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Hi there,

I've not posted here about this skirmish miniature game and that's an oversight. This is a mix of a casual fun board game and a skirmish miniature game that plays in about a half hour and looks a lot of fun. Here is the most recent update they have 6 days left. Go check it out and look at the gameplay videos on the home page.

One of the cool things they are dong is hat they will be putting up a special scenario for people to down load and play with rules game cards and map for International Tabletop Day there are even paper minis available through RPG now that represent the minis from the game box.....

As a longtime miniature gamer (i wont say how long but i did have an original Rogue Trader hard cover im sorry i sold) this game is worth looking at because of its unique character and the chance to get more casual gamers into the hobby. Take a look and if you do back it maybe tell Alyssa hat Greg of deadwood sent you there..


  • Got the update from Torn Armor about International Tabletop Day... All backers no matter the level (so back for a fiver) you get the printable minis, the cards a scenario and a map... This is so cool of them to back ... Give this game a go for as little as five bucks... What you got to loose a cookie and a latte.....?
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