Cooking Segments Rock

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I love the food segments. This stuff would make Rachael Ray green with envy. Maybe they should try home made Pizza Rolls or chicken fingers or something :-) Any who I hope to see more of the food stuff, It could even be made into it's own show!


  • Heck yeah those are awsome.
  • Awesome? It was horror, I really thought she was gonna throw the ice in! :) The rest was funny though.
  • I like Felicia's girl-like enthusiasm in those segments, and Robin's reactions to it.
    In my minds, the recipes are not too important, though I like that Felicia acknowledges her sources.
    I agree that in the the last segment they seemed to end up with the best-looking dish.

    All in all, they seem to be having fun and I'm having fun myself watching them. What more to expect from life ;-)

  • Yes, Robin's reactions are what makes it so funny in my opinion!

    Her face when Felicia asks about Margarita's on the Rocks....LOL...Priceless.

    Come on, give it a click, you know you want to!
  • I enjoy the cooking episodes too! It lets me explore new things in the kitchen with Felicia, while watching Robin hilariously react to it... :)
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    Considering I've been banned from the kitchen on and off (once for setting fire to the microwave by accident), I've always had a love/hate relationship with cooking shows and segments. Love this one though!
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    Agreed the cooking segments are among my favorite flogs. Maybe someone at G&S could consider making a playlist for them all, similar to the one available for the Ryon and Felicia video game segments.

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