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Have you watched the seasons with annotations? 
What did you think? 
What were the funniest random facts?
Favorite BTS video? 
I've rewatched seasons 1 and 4 so far so still have a lot to rewatch. 
Loved seeing everyone's auditions, loved Sandeep and Felicia's gag reels, I mean of their scenes together. 
Oh and the Felicia eating grapes video. lmao.

Random facts - everything regarding kids in a cage (I love kids but it was just so funny to see the bad reaction it got and the much necessary apologies)
Great to learn that Felicia also get to places earlier and wait in her car, like Codex. I do the same so it felt good to know I'm not alone! 

Please share your favorite moments and random facts! :) 


  • I started watching the annotated episodes on YouTube but the fun facts were so fast and furious that I couldn't work and watch at the same time. (And who doesn't want to give The Guild their full and undivided attention, right?) Going to give them a proper watch when time allows.

    But I can definitely vouch for the commentary tracks on the DVDs. So much fun! The cast really has a great chemistry, and it was really fun listening to them talk about each episode. Highly recommended!
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  • YES, the notes went by SO FAST that I had to pause A LOT to read them. Fortunately, I've re-watched The Guild more times than I really don't want to admit, so I was cool with pausing. 

    I actually liked it every time they pointed out when material was from an aspect of Felica's life. It makes the show more endearing. 

    Most Jeff Lewis outtakes were hilarious. The Bruiser/Bladezz outtakes "I just banged your mom" where Vince couldn't stop laughing were great. "I just banged your Mmmamah." 
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    Oh I loved the annotations idea! 

    I have a knack for behind-the-scenes/trivia facts kind of things, so it was great for me - really interesting stuff. Kind of gave me a bigger insight into how much effort was put in to create the series, especially season 1 with the low budget.
  • @LGVazquez - LOVED watching Vincent get the giggles during the Bruiser/Bladezz scenes! Poor guy could NOT get through it, and it was amazing!
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  • I've watched through a couple of seasons with the annotations, but they do go by pretty quick. I'm planning to just spend a weekend watching through everything.
  • Just watched season 3 with annotations and my fave annotation was "George Clooney really exists" 
    I don't know why it just really cracked me up.

    And a surprising fave was Amy's basketball abilities! :) 
  • I just recently realized they're shown with annotations on the G&S youtube and it's currently my new favorite thing!  I am such a sucker for random/useless knowledge! =]
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