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Hey everyone!  Felicia here!  So sorry I haven't been around, the last few months have been back to back, every day something new, a lot of turnover and transition, but we're finally settling into a groove, and wanted to check in to give you updates, and a feedback thread to ask me questions if you want!  (I'll be going to Ottawa tomorrow, so I'll try to check this over the weekend but definitely when I get back!)

As you have noticed with some of the shows we kicked off the new season with, we were trying some different things on the channel.  I just want to stop by and let you know that everyone here at G&S sees your feedback and is taking it into consideration for future programming as much as we possibly can.

A lot of the changes from last year's programming were done to try to open up Geek and Sundry to new audience.  We did amazingly last year, but in order to keep going, we must grow and find more audience, especially those who are more native YouTube users.  Some shows we loved last year had to be let go (sadly) because their audience was just not big enough or growing enough, or it just was confusing considering the direction we want G&S to go.  Sword and Laser not coming back in particular was hard for me because I love Tom and Veronica and love fantasy literature so much, but it just wasn't growing from the small fanbase who loved them.  In order to have G&S keep going past this year we have to show growth to stay competitive.  I am learning a lot about business I never knew (not my fave thing, believe me :( )  So that is why decisions were made to stop making certain shows.  We love Veronica and Tom though, and are exploring other possibilities with other projects, because they are always part of the G&S family!

For season 2 you can see that we decided to pick up a few shows to test different styles of content (animation), gaming stuff, etc. to see how our audience responded and to see what new peeps came over.  The good news is that we learned a lot from your response, but most importantly we deliberately chose to ONLY do shorter runs of shows so we're not committed to doing a whole year if it doesn't seem like people are digging it.  Our audience is actually growing quite a bit (yay!), but seeing feedback from you guys on what you like and don't like is FOREMOST on my mind as we go forward.  I want you guys to love the shows and the personalities on them.  And I want to add more transparency here in order to facilitate that, starting with this thread!  A few things you might want to know:

-Fetch Quest is 10 episode, we will be evaluating when that time is over whether we do more.  Player Ones was 4 eps, we are again, evaluating.  I know we front-loaded with a lot of video game stuff (My bad, I went overboard), we are looking to mix it up as we go forward, but still keep gaming on the channel, because I love gaming and want us to be known for some gaming content! :)

-Felicia's Ark is OVER next week (GAG REEL!) Then I'll be doing a new show called "Co-Optitude" where I do retro games with my brother.  If that sounds familiar...yup haha.  There are some HILARIOUS eps coming, and the wonderful Sean Becker directed and is editing, so it was awesome to get the band back together!  The Flog may be coming back later this year for a limited run, I'm figuring out when I can fit that in.  If you guys liked Felicia's Ark let me know, i can always bring it back, but I kinda have the feeling gaming with my brother is gonna be funner for you and me :)

-The Guild is not coming back as a web series (I assume you know that from the way I ended it, but want to be clear because some people were confused.  My instincts were to announce it before the season aired last year, but I was advised not to and shouldn't have listened to those people haha).  I am considering possibilities for what the future holds, comics or TV among them, but there isn't something immediate I'll be announcing, because I'm working on getting G&S situated for the summer, and developing other bigger projects that take a LONG time to get in shape.  There IS a really cool Guild "official companion guide" book coming out at Comicon though that I've been working on and writing for and editing, and Guild season 6 is being finished now, to be released in early fall, so there's stuff I think you'll like!  The book I'm really proud of, there's stuff in there never seen/said other places.

-MetaDating and Storyboard were both put on hold because doing a live stream was proving impossible for the hosts' schedules.  We are working with Sean Plott to bring him back to the channel in other ways, and Pat Rothfuss may be back AFTER HE FINISHES WRITING BECAUSE THATS IMPORTANT!!! :D

-We got a late start on production for season 2, so a lot of our bigger shows will be coming out later in the year.  If you are going to be at Comicon we'll have a site there again this year (yay!), we'll have some fun shows starting shortly after and I'm generally excited to show you what's in the works in a short-term and long-term basis. While the schedule may lighten up here and there, I personally want to have FEWER shows if we have to in order to make our shows as good as we can on the small budgets.  So we're weighing what we add after these shows are done in a few weeks very seriously.

-We have a HUGE thing launching on the 20th of this month I really hope you guys love! I've been really involved with it in a hands on way, and it's something no one has done on the platform, so it's a grand experiment I'd love to show the world that it can be successful, your help is super appreciated to launch it big!  Carol will be teasing stuff to you, the community, ONLY starting Monday.

On a personal note I want to thank you very much for your support, it's been very difficult for me personally to be leading a whole network of content AND being on it AND doing acting on TV, and ending a show I spent 6 years of my life on.  Oh, and all the other stuff I have to do like life :)  I have such a great staff here at the channel who are also doing impossible things on the resources we have to get great content out.  No one else in the premium channels initiative is doing as well as we are and doing shows like ours, so I'm incredibly proud and grateful at the same time.  We are representing genuine geek content, and strive to break the mold at the same time grow a company.
You guys are why we do this!

If you have any confusion or anything leave a question and I'll try to answer if I can.  WHEW!  Going to play co-op game called Monaco now, i hear it's good, I'll let you know!


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    Let's start by saying thank you for taking the time and writing all this down.

    I'll just go through it and dump one of a million opinions (probably even more) in this thread.

    I can only imagine what it's like to move from the creative and acting side to the business part of it, where you suddenly have a lot of conflicting goals. Strangely enough, seeing this happening to you is almost making more sympathetic towards network execs. Being a slave to the numbers and having to drop shows that you are personally invested in would seem tough enough, even without the angry fans that inevitably follow.

    Looking back at season 1, it now almost feels like you hard an incredibly lucky hand in picking shows. While apparently not all of them were a finan.. numeric(?) success, most of them managed to feel "right". I thought I'd very much avoid Written by a Kid after the preview, expecting little kids rambling incoherent nonsense. What made it work was that it allowed some very creative people to just cut loose, resulting in very unique and sometimes amazing visuals. So the show I expected the least from is now one of those I miss the most.

    I better don't go over all the shows. It's already getting way too long. However, since S&L is gone, I kind of feel like I should personally apologize to all the fans for not watching it more. I actually always thought it would be one of the more successful shows anyway. Shows you how much I know about making shows.

    Your approach to do lots of short runs seems pretty reasonable. Throw different things out there and see what works. Especially since a rare beast like TableTop or the Guild can't be planned. I bet a lot of people in this business would sell their soul to get the recipe for a show that is bringing in the numbers and is being "critically acclaimed" (even if it's just by us armchair critics). It does however seem that "trying to hard" fails more often than it works.

    So, (finally) getting to season 2 so far. I enjoyed The Ark. Being scripted more than the Flog segments means more chances to stuff it full of your own brand of humor and on a meta level I like to think it's also less stressful for you to create. At the same time, I might have to agree with some that the concept has a limited life span and could quickly get repetitive if done for too long. Though coming up with enough ideas for Flog segments to fill a weekly schedule must be getting pretty hard after a while as well.

    At the core every show is still a creative process and creativity isn't something that cares about schedules. You can see that with many comedians that start out fresh, original and genuinely funny. Then they get their own show and quickly end up reading bland run of the mill punchlines, written by a room full of anonymous "comedy writers".

    Point is, you can't force it, so if you feel like you're out of ideas for one format, but have something new you would like to try, just go for it. Maybe reserve a spot or two in the schedule/budget for experiments, even after you found a collection of shows that work and provide the numbers you need.

    Fetch Quest and Player Ones are okay shows. While I personally don't think that they are hitting it out of the park, they are short and cover subjects I know/care about, so I'd still watch them. They are probably closest to what might be considered "safe" shows. They are light entertainment that doesn't require a lot of investment. A bit like Def Leppard. A little generic, but always nice to hear.

    Space Janitors. I actually didn't like it too much last season for the first bunch of episodes. Often felt like it's dragging out that one joke a little too much and episodes just lasting too long for what they did. Things changed and having at least a hint of ongoing storyline helps a lot to make me more interested. In short, I grew to really like it.

    Which also means: short runs and trying a lot of different things is a sound concept, but if you make them too short, they might not get the time they need to find their legs.

    Not much to say about TableTop. No matter what, with the Guild being over, it's probably the one show that can carry the whole channel. Well, maybe not, if it did, you wouldn't have to lose sleep over the other shows and make tough decisions.

    Speaking about the Guild, while I do feel like I haven't really seen enough of it, the ending was way too perfect. It would feel kind of wrong to "undo" it. Which doesn't mean you shouldn't, if you happen to wake up one day, having that one idea that just has to happen.

    Nice bridge to doing stuff whenever inspiration strikes. What if the hangouts wouldn't be squeezed into a TV like schedule? Make them "happenings". Whenever they have time for it and something they want to talk about, just do a hangout. Announce it as soon as the decision is made (even if it's just a few hours in advance) and remind yourself that they will be on YT afterwards anyway.

    While unfortunately there is this very TV like thing where you need money to make shows, YT to get money, YT needs ads to finance the infrastructure and viewers to make ads lucrative, the one thing you don't have is a strict schedule. You may want to establish one, but I think it is important to keep in mind that you don't. As a certain Nash likes to say "the Internet is forever". Once it's uploaded, it's uploaded. You can't miss a show by not being home at the right time. Exploit the hell out of that wherever it makes your life easier.

    Yes, I understand that many viewers like their schedules, won't want to constantly check if anything new showed up and refuse to subscribe because the whole "subscribe to a channel, not a show"-concept can really suck. Finding a good balance might be key.

    Very much looking forward to some more pla... gameful sibling rivalry. These shows must be taking so much time in editing before they are "acceptable" for YT... but it's always fun to see an unrestrained Felicia getting too much into it too care about silly things like "appropriate language".

    In terms of questions, I'm afraid they are all the kind you probably don't want (or aren't allowed) to answer. Actual numbers, goals, plans/options in terms of future shows, like will you go for a balance between satisfying producer You and artist You or keep trying out things until you find a bunch of shows that can do both?
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    @feliciaday: Thank you for clearing all of that up. It answered most of my questions. So, this leaves a request. :-)

    Please announce what is going to happen more often, maybe even regularly.
    I think here in the forums are some of the best informed fans of G&S and even we often don't know what is going on. In the YT comments there are always people asking why something happened, if a show is coming back and all of that. If the info is available at all, it is awfully scattered sometimes. So: One place to get informed would be great and regular updates would be even better.

    Now for the awkward-fan-boy part: Thank you, thank you, thank you - I'm unworthy of you presence. ;-)
    If you see any spam, @-mention me in the thread and I will come in to kill it with my hammer. The hammer is not my... you know.

    I try to attack ideas and not people. If I fail, let me know. You may be wrong but I still love you. ;-)

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    @Daniel_Wallace I'm glad you've mentioned that, as I did wonder whether I was simply doing something wrong to be missing out on info that other people seemed to know.

    @feliciaday I have no questions really, I just want to say thank you for the channel, the shows, the community, this thread, and for caring. :)

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  • I'm intrigued by the promise of something new and original launching here in a couple of weeks. It's random! It's BIG! I don't know what it's about! I want to see it now!

    I really enjoy the Flog's mixture of variety in content and consistency in format. The opening segments and closing Question of Note provided a comforting structure for all the delightful craziness in the middle. I'd happily watch a flog-of-the-month, or a flog of four seasons (you could play snippets from Vivaldi on the violin! Or the ukulele!) if it is easier to set a schedule that way to avoid pressure and risk of burnout.

    I think G&S needs *some* of the shows to air weekly episodes, to keep and build a regular audience, but as @Trienco mentioned, there is also more lassitude in creating web content at your own pace, so a few sporadic shows that air less frequently or predictably probably wouldn't hurt.

    For what it's worth, I'm going to just throw out an idea/plea for some kind of Geeksmithing show. I think it would be cool to see a variety of creative projects featured in short episodes, where talented and/or super-enthusiastic members of geekdom display the things they make in support of what they love. You could highlight artifacts from your own collection, like the awesome Highland Hunk painting of you and Wil, or you could reach out to fans and see what they submit. It seems to me that there is a lot of potential content to be farmed, and Geek & Sundry is rather uniquely positioned to gather, assemble, and distribute it, because of the fan base. I'm thinking too of the #Parent episode about crafting, where the guests kept holding up cool craft projects or posting pictures. Come to think of it, Bonnie Grrl almost always finds a moment to pop one of her craft creations on-screen in every hangout. I would love to see more of those things, perhaps with camera-work to better display the project. Geeksmithing: Crafted By A Geek! Tap into our communal obsessions!

    I like this place.
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    Thank you so so much for writing up this whole post to let us know what's going on Felicia! You and the G&S team all work so hard and I want to thank you all for the dedication you have to creating amazing content that you care about. It's great to have a lot of these FAQs cleared up in one post, it must be frustrating aswering the same questions over and over on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter...

    I did notice G&S seems to be gathering subscribers at a much faster rate now which is great!! I'm definitely looking forward to seeing the gaming sessions with Ryon coming up! They always were some of my favourite Flog segments along with the cooking ones, hope Robyn can come back to the channel at some point :) I've enjoyed FetchQuest though even if some of the episodes have been hit-and-miss, and I liked PlayerOnes as well.

    The ending to The Guild was done so well, looking forward to seeing what comes next! I'm still nagging convincing everyone I can to start watching it constantly. Consider me intrigued/excited about this announcement on the 20th...can't wait to see what Carol will tease next week :D

    I don't think I have any questions really other than to maybe ask about possible DVD releases? I know there's The Guild S6 and a TableTop one in the works already and I realise creating and distributing physical DVD releases probably has a lot of work/cost involved, but I'd certainly spend a lot of money on additional content especially if you guys were making some profit on it. I imagine there'd be a lot of support for a Kickstarted DVD release if that was a possibility.

    Mostly though, thanks for the community that has been created here. It's definitely one of the best things about Geek and Sundry and I'm honoured and grateful to be a part of it.
    Plus all of our Twitter conversations are the best ;)

    I won't write any more because this is already long and others like @Trienco and @Torontogal are better at articulating their thoughts than I am lol, but enjoy Ottawa Felicia! Side note, Monaco looks fun - might have to try it. 'The Redhead' appears to be a playable class as well who is "manipulative and murderous" so...yes.

    tl;dr - Thank you, G&S is awesome, yay!
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    @FeliciaDay - thank you so much for providing such a detailed update on current events.  And no need to apologize for not being around - I think our forum-members are keenly aware of how many hats you've been wearing, and the magnitude of work you've been dealing with over the last year :)

    On that same note, I think I speak for all of us in saying how happy we were to hear that you've been trying to slow down a little.  It's a relief to hear you've taken a bit of time for yourself, so you can recharge and get back into your usual rhythms.  As much as the fan-base loves Geek and Sundry, we don't want it to be a corresponding sacrifice of your health or your happiness!

    I know your post was largely about asking us to give feedback on what we've been liking, and what suggestions we may have, etc.  And that's always a lovely indication of how much you care about your audience.  The aspect I'd reflect back is that if there's anything further that we can do to help *you* and the G&S team, don't hesitate to let us know!

    To cover those two topics, the following are good threads to catch up on:
    • The Geek and Sundry Year 2 Thread - has a lot of feedback and reaction that is worth a read.  As always, these boards are filled with a spectrum of thoughtful people :)
    • The Supporting Geek and Sundry Thread - illustrates a lot of the ways that we've been trying to spread the word, figure out details, and show support.  But if there other things that can be done to help G&S, don't hesitate to let us know!

    One observation I'd make as a fan out here on ground level? - as the New Media becomes more prevalent, and as new business models are put into place, I almost feel like there's a re-education process needed for the broader fan-base.

    If we were to look at the 'Old Media' (i.e, Television) the general population tends to be very educated about how it works, and what the audience role is, and when they need to step in and show support.  For example, if viewers are watching a new show that airs on television, they know that it's being judged against Nielsen ratings, and they understand that if the ratings aren't high enough that the show might not come back.  And thus, television fan-bases naturally self-organize to keep an eye on the ratings, to figure out if there's a risk that the show is 'on-the-bubble', and to organize campaigns to spread awareness and boost the ratings if they feel their favorite television show is at risk of cancellation.

    In a lot of ways, G&S has to deal with that same set of 'Television-model' struggles, where View-count and Subscriber-count are factors in getting the channel renewed on a year-by-year basis.  But the tricky thing is unlike with Television, I don't think the majority of the fan-base actually *understands* how it works - the idea of 'renewing' a YouTube channel is a bit of a foreign concept out here on the web.  And when it's mentioned, it's often met with skepticism and raised eyebrows.

    A lot of fans seem to assume that Subscribing is just some form of unimportant vanity metric, used to prove popularity.  When they find out that Subscribes/Likes/Shares/Views are actually the factors that assure the continued existence of G&S, then they jump into action.

    In a way, I almost think it would be beneficial to expose more of the nuts-and-bolts of the business model to the broader audience.  If fans had a deeper understanding that each year, G&S is fighting for its continued existence, and if they were made explicitly aware that Subscribers/Likes/Shares are the web-equivalent of Nielsen ratings, then I think G&S would earn some of the support campaigns that organically spring up for well-liked television shows.

    And that's where I feel this need for some re-education - I think that explaining things in 'Television terminology' might make a few light-bulbs go off within the broader fan-base.  They'll understand that just like they need to fight to support their favorite TV shows, they also need to fight to support G&S.  Armed with that knowledge, I think they'd become much more of a force to be reckoned with :)

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    Thank you for the update! I'm a huge fan of your work and really love what you're doing with G&S. As someone who's started a couple of creative business ventures (both of which ended more or less like the Hindenburg Disaster) I can appreciate the difficulties of turning a labor of love into a successful business model.

    I'm sad to see The Guild end, but Season Six ended in a beautiful bittersweet note that felt like a natural ending. I got a little verklempt when Cyd switched off her webcam, but it was great watching her grow as a person (and I liked it that she didn't achieve that growth through a romantic relationship but on her own; too many stories with female characters suggest that they cannot be happy without a relationship). I started watching The Guild during a pretty dark period of my life and the show was a great source of entertainment and inspiration to me. I love your writing style immensely and hope we'll see more of it in the future.

    Appealing to a wider YouTube audience is going to be a challenging task. Balancing the need for better numbers with the desire to remain true to your personal vision is going to be one hell of a quest. Going by YouTube numbers, I'd suggest you develop a show around kitties re-enacting assorted sci-fi movie scenes (I'm half-joking, but only half). Or some sort of 'Geek Jenna Marbles' program (how about a Bonnie Burton Comedy Hour?). Just spit-balling here.

    The shorter show runs are a great idea, though, because you don't commit as much of your limited budget before seeing what works and what doesn't. I'm sure you're aware of Amazon Prime letting viewers "approve" of their new slate of series, and in a way short show runs serve the same purpose.

    Anyhoo, sorry for Da Big Wall O' Text. Looking forward to seeing what's next.

  • Thank you for the update @feliciaday The only question I can think of right now, and I don't know if you have already addressed this in earlier posts, is if Written By A Kid might make a return. I thought that to be one of the most brilliant and original creations you have made this side of Table Top. While on the subject of awesome things, since the FLOG is eventualy going away I still would love to more funny cooking segments in the future with Guild alumni.

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    Wow. Big post. A few individual opinions:

    I like Felicia's Ark a lot, but I also think that
    the idea for Co-Optitude is (even more) awesome -- it was always hilarious on The Flog.

    Speaking of, I would definitely watch The Flog in any form it took if it comes back, whether weekly, monthly, or even more sporadically. I'd also echo what some others have said in asking for regular updates, both in terms of shows and conventions. I.e. Portland Comic Con... (I wish.)

    Is there any chance that, now that The Guild is over, its actors will come back for other shows or something similar?

    P.S. Ditto on Daniel Wallace's awkward fanboy-ness, but that's a given I guess...
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    Thank you for taking the time to post here, its so rare to find a creator that genuinely seems to care about the opinions of there fans as much as you do.

    Not sure I have anything particularly original to add, but I know that all feedback helps:

    Fetch Quest and Player Ones have been OK, I've liked some of the episodes and passed on others. I suspect the difference between these and Space Janitors is the breadth of subject topic. When Space Janitors makes a Star Wars joke you can guarantee that practically every Sci-Fi viewer watching gets it. However the video game industry covers so many different niches its hit or miss as to whether I will connect to any given reference.

    I have enjoyed Felicia's ark, (although I suspect I would enjoy a video of you reading from the phone book - sorry too fanboyish?) In particular I have enjoyed the interactivity provided by the episodes, limited as it is. Its nice to feel a sense of direct involvement with the show.

    Really pleased to hear that there will be more video game shenanigans coming soon, although the worrier in me notices that this is yet another video game show, something that has drawn the ire of fans thus far into season 2. It seems to me however the main draw of these segments is seeing the interactions between you and Ryon rather than the games themselves and hopefully this will help fill some of the gap left by the absence of the Flog.

    I would echo the sentiments in respect of the Guild, S6 was such a perfect ending, showing how Codex has become such a much more capable and complete person than she was in S1. However I still love the show and would jump at the possibility of more content, maybe a movie or the much anticipated Vork spinoff :)

    As many other posters have stated, there is definitely a need for some superior form of information feedback in respect to Geek and Sundry. As a new signup I was really surprised to find that I was able to answer questions within the first few days from people posting here, where you would expect to find the best informed fans.

    Again as mentioned above, there seems to be a general lack of knowledge on YouTube regarding the value of subscribing to a G&S, maybe you could shoot a short video such as you did with the state of the sundry explaining to fans exactly how it works.

    Sadly whilst I would like to think that there are hundreds of thousands of fans who would immediately race to sign up if they knew how important it was. I suspect that in order to thrive G&S will need to work on convincing the casual viewer to subscribe. Unfortunately the state of humanity today is generally one of wanting to get something for nothing. Maybe you could consider offering small benefits to subscribers, such as short behind the scenes videos or outtake collections to offer a tangible benefit to those fans who need something more than simply supporting the channel.

    Like everyone else here, I would like to thank you for being brave enough to share the things that you love with the world. As long as you continue to do that I suspect you will always find people who are willing to support you.


    Love The Guild and/or Choose Your Own Adventure Novels? Then make sure to check out The Trials of Codex.

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    @FeliciaDay - I know you're probably not allowed to confirm the following train of thought... but I'm curious whether the big thing arriving on May 20th is tied into something I saw just last night on my television set?

    To my surprise, whilst watching TV, ads started appearing showing various well-known YouTube stars - Ryan Higa, DailyGrace, etc.  The Ads made tantalizingly cryptic references to 'YouTube Comedy Week' and used the tagline - 'This Better Be Funny'.  Each Ad would end with display of logos of various YouTube channels - and the timing seems to coincide - i.e., it's running from May 19th - May 24th and the big project from G&S is starting on the 20th.

    There are more details creeping to the surface via this article.
    The web video titan is promoting its event with a new series of ads--the campaign includes online and mobile banners, site takeovers, and outdoor ads in addition to the videos here--that give viewers an idea of what’s in store without revealing too much. Created by the New York office of agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, the ads are populated by a Who’s Who of YouTube talent, all of whom the company is borderline threatening, with the tagline “This Better Be Funny.” Everyone from College Humor’s Jake & Amir to JASH’s Sarah Silverman appears, pretending (?) to not know quite what to expect from the upcoming Comedy Week.
    Maybe I'm completely off-base - but if G&S is involved with this initiative, that indeed sounds like something tantalizingly amazing!  I've never seen an initiative where YouTube is raising awareness of its homegrown talent via such a far-reaching advertisement campaign, and where it's building towards a seemingly awesome week of cross-pollination in terms of theme and collaboration :)

    Again, the G&S team probably isn't at liberty to confirm or deny - but the mere possibilities already make me heckuva excited, nonetheless! :D

    On a sidenote, I want to thank my fellow board-members for their contributions to the current thread - I've enjoyed reading your articulate feedback, warm gratitude, and thoughtful responses.  Given that the internet often brings out vibes of hostile negativity, I can't help but feel proud of how warm and intelligent this forum community continues to be :)
  • Aaah *swoons - gets up - shakes head in disbelief that @feliciaday wrote in the forums*
    Wow! I can't quite believe I'm actually getting to respond to a real-life form entry by the real-life Felicia Day!
    Ok, I'll try and keep my feedback contribution to short, IMHO, bullet points since there's already so much text above.

     - The Guild: The main reason for me being into G&S in the first place. Sad to see it go. Glad for the clarification. Love how it ended and would love to see some kind of spin-off.

     - Table Top/Space Janitors: Love them. Would die if they ever finished. Idea - more table top gaming shows and more sci-fi series spoof shows (recommend Battle Star Galactica, Star Gate, Star Trek or a general sci-fi mash-up).

     - The Flog/Felicia's Ark/Co-Optitude: Really enjoyed The Flog (for the same reasons mentioned by others). Was happy watching Felicia's Ark but wouldn't miss it if replaced by something else with you in. LOVEING the idea of Co-Optitude. Yes please!  As mentioned by others, I'd like to see a monthly or seasonal Flog but also as mentioned I'm happier that you're taking better care of yourself and cutting back on your projects.

     - Fetch Quest/Player Ones: Enjoyable 'time-suck' episodes. Idea - maybe something similar with comic, books, and table top games rather just console games.

    Love you, love your work. Love you and your work!

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    And why do we fall, Bruce?
  • PlaguePlague Member
    @feliciaday I can't even explain how much you posting here means to me. Not only because of being a fan, but it just represents *why* G&S is so great to me, the top person talking directly to me via forum post.

    So thank you very much, especially since this forums are quite small (I moderated Minecraft bukkit forums as a comparison). I think most of us here understand how little free time you have, yet you spend some of it here... it's mindblowing.

    I don't think I need to leave much feedback to the shows, since I would just be repeating most of the guys above, maybe a question then:

    Will the awesome blacksmith from Arcade Arms get a show on G&S? :)

    Oh, and is this a rather rare moment of having more time or will we see you on the forums every now and then?

  • @FeliciaDay Thanks for your words.

    I just have one question. I can totally understand why S&L isn't coming back. But does that also mean that G&S will not make any kind of literature related shows in the future? (because it seemed like book related stuff in general couldn't grow and find a big audience on YT)
    I'm just wondering because I recently read the Neverending Story which make me to read much more and to write fairy tales and to consume a lot of literature related stuff like interpretations, podcasts, adaptions etc.So I'm dzill interested in general in these kind of things.
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  • feliciadayfeliciaday Administrator, Moderator
    Hey guys!  Back from Ottawa, want to answer some of your questions!!!  SO glad you were happy to see this post, transparency is definitely something I will work on to keep you guys informed of changes, and give you a place to ask questions if you're confused! 

    @jamc888, we're working on The Guild s6 DVD, we got behind with a lot of transitioning, but it's due to come out around NYCC comicon along with a possible box set.  Tabletop the same time frame (it takes a long time to get the stuff together to release DVDs!)

    @torontogal Yes, I agree some more transparency would definitely help us!  Trying to figure out the best way to do that to reach the broadest audience possible, i want you guys to know what's going on for sure!

    @clessidor We definitely don't rule out literature-based shows (Vaginal Fantasy is still on because it's my hobby :) )  so it's a question of finding the right format to support a smaller but passionate fanbase, believe me, it's on my list of subjects to figure out!

    @McDangerously  Written By a Kid is not 100% NOT coming back, but it's unlikely.  The demographics of that show were problematic, but it's SO well-executed we're trying to explore other ways to do the show.  For some reason the show declined a LOT over the season, so until we figure THAT out we shouldn't make more.  That said, the team behind it is BRILLIANT and I want to keep working with them if we can.

    @hegel we are definitely looking to bring Guild actors back to the channel, Jeff Lewis will be on the new 20th thing and we're exploring options with other cast  now

    @1047pm we're definitely working on Arcade Arms to retool it for broader appeal and more episodes!  We're excited about it for sure :)

    @plague I can't guarantee my presence here a LOT but I will definitely participate in threads like this to make sure you guys are in the loop!  Basically if you have questions post them here (or I might create another "Ask Felicia" thread to be static here and pop in to answer them when I can remember!

    You guys are amazing, thanks for being here with us on this incredible journey!

  • Thanks for the info! :D Looking forward to all the new content!
  • hegelhegel Member
    Thanks! Brilliant.
  • Jamc888Jamc888 Member, Moderator
    Thanks for the reply! Can't wait to see everything - it's great to know we're in the loop :)
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  • alanalmeriaalanalmeria Member, Moderator
    edited May 2013 PM

    Thanks for the information, especially this:

    Jeff Lewis will be on the new 20th thing and we're exploring options with other cast  now

    Yes its official the new 20th thing will be the long awaited spin off show: Everything's coming up Vork. Yay!

    And let me be the first to ask an actually question:

    Is there any news about the possibility of a guild S6 annotated version being posted sometime or at the very least a complied movie length version like S1-S5?

    Given the difficulties you have mentioned previously in making the annotated versions, not to mention the absence of Kim is this even possible?

    Thanks again for being amazing.

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