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Hello to all my fellow gamers out there, this message
goes specifically to those who love the world of TableTop. My name is Luis E.
Oviedo Jr. and I am one of the creators of a TableTop RPG called “Shantup”.

This game started as a small idea inside the mind of a
child and for the past fourteen years has grown into something much more.

Inspired by pretty much every type of RPG that we have
played in our lives from D&D to  Vampire
the Masquerade LARP, with our own creativity to it.

Now that the game is in its final stages before
released/sold to the public world our team is seeking outsiders for some help.

The help we need is for some folks to take a look at the
> Character Sheet
> The Five Playable Races
> The Five Playable Classes
> Character Creation Rules
> Combat Rules
Then afterward we will hope for some solid feedback.


So if you are interested please feel free to E-MAIL ME
[email protected]

Thank you for your time.

Luis E. Oviedo Jr.


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    We need links @FTClown.

    I think you may be in the right space if you can put up with TLDR comments from @Daniel_Wallace and @Plague.
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    @oakspoor: Hey! That may have hurt all two of my feelings! :-P
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