try. The random, fast-paced humor was the only thing keeping me hooked throughout Season 1. Then I hit Season 2, and I knew I had found a gem!

    I counted down the days to the Season 5 premiere just like I do for Doctor Who!
  • Mine is probably the most obscure chain of events ever. I guess it started because I've been following Wil for so long. One day, in 2008, he posted on one of his blogs about a webseries called Retarded Policeman. He linked his guest spot and I started watching. A few episodes later, Felicia was a guest. I recognized her from, of all things, her guest starring role on an installment of a murder mystery TV movie series I liked, called Mystery Woman. I know...

    Of course, The Guild's YouTube channel was linked in the description of the Retarded Policeman video, so I started watching. At the time, there was only 8 episodes released. Total. Season 1, Episode 8 was the most recent episode, so it didn't take me long to get caught up, let alone get hooked. And considering I had never played and MMO before, that was impressive.

    I did it backward. I got hooked on The Guild before I got addicted to World of Warcraft (or, like I said, another MMO). My interest in The Guild is directly responsible for getting me playing. LOL
  • Bah I looked up Legend of Neil as I love Sandeep as Zaboo but I can't find a link to watch from the UK, anyone have a link I could use?
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  • I found it in 2008 looking for videos for my zune.
    Have you heard of me? NO? What a shame.
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    I was a big Firefly fan, so when I heard about Dr. Horrible I just had to watch it. That led me to a bit of an infatuation with Felicia (I was ~16, shush). I was (and still kind of am) a big WoW nerd and when I heard that she was too and had a web series about MMOs I immediately devoured it. The humour of it is great, poking light fun while at the same time not being outright mocking of the over-stereotyped geek culture.

    I love how I can see elements of myself in all the cast.
    - Codex is my friendly side, when I'm Disciplining my way with newbies (not to be confused with n00bs) through the dungeon finder.
    - Zaboo is me saying whatever comes to mind in guild chat while bored and waiting for a queue or whatever.
    - Vork is me desperately trying to wrangle 9 random people into killing a boss. Only with less cursing. Although Jeffs outtakes are about right for that.
    - Tink is me just blowing shit up with my Warlock.
    - Bladezz is me facing the (depressingly large hordes) of unprovoked rude people on the internet.
    - Clara is me after being awake way to late and with nothing to do the next day.

    Vork: Zaboo, if you choose not to accompany us, than we must move on without you. And you'll be dead to me as a human being. And, were I in a situation where I had to choose between saving you or a dog, who I have never met before, from drowning, then I would do my best to drown you myself, in order to save this strange, unfamiliar dog, who I would not even care to keep after rescuing. But would, afterward, place in a non-abusive foster home. Good day!
    Zaboo: Clara, you're a dog., a drowning dog, I'm going to drown you. I'm going to kill you... and you're gonna learn to... how does this go?
    Vork: What?
  • First saw Felicia on Dr. Horrible then looked her up on Imdb. Hadn't recognized anything at the time, then while looking around on Netflix I saw The Guild and checked it out. I ended up watching the first 3 seasons back to back to back.
  • I can't really remember when I first became aware of The Guild. I was/am a huge Buffy fan, and maybe I saw a link to the Guild from some blog or another when it first came out, but I know I didn't watch it to begin with, because I've never really played, liked, or understood MMORPGs (I grew up playing some of the early computer RPGs like Bard's Tale III, but as an adult, never really had time for computer games that took hours and hours from my life)

    Then of course, there was Dr Horrible which was super awesome, and I fell in love with Felicia (as we've all done), and went back to S7 of Buffy to verify that yep, it's her (she looks so different with shorter hair), and I reckon I figured at some point I decided I needed to catch up on The Guild. So I downloaded S1-4 from Youtube, took them away on an international trip in 2010 and watched entire seasons in one night in my hotel room on a very tiny laptop. And laughed :)

    S5 I watched as it came out on MSN. Then I got a S5 DVD in my G+S prize pack from the subscribathon, and went back and bought the DVDs from S1-4 and have been rewatching them all recently :)

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  • I was a little late to the party as it started for me as a random Netflix click.  Next thing i knew I devoured everything back to back and craved more.  So although I've only been a fan a short while I'm definitely going to remain a fan for a long while =).  Keep up the good work all involved!
  • I discovered The Guild after reading this BBC News article whilst on my lunch one day.

    One thing lead to another.

    No regrets.

  • I worked at walmart when the season three (or four; can't remember) DVD was released. We got all the season DVDs (for the first time) and it peaked my interest. Sadly, the store didn't carry them long, because of constant dvd resets, so I eventually found the site online and watched from beginning to end, non stop. Aw, fun times indeed.
  • found it on iTunes
  • Felicia's episode on Kevin Pollak's Chat Show first, then Netflix kept recommending it. It was inevitable. The perfect love story.
  • Yeah like most of the others netflix recommended it to me.
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