Bladezz's T-shirt in Season 6

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Does anyone know where to get the t-shirt bladezz is wearing?
It says something along the lines of "... dead Cthulhu waits dreaming".


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    Have you tried Jinx? They seem to do the widest range of geektastic t-shirts. Mind you, I seem to notice an abundant array of Cthulhu-themed t-shirts at gaming cons I've been too so maybe have a look out for table top, RPG or other gaming cons in your area and check out the market stalls there.
  • Thank you for your reply :)
    Unfortunately I've tried Jinx and couldn't find it.. I'll keep my eye out for it though.
    Seems a shame because he wears it in a couple of episodes, perhaps it was custom made :(
    There aren't many cons around me in the UK unfortunately!
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