Games You'd Like To See.

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This seems pretty obligatory, right? :D

Personally I'd love to see Betrayal at House on the Hill - I had a chance to play it a few months back and had a ridiculously good time.

Update (24/10/2013) - Zuffy
@Trienco has kindly created a list of all the games requested so far, with number of votes and 'already seen on tabletop status': (links will now open in a new tab by default)


  • Betrayal would be excellent to see. I played it back in October, and it was extremely entertaining.

    Another game I'd like to see played is Dominion.
  • RayRay Member
    Something dex based like Villa Paletti or Hamsterrolle.
  • WhileWhile Member
    I really want to see Elder Sign! I bought it a almost a year ago, but still haven't been able to play it! Can't figure out the rules!

    I have high hope of seeing it in the show, I've seen the lid in the background in an episode!
  • Personally, I would love to see some AD&D sessions, though those could be a bit lengthy. Perhaps that could be it's own show? (hint hint)  =)
    I also wouldn't mind seeing some of the already played games revisited. Munchkin alone could generate many good episodes by itself.
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  • I would love to see Agricola one week....such a fun game.
  • Lunch Money. Older card game but a blast to play.
  • What about a game like The Legend of Drizzt? I know there are a couple in this style so any of them would to.
  • WhileWhile Member
    Yes, definitely Lunch Money! Also Jungle Speed! 
  • I'm pretty much in love with Killer Bunnies.  Seeing that would be great. 
  • Race for the Galaxy
    Takenoko - Wil would love this one
    7 Wonders

    Great games I would love to see Wil tackle!
  • gruukgruuk Member
    Maybe a few Cheapass games? Unexploded Cow would be nice.
  • I agree with While, I'd love to see Elder Sign! I bought it a few weeks back and have already played it more than half a dozen times. What's your problem with the rules? PM me if you want to :)
  • I know you can't do Cards Against Humanity because it is to adult, but you could do Apples to Apples, then add a segment that mentions the more mature game. Just a thought.
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    Ooo so many choices:
    Kingdom Builder because it was Spiel des Jahres 2012.
    Dominion because it's pretty easy to learn and has lots of expansions.
    Survive: Escape from Atlantis because it is one of the first games I remember learning. (The old version that is; so happy they reprinted it).
    Any Don Greenwood game like TV Wars because I know Don Greenwood and he would be an interesting character to watch play one of his games.
    Lunch Money because who doesn't want to kick the shit out someone sometimes (metaphorically of course).
    As soon as I post this I will think up so many more!

    PS Come visit my own game project at:, and @LadyCarcassonne on Twitter. I'm not Wil Wheaton, but it's worth checking out!
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    PS Please check it out at:, and I'm not Wil Wheaton, but it's still super awesome!! <3 Board Games!!
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    Battlestar Galactica or something with a "we're all on the same team vs the game itself, except for one traitor among us" mechanic.
  • I'd like to see Pandemic played, im a big fan of that game. Also a game i've never played but would love to see played would be Arkham Horror. Although an eight hour episode may be a bit much, i'd still watch it though.
  • I'd like to see Cutthroat Caverns.
  • There's this card game I enjoyed w/ a group some time back, Citadels. I'd like to see that one. :)

    For an actual 'boardgame', I'd like to see FFG's Game of Thrones. 

    The occasional RPG session/one-shot would probably be nice to see, too.
  • Lunch Money is fun until you realize that discarding and going for Humiliation cards is the best strategy,

    Civilization the Board Game would be pretty epic.

    love to see Talisman. - Tasty pop-culture in conceptual fashion
  • I'd like to see an episode or two that are geared to two-person play. It's often difficult for us to gather with others for game night. One of the downsides of living in the semi-rural woodlands of Connecticut,
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