The Guild characters 10 years from now

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So following the "resounding success" of my earlier topics, I decided why not post another. Now it might just be that I have way too much time on my hands, or I might have obsessively thought of several topics during my lurking days, just in case I ever decided to come out. 

Besides I figure an active forum may be just the thing Felicia needs to spur her to write season 7. (Nothing like attempted blackmail to brighten your morning)

Anyway I decided to try my hand at thinking where the various guildies might be ten years from now. I figure if every season takes place in a couple of weeks then we won't find out the real answer until sometime in the 23rd century at the earliest. Unless Felicia decides to try something different for season 7.

Codex: By now Codex is the CEO and chief executive of The Game corporation. Ruling no doubt with an iron fist as some of the Geek & Sundry interns can attest. The Game has expanded to replace WOW as the name MMO in the gaming world, including a series of smash Joss Whedon directed spin-off movies and a long running web series. (TV having died out around 2020 as archaic.)

Zaboo: Remains at home raising his and Codex's twin daughters. (Yay Zadex or Coboo forever.) I do worry a little about the combination of his skin tone and her hair color, but they are bound to be cute just through basic genetics.

Vork: Sadly Vork is dead of old age by now. Sorry kidding Jeff, its actually hard to see Vork changing that much I can see him still using his old desktop and bitching about all these modern conveyances, such as voice activated or thought operated computers. (Literal plug and play.)

Bladezz: Bladezz has refined his culinary skills to such an extent that Chez Douche is now one of the premier restaurants of the Hollywood elite. I can also see Dena making an excellent maître-d.

Clara: With the blinding success of her parenting advice blog Clarafications. Clara has now released a whole range of baby products that are selling like hot cakes. Including a wire-frame baby conveyance device, an Easybake blend-o-matic and maybe even a Mr. Wiggly chew-toy. (Wait no not like that. Eww - bad internet.)

Tink: For some reason, I found Tink the most difficult to pin down, obviously she needs to be doing something with costuming. I could see her producing the official line of The Game cos-play outfits, but I suspect that is way to obvious.

So anyone else want to take a stab at predicting the guildies future?

PS: Eww - bad internet is the name of my coversite.


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    Clarafications... great name!  I absolutely don't see Codex and Zaboo getting together... Felicia's right, that storyline ran its course in Season 5. 

    I was glad to see Wiggly back for season 6... does anybody else miss Zaboo's mom?  I miss Dena too, for that matter.
  • alanalmeriaalanalmeria Member, Moderator

    Heratic, thou shall burn in the eternal flames. Next you'll be suggesting Codex should end up with Fawkes.

    Its always fun to see Wiggly back, but I suspect that Dena simply grew up to much to reappear. They just about get away with Bladezz, although it can be jarring if you watch seasons 1 and 6 back to back and realize this is only supposed to be a few weeks apart in show time.

    Love The Guild and/or Choose Your Own Adventure Novels? Then make sure to check out The Trials of Codex.

  • No, Fawkes (ever the epicurean) finally made to the furry portion of the list, meeting a female furry at the end of season 5.  I wouldn't mind seeing him return though, and introduce his furry g/f as a new character. 

    Good point about Tara, who plays Dena.  As long as you watch the seasons in order, it's not too jarring.

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