What games has TableTop gotten you to purchase?

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Title says it all.  What games have you purchased after seeing them on the show?

I bought Zombie dice and Munchkin.  I already owned Settlers (and all the expansions).


  • Gloom and Small World. They're a hoot!
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    I already had Small World and all the expansions but it was good to see it. I've gotten Zombie Dice and ordered Gloom though because of Tabletop. I'd totally recommend the Zombie Dice expansion too, it's only three dice but it adds a nice touch to the game.
  • I ordered Small World right after the episode was posted. I love it!! Now I need a team of people to play with! 
    I plan on picking up Settlers, Ticket to Ride, and Tsuro once I have the funds. 

    I've seen these games in stores but I would never have thought to buy them if not for TableTop! 
  • Munchkin and Super Munchkin!
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    Zombie dice and I will get Munchkin Deluxe soon! Yay!
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  • Amongst my group of friends (mainly Discworld fans) who started to regulary do board gaming last year, we had already built up the following geeky games before Tabletop started: Fluxx (several variants), Ankh-Morpork, Guards! Guards!, Thud, Werewolf, Munchkin (a few versions), Zombie Dice, Cthulu Dice, Gloom, and one or two others.

    Since Tabletop I've bought Tsuro, and would like to try Small World, Castle Panic & Settlers of Catan - but maybe not actually purchase those :)
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  • @Molokov: if you have an iPad you can get Small World and Settlers on those for cheaper and then deide from there.
  • Got some Munchkins!  I'd seen it on the shelf but never felt compelled to pick it up until TT.  I have many of the rest.
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  • Just Ticket to Ride so far, I want more!
  • Ticket to Ride and Small World, and tomorrow first game night they partake in. Before we played Dominion and Settlers.
  • So far I've gotten Settlers of Catan, Tsuro, Zombie Dice, Ticket to Ride, and Gloom. I've had Pandemic sitting around for a while, so I'm hoping to see them play that soon as well.
  • I'd already got Zombie Dice and Catan on my ipad, but directly as a result from watching the show I've picked up Munchkin and Zombie physically as well as Small World on the ipad.

    I also picked up pathology which is a nice Tsuro clone.

    Having the games on the ipad is nice (especially for Catan as my eldest son is only just old enough to play and my wife isn't that interested on board games - except monopoly and she gets rather unpleasant when playing it!!)
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    Just picked up Cthulhu Gloom last week, and I have become pretty addicted to Ticket to Ride on my iphone.  It really makes a great iphone game.  Pretty quick to play, and automatic counting, woo!
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  • :D @vespa I got used to the automatic counting so fast, I keep forgetting to count when I play the actual board game
  • I couldnt decide which of 3 editions of Ticket To Ride to get so ended up getting Atmosfear :P

    I did, however, join the recent Tsuro kickstarter and am eagerly looking forward to the set coming through!
  • So far... I've picked up Munchkin (along with Munchkin 2, Marked for Death, and Munchkin: The Guild), Zombie Dice (and Zombie Dice 2), and Gloom.  Coming up... I will be getting the Gloom expansions, Castle Panic, Ticket to Ride, Sett... you know, I'm probably going to end up getting every game they play if I don't already have it. :D
  • Not played by Tabletop but due to Guildies I've been shown the dark delights of Cards Against Humanity. Oh my days!
  • Cards Against Humanity, sounds interesting.  I'll have to check it out.
  • I bought Zombie Dice.  I take it to the center where I work with adults with developmental disabilities and they love it!  A few of them have reported getting sets of their own.  I'd like to get Tsuro to take there as well.

    I went to my local games store weekend before last looking for Gloom but they were sold out.  As I was walking out, I heard the clerk ask another customer, "how do 3 people come in looking for Gloom on the same day?"  When I stepped outside, I realized that it had to be because of TableTop.  I walked back in to explain but the other customer had beaten me to it. 

    Games on my wishlist: Ticket to Ride, Cards Against Humanity, Munchkin (Fu).  I'm a noob to tabletop gaming but luckily I have some friends who are established boardgamers.  We played Robo Rally last week.  Terrific game!
  • I picked up Ticket To Ride and Munchkin: Impossible. Also grabbed Chrononauts 'cos it looked cool, and Cards Against Humanity ('cos it's free).
    I'd like to get Tsuro, but I can't find any UK games stores that stock it...
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