Season 6, Episode 12 - The End?

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Oh boy, what a great season, what a great final episode. I think I actually had something in my eye at the end.

There has to be a season 7... please.
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  • End Game seemed... a lot like a series finale. I hope it's not, but it sure felt like one, and it's hard to imagine a more fitting finale. Obviously the show has to end sooner or later, so if it's now... I can live with that. But I don't want to.
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    I need to return to this thread when I'm a little more composed, and actually write something more in-depth - right now I'm kind of sniffling as that ending was just so charmingly and poignantly bittersweet.  It's both joyous and melancholic.  It's the happiness of seeing a character you love reach a perfect moment of culmination - it's the sadness of knowing you may not see that character again.  If this is the end, then parting is indeed such sweet sorrow... *sniff*
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    Hey! I called it! Except for Cyd not garbing as Codex it was almost what I imagined. Then that heart-wrenching final scene with Cyd turning off the computer and the lamp. That was awesome.

    I really doubt this is the end of The Guild.

    Remember, Felicia wrote this just after the announcement that YouTube was going to cut some channels and everything was up in the air. I think she did a great job of playing both ends against the middle. In pool, its called a safety.

    Everyone in the BTS video seemed pretty positive about the series continuing. If not, then it was a great run with a fantastic ending.
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  • ...The title would be fitting for a series finale, but it's also kind of ironic, since it seemed ever since season 5 like the Game was in danger of ending, but in the end it seems stronger than ever. Maybe the Game's resurgence could be an indication that The Guild will also be back. It'd be funny if season 7 starts with Cyd vlogging "Hey guys, sorry if that last vlog sounded like I wouldn't be back..."
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    Well, if it does, you can take a little credit. Felicia reads the boards sometimes. She just doesn't post very often.
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  • Every now and then I get the irrational fear that if I post an idea for the show, it might be something she was already planning, and then decides to rewrite it just to avoid the appearance of using some random fan's idea. And I feel bad about that. Even though it probably wouldn't happen. I'm very good at feeling guilty about things I only imagine. 
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    Think of it more like if she sees someone mention it she will give it extra consideration. And if its an idea she's already kicking around, your comments may make her feel more justified to go with it. Think of Felicia as an Anti-Floyd.

    One of the great things on this board is that many suggestions get worked into the shows. Remember this thread? They changed the music and the pacing of the show based mostly on our suggestions.
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    Wheaton's Law; "Don't be a dick." It's not THAT hard.
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  • I never read that thread. Thanks for making me feel guilty about not reading every thread on the board. ;)

    ...heh. "Felicia as Anti-Floyd." That's kind of awesome.
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  • It was a very funny, very well written and a great ending to the season - and if necessary, the series.

    Most of the season's plot lines were resolved (a few small dangling bits, but no problems with that), and the final webcam shot was definitely a full-circle thing, bringing it right back to S1E1.

    I do of course want more Guild (who doesn't?) but if this is the end of the series and Felicia decides to do something different this year, then it's had a fantastic run - and it's been near perfect the whole way through.
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    Well, my first reaction to that last scene was somewhere between "awww" and "woah, wait, what's going on... why does this feel like The Guild is logging out for good?" At least the bonus video made it sound like it isn't quite as definitive as it felt at first.

    It seemed like a perfect way to end things and wrapping up a lot of plot lines. Except for Zaboo, but either I missed something or I didn't catch the symbolism.

    While I really hope for more, I'm glad that the show will have a perfect ending if it really was the last episode ever. It's better than ending on a cliff hanger when you can't be sure that you get to continue.
  • I kinda hope this was the series finale.   Much better to end on a high note than to watch such an awesome series decline into mediocrity (e.g. The Office) or even worse, utter terribleness (Aliens, Star Wars, Matrix, Jurassic Park, etc....).  

    Although I want more of The Guild, I'd rather see it end now being the amazing piece of work it is.   

    And Felicia is such a creative, talented person, who knows what awesomeness her next project would be if she had some time freed up (and the same goes for the rest of the cast & crew...)

    In any case, fantastic episode, amazing series...can't wait to see what comes next (even, or maybe especially if it's more of The Guild)

  • I'm a little bored with hearing about this being the series finale. Clara hasn't even had her baby yet. No one has killed ... been resurrected or been killed a second time. There is so much more to happen to our intrepid heroes. Intrepided.

    Crap that hasn't happened and could .... and would be a freaking riot.

    Clara having the baby... Vork having to deliver in the back of the bus.

    Fawkes and Codex get married

    Fawkes get hit by a The Vork bus while Vork is filching munchies from the reception

    Fawkes' funeral

    Fawkes' resurrection

    There should be a professional gamer introduced... or re-introduced and fleshed out more.

    Also there should be a undercover/closet gamer...  like a lawyer, congressman, professor whatever.

    The list goes on ...
  • CraigCraig Member
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    Like a lot of people, I have mixed emotions. If it was a series ending, it was a great one. Everyone seemed happy without it feeling forced or cheesy. As one of the comments on YouTube said, it started and ended on a Friday night - one Cyd was jobless, the last she quite possibly had her dream job. It came full circle. I read a lot of meaning into this whole episode, but especially that part. I don't think Felicia is Cyd/Codex, but there sure seem to be some similarities in their careers between the start of the series and this season's finale. My mind can piece together all sorts of clues why it was the last episode. 

    The flip side it can do the opposite. It's one heck of a cliff hanger. Perhaps not by the actions on screen, but it certainly has us buzzing about the end and will the show continue. I think the show is as strong as ever. Heck, they just got the new opening credits this season.
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    great episode.
    I'm not sure they could do a better finale than this one, in a hypothetical future season. I'm not sure how I'd feel about a new season picking up after this finale, where it seems that Codex has come full circle and made some important steps in her life, not the last of which is realising what her vlog was all about and that it has reached it's purpose.
    I'm actually perfectly ok with not knowing for certain how things will work out for Vork, if Zaboo will find his mirage girlfriend, or without seeing Clara give birth.
    I'll miss the Guild and it's zany characters (well..most of them).. and there were potential plotlines to branch out on.. but as I said, this does come close to being a perfect ending..and one that makes sense.

    so..future shows?.. I could totally see a future development called "the game" rather than the guild.. that takes the current characters, maybe 5 years in the future, and sees them face new challenges as a task team of the company that owns the Game.
    it could mean anything..from the game having become a multinational thing with loads of money, to an in-game quest to find the brain of it's author who got lost in the cybernet, to a sitcom based on their daily lives, or them as a team of rogue hackers/spies in a dystopic future.. anything really.
    (I totally need to curb my creative urges, lol.. the multiverse of possible developments is just too overwhelming :P)
  • This is a great send off for the show but it seems like a sad way to end, the show has come full circle and the characters are saying their goodbyes but I will say something. I would rather see this show end on a positive note than many other shows out their that try and squeeze every last bit out of it and end up having to cut halfway through a season or something of the sort.
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    Felicia wrote an ending that will allow her to reassess the future of The Guild at a later time. There are many open doors, and some definitively closed ones.  She could effectively end it now, or pick it back up.  It really was incredibly smart. 

    I like most here hope there are more seasons.  But I would also understand if there wasn't. Most series don't get a chance to have a perfect ending.  And if it was the end, it was darn near as perfect as I can imagine.

    Either way, thank you...
  • You end on a cliffhanger and people say "hey that's obviously to make more money!" and "how are we supposed to wait for another season?"
    You end on a perfectly wrapped-up note and people say "hey that's obviously the last episode" and "how are we supposed to live without another season?"

    Either way you're screwed right? :)

    I don't think that The Guild will end here due all the real-life factors around Felicia and G&S. It was nicely ended to have a possibility open to end The Guild altogether, which surely makes the creator's life easier.
  • "Everything's coming up Vork"

    It will happen :p


  • TriencoTrienco Member, Moderator
    The good thing is that there is no pressure to continue and come up with something just to have a new season. I think about it like many stand up comedians that are doing too many shows. At some point you are out of ideas and forcing it just won't work. As a result they become increasingly repetitive, boring and not-funny.

    I'm sure there will be more, if a new story comes to her that wants to be told, but at least she has the luxury that she doesn't have to desperately search for one.

    Also, would it really be that bad if she decides to create a completely new series? Who knows what kind of cool ideas are floating around inside her head, waiting to come out and blow our mind?
  • melting_potmelting_pot Member
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    if we are to look at it a little more closely, the current plotlines are sort of.. done.
    at least, here's how I see it...
    there's not much that can be done with Vork and his pretty lady that isn't
    a) breaking them up
    b) estabilishing them definitely as an item, which would, to be somewhat credible, alter Vork's character considerably
    c) more of the same..which might just become repetitive.
    Clara and her husband:
    a) he sobers up, which would somewhat make the last season a bit pointless as far as character development goes.
    b) he keeps this act up, which eventually will put a strain on their relationship, which is not lighthearted at all and not what this show is about
    Codex has come full circle in more than one way, and so has her blog. I'm not sure they could move on from that without changing her or her circumstances considerably..
    Zaboo might end up chasing his dream girl now he's seen her IRL..or well.. the model... but..hasn't he been doing that with Codex and her neighbour already? more of the same could be fun..but only up to a point.. and having him settle down and find a partner would kind of.. be odd...even more so than Howard and Bernadette (btw, I'd love to see more of the TBBT cast on the show, if possible without breaking the "WEATOOOOOOONNNN!!! theme" that goes on there.. come to think of it, they could play with Sheldon/Parsons "mistaking Fawkes for Weaton or vice-versa")
    Tink seems to have a thing going with whatshisname the programmer. this provides ample opportunity for development, but at the risk of altering the character's appeal considerably. Though I must confess I have really liked to see her explore her softer side..the one she didn't know she had.. the bitchy high-school bully act was getting tiring.

    on the plus side:
    Floyd seems to have moved in a direction, of sorts..but could in fact provide much more fun. he's one of my favourite characters.
    Bladezz apparently has his mother back.. so he could go off on something new. He's very open-ended as a character.

    so.. I believe that whatever happens, it will happen some time in the not immediate future (at least, with regards to the in-show timeline)
    so either they take a big step into the future and present the same characters with new challenges within the same context, or they change the context considerably, showing them as having moved on, still as a team, but with challenges of a different order/nature.

    I'm over-thinking this, aren't I?
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