What do you think will happen in the Guild Finale?

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SPOILERS AHEAD: So Codex has now been fired and the riot is out of control. They have finally found out who released the leak. What do you think they will do in the final episode? Will Codex get her job back? Is Tink actually feeling real emotion? Will Vork makes his move? Or are they going to return to their normal lives and realise that The Guild works best when they are all together?


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    Well, I guess it boils down to: hit the reset button, shake things up or bring them to an end.

    Reset button: they decide to keep quiet for the sake of the game, Codex is unemployed once more and Tink decides that feelings suck and must be avoided at all cost. At some point the riot is stopped before they can destroy the servers containing all the characters. Vork is screwing things up for good with Madeline.

    Shake things up: the servers are destroyed and Codex is still fired. So is Donovan, leaving the game without a lead developer, which will result in a prolonged downtime and eventually starting over. Tink might enter an actual relationship or at least decide to pursue one from now on.

    Bring it to an end: the company is going out of business and everybody has to learn living without the Game. Some by moving on to the next big thing (probably Zaboo), discovering more interesting things in real live (Vork & Madeline), reinventing themselves (Tink), finally acknowledging their responsibilities (Clara), realizing that life isn't a popularity contest and all about fame (Bladezz) and.. actually, I have no idea what Codex might do. Probably write a web show about it all and realizing that she's much more talented than she thought.

    Considering that episodes are less than 10min, some of those would require much more than you could fit into a single episode.
  • Wow you certainly put a lot of effort into that, however from a creator's perspective and fan's point of view Bring it to an end would be sad. I know that they say that you should bring things to a close while you have a good thing going but I feel like this show has finally found it's true roots. This season to me feels like they have done an amazing job with filming, editing and a more fine tuned script. Which is why I think that they will not end the show but instead someone will intervene and stop the riot. Vork's account will be re-enabled but the Knights of Good's name will be tarnished and they may face more enemies in the future.
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    Not so much effort as thinking aloud. Typing aloud? Thinking a-typing? Rambling!

    I certainly hope nobody is considering to bring it to an end. After all, I would consider The Guild to be one of the main attractions of the G&S channel and there is still a ton of potential character growth/development waiting to happen. Though at the end of a season I guess every show is having these three options.

    I usually hate reset buttons, be it per episode or per season. Cliff hangers can be fine, but really suck if the network then pulls the plug. Ending things is often done too late (sorry to the fans, but Lost should have ended much sooner and even BSG could have done with about half a season less). 

    Though again, The Guild feels like there are still a lot of stories to tell and I would not just hate to see it end so soon, but also feel bad for everyone involved.
  • I take it a new season has already been confirmed? if so, it might as well end on a cliffhanger
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    My guess...

    I say she leaves the job.  Every season has a thing, and that thing ends.  I see Floyd going all well Floyd and shutting down the game.  Then you got the guild next season with no game and no link to each other...going their separate ways (of course to somehow get the game back before the next seasons end).

    I am sure Felicia's idea is much better though :)
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    Cool topic and nice predictions from everyone above! :)

    On my end, I've got a sense that the whole season has been building towards a confrontation between the disgruntled gamers and the frazzled creators, with Codex getting stuck in the middle as the voice of reason.  She's the character that has been on both sides of the fence and has seen both perspectives - she's been passionate enough about the game to get critical and frustrated, and back in Season 5 she unintentionally hurt Floyd with those raw criticisms.  On the flip-side, she's also worked within the Game itself, and has seen how much work and effort went into it, and how damaged Floyd is by the negativity...

    So when the Gamers square off against the Creators and things start getting heated, I'm hoping for one those charming Guild moments where Codex is the one to step in the middle, be an ambassador, and set everyone straight.  i.e., tell the Gamers that if they truly love the game, they should maybe have more appreciation for how much blood, sweat, and tears go into it.  And tell the Creators that they can't be so handcuffed by the negative thoughts of a vocal minority.

    In essence, it'd be somewhat akin to the S3 finale where after the Knights of Good had fallen apart, Codex was the one to 'heal' them by speaking up and getting Tink and Bladezz to apologize, calling Vork out on his backseat leadering, etc.  I've already said it out on the YouTube comments, but in my eyes, Codex is a healer both in-game and in-life :)

    As @BlairBeveridge noted above, I have a feeling that Codex won't get her job back.  Felicia always tries to do new things each season, so I'm thinking the paradigm of workplace hijinx might come to an end.  But I am hopeful that Codex will still manage to solve the Gamer/Creator conflict - because ultimately, this season is about how sad it is when a creative person (e.g., Floyd) gets so battered by negativity that they lose their confidence and their ability to express their art.  So in that sense, it'd be kind of a depressing message if at the end of the season, Floyd simply gives up.  I'm hoping instead, that Codex inspires him to persevere and keep creating - even if she doesn't get her job back, being able to 'fix' Floyd would be a satisfying victory in and of itself...

    But you never know with the Guild - Season 2 ended on a rather heart-breaking note, which goes to show that Felicia isn't afraid to write wistful endings.  So there's certainly a possibility that there may be a cliffhanger where the Game closes down...
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    Has anyone noticed the Codex costume in the background? I think Cyd will change into Codex regalia and stop the riot at the door with the rest of the guild (coming in late) to back her up, similar to @torontogal's scenario. Cyd's gotten pushed around too much this season to not get the heroine's finale.
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    Interesting thought. They did highlight that costume a lot in the first episode, though considering its meaning for Cyd I just thought it's a nice moment. I like the idea of her putting it on to become her more confident alter ego.. maybe eventually even figuring out that she wouldn't have needed it. So her "loot" for this season might be more confidence and tapping into her inner Codex a bit more often.
  • is it bad that I'm kinda hoping that Clara gets dumped by her husband once he sobers up??
    it's unlikely to happen, what with the guild not really being about sending negative images or being high on drama.. but still..
    (I guess I'm just venting my antagonism towards the games she represents..the ones that ignore their own flesh and blood's needs in favour of whatever game they're hooked on. seen a few too many of those in my gaming days)
  • @Melting_Pot I seriously doubt that Clara would get divorced. It would add a pretty messy element in and considering it is a very controversial topic, that would really only cause a loss of interest from fans. I think that we all have read the stories about gamers like her and though you may not like her she is the character that always wants to have fun which almost any comedy needs to survive.

    My assumption is like everyone had been saying that yes Codex will be fired but that she will somehow redeem herself to Floyd by stopping them from destroying the servers and when Donavon is found out he will probably have to fess up to Floyd and apologise to Codex. Vork will probably continue his relationship with Madelyne but I can't see that surviving past halfway season 7 honestly. As for Zaboo, Tink and Bladezz; they are the wildcards in The Guild and how they go about this could make for a very interesting Finale to Season 6.
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