Unexplained Oddities

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As I watch the show for the 400th time, I always notice small phrases or visual gags that just seem to have an unexplained story behind them, so I figured that maybe one of you guys can explain what I like to call the Unexplained Oddities.

I have a couple to start and feel free to point out your own. Although I would like to try and avoid pointing out any major mistakes, we don't want to make Felicia even more neurotic after all  ;)

S2 EP12 - Vork talking about being betrayed by Clara

 "I never thought of myself as a bad man, sure there was that night I spent at a Hitler youth camp by accident"

WHAT! - I'm pretty sure that neither Jeff or Vork are 80 years old (maybe Jeff!). So is this like a thing you can do in certain parts of America? Or was it a really bad school exchange program? Or perhaps Vork is in fact a mysterious time traveler (Dr Vork).

S4 EP12 - If you keep your eye on Avinashi after she has been turned into a dog by Howard, sorry Kevinator. At one point she appears with the traditional ZZZZ sleep symbols over her head. I Immediately assumed this was probably in relation to some gag that was cut out, but nothing was mentioned on either of the DVD commentary tracks, and it seems an odd progression.  Did she offend Kevinator again so he put her to sleep, cause that worse than being turned into a dog? Maybe it was just a little Easter egg for eagle eyed fans? Or perhaps Avinashi is just narcoleptic?

Hopefully some of you much better informed old timer guild fans can provide answers to these most vexing of questions?




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    I don't know about the sleeping dog thing but I may have some insight into the other reference.

    There are some neo-nazi groups in the U.S. that try to be family oriented and even set up summer camps for their kids. I guess this helps them try to feel "normal" while indoctrinating a new generation, but I really wouldn't know.
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    Wow that's just all kinds of disturbing, especially with the rise of the Golden Dawn Neo-Nazi group in Greece right now.

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