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  • Wow, @torontogal. I really like how you write. This is like a summation of an essay on The Guild :D
    I've seen that pod cast you mentioned. I didn't realise that Felicia has such a hard time of it in acting. Until I saw that pod cast I was labouring under the delusion that she got her 'break' with Buffy then was able to ride the Weadon-train to Successville through 'Dr. Horrible' then on to her own YouTube series. It was very inspiring to hear. I (as I'm sure many of us do) identify with the struggle to bring a dream to fruition and it's I'm always happy for those that succeed.
    RE: I totally concur with your points "Just as emotionally honest if they were to be applied to Felicia's own journey". It totally felt like her closing webcame episode was loaded with Stanislavskian emotional memory (whether intentional or not) that I'm sure was mostly drawn from her experiences in making 'The Guild' and her other web experiences. I only hope she finds away to delegate more of her expanding empire so she gives herself a well earned break.
  • I must say, this end fits me. I love this show (even though season one didn't immediatly cut it for me), and this end has some sense of fullfillment, or achievment if you will. I hope this is the end, not because I don't want to see more of the characters and the show itself, but because it is the ending every show should have.

    Oh, and did you guys think that the whole storyline with angry fans was a way to let some steam off (with real fans) ?
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    @StealhDovah - thank you so much!  I'm glad you had a chance to listen to that PodCast, as I think it's indeed a very inspirational story.  Over in a thread where various board-members were posting messages of appreciation, I wrote out a lengthy summation of why I think Felicia's own life-journey serves as a great example for the geeky community :)

    @Picher5 - welcome to the forums!  You're quite right that Season 6's usage of the 'angry fans' definitely has some subtext behind it.  But in a way, I don't really think it's about Felicia letting off steam with angry fans - because I think it's more about 'trolls' than 'fans'.  To provide some background, I think it's her way of dealing with an organized full-blown hate-campaign that was unfairly launched at her, in the past year.  If you don't know what I'm referring to, you can read some of the history of organized trolling that was directed her way.

    I don't know how she managed to put up with that sort of stuff.  But as ugly as that situation was, Felicia managed to take that unpleasantness, and layer it into The Guild as a thoughtful examination of the relationship between creativity, negativity, and criticism.  I've talked about how this season takes The Guild full-circle.  I think it does that in another very clever way.  i.e...
    • During Season One of The Guild, Felicia created a web-series that talked about life as a gamer.
    • During Season Six of The Guild, Felicia used 'The Game' setting to talk about life as a web-series creator.
    Because when you look back at it, all the stuff expressed via Floyd is not just about creating a video game - it's about what it feels like to be a creative person in general.  And in her S6 script, Felicia expresses so much on that topic from multiple angles.  In my eyes, it's not only about the effects of criticism and negativity - it's about a set of interesting layers...

    For example, from the creator's perspective, it's about how a creative person can face writer's block, and how they can put themselves under too much pressure, and become paralyzed by people's expectations, and lose sight of why they're creating in the first place.

    And it's about how in a world of instant-reaction and anonymous criticism, how easy it is to be weighed down by negativity.  As I've discussed elsewhere, a lot of Floyd's quirks and challenges are self-deprecating reflections on Felicia's own struggles.  And ultimately, I think it's very brave and thoughtful for her to express those through her art.

    The flip-side is the meta-commentary on the 'haters' - and that ties back into the trolling campaign I discussed above.  Long story short, is on the internet it's so easy to hate.  And some people take such a joy in it.  Even for more moderate web denizens, it's easy to lose sight of how much effort, and passion, and hard-work goes into content-creation.  Regardless of whether it's a video-game, or a web-series, or a music video, a single sharp-edged web-comment can be such a knife-in-the-heart of someone who's trying to share a creative endeavor.

    The ultimate message that Felicia provides though, is despite a person's own self-doubts, and despite external negativity, that you've got to find your courage and keep creating.  And that's a timely, heartfelt message that I adore :)

    So yep - I've loved those layers within this season - to me, it was a very smart, multifaceted examination of 'creativity vs negativity'.  And as always, I think it had an emotional weight because of Felicia's willingness to be open about her own experiences, fears, thoughts, and joys.  She wrote those facets into her characters - and I'll always admire her for that courage, honesty, and insight!
  • Woah, I had no idea ! That really makes sense now, the angry fans and trolls ! I didn't know it was possible, but I think I admire Felicia Day more now :P
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  • She should do one more season, but has to carry a life sized cardboard cutout of Fawkes the entire episode.


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  • I always feel bad in a way for creative people... especially those so in-touch with their fans like Felecia and the rest of the G&S crew. Once they hit a successful stride and create something loved by so many, they become almost beholden to it; unable to let something end naturally without having to deal with fan outcry.

    As much as I absolutely love the Guild (It inspired me to start my own website, to stop hiding my inner-geek from the world at large and to just step back and indulge in the things I enjoy more) I would be fine if they all walked off into the sunset. The final episode was a fitting and perfect end to a really amazing run, and I am onboard for whatever the creative team has up their sleeves next!

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  • I would love to see another season, and/or a movie, as well. This series was really well written, thought out, and acted. I find myself watching it alot, and plan on buying the DVDs.
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    I suspect there is no chance now of us getting a traditional season 7. But I would be very surprised if we don't see something based on the guild, rear its nerdy and amusing head before the end of the year.

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  • Just finish the last episode few hours ago....and got to say if that was the last episode for this series, it was a great ending. It ended the way it started with Codex on her cam.

    But, was it just me or did the ending felt kinda sad/empty for a comedy series. None the least, it was the perfect ending, if it was the ending (personally, i hope there more seasons in the future :) .

    Thou, I would wished it ended slightly instead of showing Codex logging off and walking away; Zaboo would suddenly open the door and walk in as Codex is speaking to the camera. And following behind Zaboo would be the rest of the guild (which would be cool because not everyone has been in Codex's room if I remember correctly and is also how this show started with an unexpected visit by Zaboo). Than someone ask Codex "what's taking so long or we will be having dinner not lunch. Than Vork would probably say something along the line of "yes we need to hurry up, we still have do our schedule raid". And Codex gets up and you hear someone say "where should we go" and someone would answer "how about Cheesy Beards" and all answer "sure", "why not", "kool" "and Vork says: "than lets stop by my house first, i need to pick up some soda and cheese" (from season 1). And the final camera scene would be all of them walking out Codex's bedroom together as friends. This way it can kinda lighten up the "sad mood", and bring some nostalgic memories from season 1 and at the same time show how everyone in the Guild has went from being strangers behind their cpu to becoming real friends that game together...............(idk, is  just something i thought up after finish the last episode).

    BTW, if anyone at Geek&Sundry is reading this....thank you for such an awesome show.
  • What made me tear up (yeah, I said it) was not the end of season 6... it was the Episode 12 BTS, when Tink (Amy) and Kim Evey were hugging Felicia.  Because at that point, I'm not sure that even they knew whether there was going to be a season 7.
  • It looks like the series has ended, according to the companion book, it seems like the series completed.  I'm sadden, but it was time to move on.
  • The Guild really has amazing writing. Every time i'm feeling down and want to feel happy i just watch The Guild. Every character plays an essential role in the composition. I think that in the world today for those of us who have social anxiety, cyberspace can be a refuge. Here on the web we can be whoever we want, without the fear of judgement. It was a great ending to a great show. That being said i would watch more of the same any day.

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