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why did it not occur to me that Felicia would try this someday? In retrospect, it's so obvious. Um... a lot of the stuff she does on the Flog, I would never want to try, but this... man, if I didn't have a bad ankle, I'd totally want to try parkour someday. You know, right after I learn Jeet Kune Do, so I can be like Bruce Lee and Spike Spiegel. But now I'm starting to ramble, so I shut up.
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    True, we should have probably seen this coming, but after the Trapeze episode I don't think anything will really surprise me anymore. It looked like fun and definitely safer than doing it outdoors. Of course, even in a completely padded environment you can still break your bones and strain your ankles (probably even more so).

    I wonder if this has any effect on her when playing Mirror's Edge...

    So, a few things that would still surprise (and impress/worry) me: cliff diving, sky diving, race car driving, shark punching and soufflé making.
  • ah yes... the cooking segments always seem to scare her more than anything else.
    Absolutely Pointless
    "Adulthood... I'll see you in hell." -Skip Gilchrist
  • @Trienco now that you mention Mirror's Edge. How cool it would have been if Felicia painted her eye like Faith? I bet the game didn't cross her mind at that point.
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    I still say that any video with Felicia in yoga pants is a great video.
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    @Plague If she is anything like me (I hope for her sake she isn't), the only thing on her mind was probably "just don't break anything, you have work to do, you can't afford to waste time in a hospital... oh, and it would probably really hurt".
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