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The characters in The Guild all have very unique personalities. If you were to create/choose a new character, what would their personalities be?


  • Good question.

    An athlete maybe.

    There's this whole jocks vs geeks schism/stereotype that can be explored. In my experience, it doesn't stand up to scrutiny. I've got to know a lot of elite athletes through my work, and generally speaking they are some the most extraodinarily well-rounded and exceptional people I've met. At the same time, many of them have geeky sides, and a lot of them are gamers. And while they may excel at excelling in many aspects of life, they are still human and can be just as fallible and dorky as anyone.

  • A 60+ year old retired person who does nothing but game all day and is max lvl in about two weeks who always has to have the best gear, the best stats, the most money and has no memory of what it's like to have to fit working in around gaming time. Hmmm maybe this is just my own future in my head.
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  • They should put a new character in he guild indeed. Maybe they can have a struggling artist as an in-game bard. I would volunteer myself to be that character lol.
  • I was thinking it would be interesting to bring in a character from the Codex comic, who was only mentioned in the first season. Codex's ex boyfriend Trevor, who cheated on her with another male (an oboe player). Just recently I had a random thought that it would be funny to have the character appear in the show as a new gamer, who wants to join the guild.

    With a failing music career, and no friends, Trevor looks online for something new to occupy his time. But instead of something new, he re-discovers someone from his past, a miss Cyd Sherman. And so he follows her internet trail, until he finds The Game, then soon after locates the Knights of Good. Of course he'd have to at least be a mediocre player in the game, so he isn't too much of a N00B, or a nuisance.

    Depending on the development of Codex's and Zaboo's relationship in season 6, this could play a pivotal role in where the relationship goes in later seasons; causing problems as it brings up memories and feelings from Codex's past, and making Zaboo jealous over a past love and angry with the way he treated Codex before.
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    My first instinct was something like not trying to throw in a new character just to have a new character to fill some unclaimed niche. Instead go with whatever might come from the plot for S6, so the introduction won't take too much time away from the storylines. Mostly because everything I think of would result in a story arc.

    So, inspired by this thread, the obvious introduction would probably be something like:
    NewPerson: "Ok guys, let's do this raid. What do you need me to do?"
    TheRest: "Uhm, do I know you?", "Who is this and how did you get in our channel?", etc.

    Followed by Vork explaining how he invited X to either fill a niche (can there even be one with 6 players) or, for extra tension, to support one of the others who isn't doing a good enough job alone. The second option could quickly turn into a competition, disrupt their game and the group and be all about who gets to stay.

    Somehow that would feel too much like S3. 

    Also, any character not part of the game would most likely end up as supporting cast. Might be a good thing, because there are already a lot of main characters to try and give enough time to.

    Somebody antagonizing them for their gaming? How would that person be relevant, when they either play the game or hang out together? Maybe at work? What work?

    Her ex might be possible, but somehow I like to believe the way it ended means Cyd is definitely over it. It was also a part of the plot that always made me feel a little bad, because it was hard to tell where exactly the line between Cyd and Felicia was. So the whole bf plot always had me hoping that it was completely made up and not based on anything.
  • My first impression is that Trienco is onto something in the idea that it would be difficult to have more regulars.  Guest antagonists could be a possibility.  One idea that I had would be for some "hard core" military gamers hacking into "The Game" to disrupt some popular instances with full on air assualts straight out of Apocalypse Now with attack helicopters and all. 

    Codex somehow gets sucked into trying to stop this as part of her new Job with "The Game".  The rest of the season would be a parody of techo thrillers with the Guild trying to ferret out who these new enemies are with predictable incompetency before all the newbs are scared away.  At some point I guess you could have a Codex/Fawkes plot as she tries to mine the "other side" for information about this threat. 

    The leader of the "Wild Geese" would be your guest antagonist.  A real military wannabee who got totally wiped when they tried to start in "The Game" as part of their backstory.  Who hired "The Wild Geese"?  Is it another company that is losing market share to the makers of "The Game"? The interested parties who were denied buying "The Game" in the last season? or Is it just Fawkes behind it all with anarchistic flair?  Yeah I guess that could work you might even have a new guest antagonist each season sort of like the "big bads" of Buffy.  Who knows *shrugs*

  • An 8-year-old hacker. Not a prodigy, just a bored kid. I don't care about the gender, race, blah blah blah, just the story lines the character could provide. 

    This would also be another way to look at the whole moral debate of good v. evil, since 8-ish is a critical decision-making age. Which team does he/she choose? Does he/she have to stick with their original decision? Who gets a say in this kid's choices?

    And so forth, always with the inclusion of the "no bullying" slogan.
    • An antagonist.  Someone virulently opposed to gaming.  Leader of some anti-gaming movement
    • Someone trying to replace codex .... maybe someone stealing her character
    pfft, that's all I got
  • A friend Codex meets in her new job who is like super-nice to start out, but slowly undermines her position in her guild when she joins to fill in for Codex who is too busy with her new responsibilities and makes her feel really paranoid about losing her friends in the Guild.

    I see her as kind of a gamer mean girl.
  • A wannabee trys to join kog when they open up guild try outs but fails. He then gets upset and crys to a hacking group forum and ask them for help now the guild is under attack and they asked codex for help but her boss says its not our problem. Since she had to move away from her old place shes no longer in contact with kog. (kog only has her work email which is being screen before she sees it by her boss) Mean while the company has a lawsuit by the people who want the game as some sort of contract was sign before the contract in s5. Kog old enemy reform there guild from s3 under new leadership and seeks revenge by creating an army of players and create the first ever full scale sever war in "the game"'s history.  
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  • I am definitely hoping for some Codex coworker action in the new season.  So far Codex hasnt really had to interact with people in the real world outside of her guild.  I think it would be interesting to see the pull between reality and the MMO in two different directions.  I think its something that most people that start playing these games in HS/college have to deal with when they go off and start a career, at least I know I did. 
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  • I can see part of the plot perhaps coming from Codex's position, first all perks for her friends, but slowly eating in to her time, as an arguement brews over priorities, basically with Codex getting too big for her boots and rubbing her guild the wrong way. All to often she's been he mediator, so her for to be the one causing the 'aggro', and having the guild group needing to decide what to do about her would be quite the reversal.
  • Damn, wrong thread, my apologies for derailing folks.
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