Question about Season 6 annotated version

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Has there been an announcement about when the season 6 annotated version will be released?



  • I would like to know if and when the annotated version will be available, and the DVD? I have the other 5 seasons on DVD and there is a large hole where season 6 should sit...
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    Good news / Bad news for you.

    As yet we have no official word in relation to a possible annotated season 6, obviously it may be slightly more difficult with Kim having left, but I would be very surprised if at the very least we don't get a movie length version before the end of the year.

    However I have much better news re the DVD - S6 is up for preorder on Amazon for OCT 8th.

    In addition and looking mighty tempting is a full six season collection set also scheduled for the 8th. As of yet there's no information as to whether there are any additional features/extras, but the idea of having a boxset that matches the official companion is pretty cool.

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  • Well, I don't know if that is better news, but it is definitely good news. :-)

    If the Megaset includes some tasty new extras (like a mode that shows all the annotations from the web versions), I will definitely buy it.

  • That's great news for me at least. Though, now it looks like I am going to have 2 complete sets since I think the box set will be great as well...  ;)
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