Suggestions for Family Games for the holidays?

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Obviously we recommend games like Dixit and Wits & Wagers, but what are some other family games you'll be taking to play with family over the holidays
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  • Wits & Wagers is a lot of fun. It's a trivia game for people who suck at trivia games. All of the answers to the questions are numbers. Everybody writes down their guess, then the answers are all placed on the table. The players then bet (with chips) on the answer they think is the closest to being correct without going over. Lots of fun! There's three versions all slightly different - the original game includes some odds based on where the answer lies compared to the median answer, Party cuts that out entirely but adds the ability to do big betting on the final question. The Family edition is similar to Party but the questions include more kid-oriented subjects that they might know the answers to.
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  • Forbidden Island is great for kids.  Its like Pandemic, only with a adventure skin on it - and it moves quickly (30 mins).  Its also a lot easier, rules-wise, so kids can pick it up easier.

    Fluxx - the version they sell at Target - is excellent.  No creepers and fewer cards makes for a much more streamlined and enjoyable game.

    ...and Castle Panic, which I learned about thanks to TT.
  • @Savage - you mean Family Fluxx? Yeah that's designed for kids as young as 6 I think. Normal Fluxx does have creepers but they're not quite as bad as the ones in Star Fluxx as seen on Tabletop.
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  • Apples to apples is usually a fan fave (or cards against humanity if the family is mature).  Tsuro has become an instant favorite with my family, along with 7's (card game), 1313 dead end drive as well as spy alley.  These are what we call the "no brainers" that everyone can play
  • Tsuro, Ticket to Ride, and the Lego Heroica Series will be fun.  Might even be able to talk my son and nephew into a game of munchkin.

    Will have to wait for Christmas for Fluxx, Forbidden Island, and Zombie Dice.
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  • @Molokov - nope, there's a version of "regular" Fluxx that's sold exclusively at Target.  That's the version I'd recommend.  No creepers.
  • Id second the ticket to ride, settlers of catan and apples yo apples... It's all cool have a great holiday... Excelsior
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    We just played Ticket To Ride. New & experienced players! We all enjoyed it.

    maybe Carcassonne: The City, or Munchkin.
    (I've also heard Nuns on the Run, & King of Tokyo is fun). Get Bit looks like it could be fun too.

    I'm not a fan of Apples To Apples, or Fluxx myself.

    Alot of people I know like to play the electronic Catch Phrase, it can be alot of noisy fun.  Curses is also a funny party game to play!

    I haven't played Ca$h & Guns yet, but it looks like it would be a lot of fun with a group, or The Resistance (if you like the card game "Mafia").

    If you like Clue, there's Mystery of the Abbey, & if you like storytelling check out Once Upon a Time (3rd edition).

    A dice game similar to Zombie Dice, but with a bit more strategy would be Martian Dice, or Army vs Aliens (or Pirates vs Ninjas).

    here is a podcast from The Dice Tower on this topic.:
  • For families - Apples to apples, Tsuro, Castle Panic, Wits and Wagers, Wizard, Forbidden Island, Ticket to Ride, Small World and Qwirkle. Just a few of the many that are available.
  • Who boy!

    Here goes:

    Liar's Dice
    - This is a classic game that goes over well and should be easy to pick up at Barnes and Noble (in a University Games / Front Porch Games edition). But this is one you can make yourself. You just need 5 dice and a solo cup per person and a bidding track and rules that you can print off from Basically based your hidden role, you try to guess how many of a particular die face and all 1's, which are wild. Each following player must either raise the bid or call. If the bidder was right the caller loses dice. If the caller was right, the bidder loses dice. You keep gong until only one person has any dice left. It such a simple game that most people are sceptical of it at first (so was I), but everyone that I have introduced it to wants to play again and again. Rules Link. Bidding Track Link.

    The Resistance: An update to Werewolf's mechanics (see below) that doesn't have player elimination. In this one, you're a resistance group against an evil mega-corp (or tyrannical government) and are trying to bring it down while being actively thwarted by some spies (who know each other's secret identity) among you. An awesome social deduction game that plays very quickly with 5 to 10 players.

    Shadows Over Camelot: A cooperative game where you are the Knights of the Roundtable and go on quests to push back invading armies, get the grail, find Lancelot's armor, battle the Dark Knight, and generally defend Camelot. The only problem is that there might (or might not) be a traitor in your midst. A beautiful game for 43 to 7 players.

    Wits and Wagers: It's already been said. This is just another vote. The newest version, Wits and Wagers Party is a very streamlined version that works well with beginners who might not like the betting and odds making of the original (which I LOVE). Just a great game!

    Werewolf (Are you the Werewolf?, Ultimate Werewolf): A great social deduction game where conspiring werewolves that know each other's secret identities pick off unassuming villagers until they deduce who the bad guys are. Hopefully, they aren't too late. Works well with 7 to 20 people. Good for large family gatherings.

    That's it for now. I'll add more later.

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  • we were playing Gloom this month with the family and also Minotaurus by Lego.
  • We'll definitely be playing Quelf. 
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  • Any suggestions of games for the Candyland age group?  
  • Try 'Sing Your Heart Out'...  A fun Grinch-themed game where you get to sing to get your presents back..  My girls really like it  :)
  • Most of the games I love for preschool age are variations on "grownup games" like ZINGO or Bug Trails (which is dominoes).

    For something less competitive (which is sometimes good depending on the kid) there's the Hiss Card Game.

    I really love Sleeping Queens, but it's a bit older age group. I may try playing it with my nieces when I visit them in February and see how it goes (they're 5 and 4).

    I want to try Peaceable Kingdom's Feed the Woozle too.
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  • Sleeping Queens is great.  As is Rat-A-Tat Cat, if they're old enough. 
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    A couple of good ones for kids include:

    Bug Out - It's just a bug matching game, but it isn't as easy as you might think. Kids love it and you can place the cards they are supposed to match all over a room. This gets them up and moving and burns up energy. For younger kids.

    Catch the Match - This is a kid's version of Spot It! that goes over very well. Kids are attuned to matching and memory games so they have a good chance of besting adults that they play with. For younger to older kids.

    Kids of Carcassonne - This is a wonderful re-imagining of the classic Carcassonne game so that it works easier for kids. Our four and eight year olds enjoy playing it and we enjoy playing with them. There is a bit of strategy in the game one you get the hang of the game so it holds more interest than a simple Candy Land style game. For younger to older kids.

    Froggy Boogie - Another matching game, but it is simply beautiful and has a fun twist on the mechanic that keeps in entertaining. Players are little frogs trying to race around lily pads while their parents are sleeping. They have to be careful not to wake their moms and dads. For younger kids.

    The Magic Labyrinth - Good for older kids and adults. You are wizards making a potion, but you have to find your way through a magical invisible maze to get the components first. The way it does this is pretty cool and consists of magnets, steel ball bearings and randomly generated hidden maze on the underside of the board. For older kids.

    Shake and Take - A cupcake building game. This is great little game for younger kids that has them match sprinkles to the tops of various cupcakes. The players that figure out how to do this most efficiently win.

    Hope this helps.

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  • Just from experience, this past weekend my family and I really enjoyed Ticket to Ride, Catan, and Uno. Sometimes short, simple games are the best! :) 
  • The Farming Game - Love it, great math skills game, lots of fun gathering, taking a chance, loosing and winning to Farmer's Fate.  A favorite in our home!  
  • My family will play pandemic. What's a better family game than saving the world together?
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