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So IF we were going to ComicCon 2013... what should we do there? What panels/events would you like to see?
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  • IF?!?!?!?!?!

    Bring board games. Lots and lots of board games.
  • Wow, I'm starting to wonder if I'm the only G&S fan that actually got a SDCC 2013 ticket. I'm just glad I got mine at the 2012 attendee sale back in August, I heard they had problems with the ticket sales this weekend. I hope some of the rest of you got tickets as well.
  • Well @jpmcmillen, my gf and I will be there (we usually go as press) but we don't always get a lot of time to hang out until maybe a night or two because of working it all day and being pooped.  I didn't get to see anything G&S last year :(
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    And why do we fall, Bruce?
  • I was gonna go, we'd been planning all year, clicked the second it was live, and got a server error and then it was over and everyone who was in, was in. *shakes fist* ticket gods!!

    {excuse me while I leave gifs everywhere....}
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    I'll be there. I've found that it's best to remain "fluid" at Comic Con. Some of my best experiences have been the unexpected ones. Also, I often underestimate just how long lines will be. The G&S off-site events were a lot of fun last year and along with a couple of others made my Con. We were only able to get passes for two of the four days.
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  • I will be there!  The shows I enjoy the most are the Flog, Tabletop, and of course the Guild, so content relating to those shows would be greatly appreciated.

    That said, I've watched at least some of all of the shows, so it would be interesting to see content related to them as well.  Actor panels/signings, discussions of the challenges involved in Written by a Kid, possibly a live-podcast of Sword and Laser, and so on.

    Possibly a panel discussing the production of a YouTube channel, and how this kind of media creation/distribution theme is expected to progress over time.
  • You guys rocked your first Comic Con so hard that it might be hard to beat it. I feel that you do exactly what you guys did last year but with just a bit better execution on times and and where you all would be. I know its almost impossible getting a booth there but just announce via social media where you guys will be like 10 minutes before you are there. biggest thing I want to happen is the thursday night party. 
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  • Argh, I despair knowing that I couldn't come even if I wanted to. Too far. But I support you with my mind (whatever that means) !
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    There were so much off-site last year that (were I not working) I'd go even without a badge! 
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  • Offsite location again for sure. I had a blast hanging out at Belo and play games sipping on my gin and tonic. The fact is was right by where Wootstock was the best.
  • I went to a lot of the G&S offsite stuff last year, had a blast.
  • I spent a good bit of time at the off-site G&S events last year, and would love to do the same in 2013!

    The AMD lounge at the Belo was a really cool setup, from the gaming rigs to the angry homeless guy who wandered in.

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  • I'll be there too!  Provided my time off request goes through.  It'll be pretty cool to meet some fellow G&S fans in person.

    Also, holy crap I haven't posted anything here in forever.  
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  • I'll be going, and most likely braving the overnight camp in front of Hall H again. Supernatural is a given. I'm hoping there are panels for Desolation of Smaug and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. 
  • I really hope there is another G&S off-site setup like the one at Belo.
  • So any word on this?  SDCC is quickly approaching!
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